Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well I can’t believe how quickly the last two weeks have gone by. We fly out for Adelaide on Saturday afternoon. I am very much looking forward to catching up with my family over there. Will be awesome.

Well My training and diet is going along great guns, my cardio was a bit of a challenge this morning, my hamstrings are very sore, but all is GOOD!!!

My three year old Jacob is getting very assertive lately. LOL another word for bossy I sometimes think LOL. :) On the weekend he even had a huge tantrum, he isn’t that kind of natured kid usually, thank goodness, I had one who had tantrums for years, that was enough god bless them all. :) hehe

I may not get a chance to post before we leave for South Australia,

Ow I finally got my assignment in, thank goodness!!!!! I gave myself a dead line then just met it. AT LAST.

Had a few more dates with the guy I have been seeing, we will see what comes off this. Actually for a while I really thought he was just too good to be true. I am slowly coming to grips with the fact maybe he is that good, and that. Suppose in life I have often been attracted to men who well lets just say aren’t quite so nice all the time. Over the years though I have slowly learnt, often the hard way, these men often make crap partners. LOL

Well due to my holiday coming up I have done my weight sessions for the week already will have today off and do two more at the end of the week, maybe three. We will see. I will not be able to get to a gym for a few days. I need to stay extremely focussed at this stage to achieve my goals, whether it is holiday season or not.

I would like to wish you all a marvelous Christmas and New Year, and will report back as soon as time permits, everyone have a great break!!!

Love Alison xxx

Friday, December 08, 2006

Well the holiday season is approaching fast!!! Had my sons graduation today and he has his formal tonight, will post a pic at a later date, my goodness he is growing up. Bless him he winked and blew his mother a kiss from stage once he got his certificate, he is a charmer in the making!!

I am so enjoying the break, I am still to complete that dreaded assignment, however have given myself a deadline to have it done by, and so that will kick me up the bum to complete it.

I have some really nice dress pants I hadn’t been able to wear for a good long while, anyway thought to myself ow…. I’ll wear those pants to such and such……… LOL they bloody fell off me and I am going to seriously have to take them in!! I was a bit annoyed at myself in the sense that I had forgotten about them and didn’t wear them whilst they would have fitted me, soon got over that though ;)

Well just a quick post have to go organise sons in his suit, take care and have an awesome weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well I have finished my last prac for the year, I got a great prac report of my liaison officer and my mentoring teacher, some wonderful feedback and I am bloody happy to be finished. So Monday was my last day on prac, was a bitter sweet experience, the class and the teacher were great, s as happy as I was to finish it was a bit sad as well.

Now I need to find myself some work to make some money over the next few months. I’ve drummed up some massage work so that will help heaps.

It has been very hot here lately, if it keeps it up think Jacob and I will sleep a few nights in my campervan as it is a lot cooler, we don’t have air conditioning.

My training is going great guns, can focus even more on it now that I have a wee break, so looking forward to the challenges ahead, what ever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger so they say. LOL.

I am finding being a single mum of three teenagers a little challenging lately, (even my sweet 3 year old has been a bit cheeky of late) but once again what ever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or maybe go mad in this case……….Well I have threatened to leave home on more than one occasion lately hehe, can’t wait for our holiday, I think we all need it ;) 15 year old daughters are just heaven sent believe me.

I’m so looking forward to catching up on my social life!!! Last weekend caught up with family, had a date, went to dinner, I ate steamed fish and salad, so all was good there, went to a wedding and went to the markets and caught up with two other mates!!! I love it and so appreciate it as when I am inundated with uni work my social life suffers as you could imagine.

So that’s me all caught up, have an awesome weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Okay I have one week left of my 4th prac for the year. Can’t believe it one week and one day, because Jacob had gastro on Thursday and I didn’t go in. Most teachers and lots of children were away with sickness today actually.

My son just downloaded a lot of Guns and Roses music as he likes their heavy stuff, must say some of their songs bring back memories, my goodness how I loved how Axl Rose moved across the stage when singing Sweet Child of Mine, must say I’m just a little fond of that particular song.;)

Training has been a bit off this week due to this virus I have had, however it comes and goes and seems to be worse if I don’t sleep well, so I did manage to get through my weight training, and cardio was a bit half hearted. At least I could still get it done I’m thinking.

Well so looking forward to the weekend, got to meet up with a mate tonight, tomorrow spin, catch up with cousin and bike ride with my little fella, Jacob. Sunday markets, gym (love training on Sunday as it is usually very quite.) Then in the arvo another bike ride around the lake, ow and dinner out on Saturday night. It is GREAT not having any assignment to do until the end of next week, then I have only one for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Well one week of my three week prac down, so two to go!! I am with an awesome teacher and class, couldn’t ask for a better situation. All is going wonderfully. Well except that this afternoon I started feeling incredibly dizzy and had to go straight to the Doctors. I feel a bit better now, he thinks it is a virus and they treat the symptoms (dizziness) not the virus apparently. Gosh I hope I get better very quick, I won’t be going to the gym this afternoon as I just can’t cope with going from sitting to standing position. Fortunately I have done all my weight training sessions for the week.

Well I got two credits for two assignments, don’t know what I got in my exam yet, but time will tell. Haven’t got any other results back yet.

I had a very busy weekend planned however may have to take it very easy if this virus hangs around, well I will just be thankful because I hardly ever get sick. When it hit me it came on very fast and I got a bit anxious as well, not knowing what was going on, so the Dr assures me it is only a virus, must say I felt a lot better just hearing that.

Well Everyone have a great weekend!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, finally I am posting. I had my final exam for the semester today!!!!!!!!!YIPPY

So the Nationals were great just so much talent and the best part was staying with Sue, Sam and Kristie, they are such awesome girls all three of them, and catching up with my wonderful friends Kimmy and Margie, meeting Robyn again and also meeting their other great friends. Sitting with Sue, Di and Gerard at the nationals, and going out for a lovely lunch. Then to finally meet some wonderful people of blog land was just totally awesome. I don’t want to list them all in case I leave someone out accidentally so you all now who you are :) :)

What a great bunch of people you all are!!

We had a ball, so much so we totally forgot to take any pics :(
On Sunday Sam, Kristie and I went shopping and to the most awesome organic cafĂ© and supermarket, truly I thought I was in heaven!! A mate at uni said he totally understood why I would think it was heaven. It was great. Sunday night dinner at Lygon Street, where my cheeky friends flirted (of course I didn’t) with a very cute Brazilian young man, I had stitches from laughing so much and they force fed me cheesecake and lemon tart, can you believe that!!

Well overall it was just a wonderful experience, I have had a week off the gym, and go back tomorrow. I am slightly disappointed as I was going to enter bodyblitz, will post the comparison pics soon, ( I am at my dads as my phone lines are down and may not be fixed till early next week) but the quality of the after pics once printed were crap. What a bummer!!! My daughter took them and we accidentally had the camera settings on the wrong thing and I flew out to Melbourne straight after so couldn’t really take them once I got back, never mind, such is life. Will enter again maybe :)
Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I am happy to report that this is the last weekend I will be spending time working on assignments for quite q while!!!! WHAT A BLOODY RELIEF!!

Next week is the last week of uni, then the Nationals, YIPPY!!! Then back for three weeks prac, an exam thrown in and then that is it!!!

Well I do have one assignment to work on during December, but nothing like the workload of late. Good to report though that all assignments for the conclusion of this semester are well under way and will be completed very soon!!

This break is going to be wonderful as Psychologically it couldn’t come at a better time, I am so over uni at present!!

I have some volunteer work I have been neglecting dreadfully, my sewing, my spring-cleaning, my kids, and very importantly MY TRAINING to really focus on once on break. However I finally have come to a place that no matter what is going on in my life I don’t neglect to train!!! When I think about it that is a great accomplishment for me as in the past I used to let it suffer, (big time) once the going got tough at uni.

Plus a holiday to Adelaide for xmas and to catch up with my family and see my most beloved granny!! Who has been having a dreadful run, please if your inclined please have a prayer for her!!! A wedding or two!! YIPPY I love weddings. A camping trip. Great to have things to look forward to isn’t it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just got back from spin class, gosh I am so learning to love them, well after they’re done anyway. LOL

I can see the end of the tunnel (JUST) for uni this year!! Shit it has been a challenging year for me really, like it has for many I imagine. God i'm talking like it is already over........and it sure isn't yet!!!!hehe

I got an assignment back last week, and initially I was down on my self caus my mark was not my usual, then I thought be pleased as I am lucky I got it done at all, due to the timing of it, it was in the midst of me breaking up with Jacob’s dad.

Jacob is starting to handle the whole situation better, so that pleases me immensely. He doesn’t bumb out as nearly as much everyday. He still gets upset that his dad is not around all the time. However he is learning to articulate his feelings as he gets older, and he now realises his dad is never far away and loves him. So that is good!!

I see the physio about my shoulder again on Monday; I think there has been some improvement with it lately. That is good.

Tomorrow I am off to the ACT Body Building comp, a few guys from the gym are competing. I’m looking forward to it. Well I had better get on with this glorious day, Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

All this excitement!! Congratulations to all you great girls who competed on the weekend!! You all truly inspire me.

So I had a reasonably uneventful weekend, got a bit of study done, watched a good Australian film, well not sure that good is an accurate description, it was gruesomely brutal, amazing cinematography and extremely good acting. It was called the Proposition.

After seeing it I realised my cousin had done all the props for the film, so that was a bonus!

My training is still coming along, and I still have to be aware of my shoulder. I think it is a bit better though. Did a spin class on the weekend, the girl who took it alternates with another girl. S##T she gives you a caning, my goodness she has so much energy I am surprised she doesn’t bounce of walls, lovely young girl, just totally wired. So that of course means a hell of a workout!

Well I am hoping to complete two major assignments over the next 7 days. I am going to set myself a goal with them. If I do means I am on the home run for the semester and will have a bit of time to study for exams.

Well had better get back to a little bit more before I go to my bed, have a great week all, and once again congratulations to those that competed!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is a very recent pic of Jacob and Kyah, I must work out how to change the date on Kyah's camera, cheers and have a great public holiday tomorrow everyone!!
I have finished my first prac for the semester, what a great experience this one was. I learnt heaps!!

I have about four weeks of uni left, and then go to the nationals, then one more prac.

We have been having such glorious weather lately. I so love Spring!!

Jacob had a birthday last Tuesday and this Saturday we had a party at the lake for him. He loved it!! Now that he is three he totally understands the concept of birthdays.

My shoulder is still playing up, but I have been seeing a physio for it, so hopefully it will improve a lot soon. Other than that though training, eating, and cardio are going great. I’m just avoiding exercises that exacerbate my shoulder.

I have been working on an assignment along with enjoying this marvellous weather, so that is another one nearly out of the way.

Well I had better get on with some more of it, till next time…..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well long time no blog. I am still on prac it is full on and taking up a huge part of my life.

This prac has really given me an opportunity to hone in on my behaviour management skills. Not a bad bunch of kids, just a large number of very extroverted personalities all in the same class, all trying to demand to be the centre of attention, you get my drift I am sure. They are a challenge to keep on task.

His coming week is the last week I get the opportunity to teach for the whole week.

Must admit that my training hasn’t been up to scratch this week, as you know I have a shoulder injury, well it is more serious than I wanted to admit to myself, had it checked out by a physio. My rotator cuff is injured and probably has been for a while. To compensate for this I have developed bad habits, and as a result my chest is much stronger than my traps, which in turn is pulling my shoulders forward effecting my posture ect…. I have been advised to have a couple of weeks off. Well I have had one week off. However I also have been a bit slack with cardio. Not to worry I will b back into it with vengeance ASAP.

Actually over the last 6 or so weeks using a different nutrition tracking to before I have lost 5 kilos, so I am pretty stoked about that.

I would like to take this opportunity and wish all the girls competing in the very near future all the very best!!!!!!!

I am very much looking forward to meeting or catching up with some of you at the Nationals!!! Which my goodness, is on in only just under five weeks.

Well back to the grind I have to write a large number of lesson plans for the week, take care all, ow…. and by the way, I am totally over feeling sorry for my self and back to my optimistic self once again.

Last but certainly not least!!!!A heart felt thankyou to all those girls who were so very supportive towards me during this time. Really appreciated.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well life is ticking on by. Spring is finally upon us and we have have had some great weather. Although the last two days have been very cold, but at least we are having some rain.

One of my sons turned 16 on Tuesday, I got them Turkish food for dinner, I love Turkish, I didn’t have any though because I have been going along so very well with training and nutrition, I just thought if on a good thing stick to it.

He actually wants a gym membership for his birthday, so that will be interesting; he certainly has a good build for weight training. He is naturally quite muscular, where as his older brother is very tall and very lean, genetics is a marvel!!! How different siblings can be coming from the same gene pool.

Uni is plodding along for me, slowly getting through it. I go on prac for three weeks as of Monday, I’m looking forward to it and hopefully I will get some assignments out of the way before then, so talking abut them I had better get back to it!

Everyone have a great weekend

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Very quick post. I finished and handed in the essay I was working on!! Bloody relief and one less thing on the list. Onto the next,

Thanks girls for you never ending supportive comments, really makes a difference!!

I’ll be back later in the week, take care everyone!! XX

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Not a lot to report on this past week, I am plugging along with uni work. I have had a very good week, training and eating wise. Starting to feel and SEE a positive difference especially in my legs, it is certainly motivating and encouraging me along.

One exciting thing is that we have booked for Melbourne PHATT camp 07”. So that is an awesome experience to look forward to for next April, before we know it will be upon us!!

Still finding it a challenge to do my uni work, can’t believe just how long it is taking me to get through some of my work. I actually went to speak to someone at uni who was very helpful. They brought to my attention that I was experiencing grief, never thought of my relationship break up like that, but it sure made sense. Just thought I was being lazy, unmotivated and on an unconscious level using the breakup as an excuse to slack off. I was even questioning if I even wanted to be a teacher any more.

However what they said made so much sense and I could relate easily to it and relate then to why I was finding it so hard to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand, except for eating and the gym. Great strategy they gave me was to just do 15 minutes study then have a rest for 5 minutes until and hour is past then have an hour off and then repeat so to speak, well I’m trying it (my version anyway) and at least I have written most off my essay, even if it isn’t going to be my best quality work it will be DONE!!

Today I am having a nice relaxing day, I want to finish my essay, go to the markets, and train at the gym, no kids here today!!! Don’t get me wrong I adore my children, but occasionally absence makes the heart grow fonder!!!!

Hope everyone is having an awseome weekend!!! XXX

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am so enjoying the weather lately. You know when you get those sings of warmer weather to come, the sun gets up a little earlier goes to bed a little later, it seems brighter, blossoms are appearing and there is a distinct feel in the air. YIPPY!!!! Bring it on!!!!

Well I have had a couple of very serious talks to myself about my studies and at last I have taken notice of myself, pulled my head in and seriously started on my assignments…… about time. I’m writing an essay on the best teaching strategies to change children’s environmental practices. I’ve made a good start, will continue to plug away at it over the week and then one thing will be done. I will then move on to the next one. A resource and work book for kids on building resilience. Then a unit of work on water conservation. Then the next……………….

Jacob has had bad tonsillitis all week, this has affected the number of workout I have had, however I am about to go to the gym to get a good workout in and a spin class a little later……. I LOVE SPIN. Sam and Liz are right it is addictive!!!

Overall though my training and eating is coming along very well, won’t say to much don’t want to jinx myself…hehe

Life is an interesting journey isn’t it. I am one of those people who like to ask why all the bloody time... And as much as it is good to get to the bottom of things, understand issues, situation, circumstances, and grow from them...ect… Sometimes it is just not necessary, possible or appropriate.......... I’m slowly learning that

LOL The White Stripes just came onto Rage singing The Door Bell and I said 'I like this song' and my almost 16 year old said '…. Is it old'….. LOL kids !!! gotta love em

Have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Floriade A.C.T.!

what a pretty picture :)

Well doesn’t time just get away from you sometimes, seems like I posted just a couple of days ago and in fact it was a week ago!

Not a lot to report, still loving my sewing, went to the craft fair today with mum and purchased a new machine!!! I have been wanting/needing to do this since I started back sewing. I can’t wait to get home, as it had to stay at the craft show until Monday.

Still not over enthused about uni, but on the other hand we are so very lucky in this country that I can go back to school and study, to further my education and improve mine and my kids circumstances in the long run. I will endeavour to do a lot on my assignments over this weekend as I will have some time to myself. There I put it in writing, so I will report back on my success in doing so!! Funny I have come so far and been enthused all the way through my degree, and now that the end is in site I loose enthusiasm, what the ?@?!! the human brain, or mine in particular can be peculiar organs.

I have been training very hard. You know my legs are still sore from training them on Monday! Now that is a record for me I think. A guy at my gym asked me this morning if I had injured myself after watching me come down the stairs LOL! Was just because I was walking a little funny!!

I’ve noticed a little warmth occasionally in the air, and it feels like spring is approaching. I just love spring it is my favourite time of year, here we are lucky to have so many bulbs that flower and trees that blossom!! Made me realise I can’t wait!! I often think like this around the same time each year, and lone and behold we usually have a good hit of two of cold weather before spring really makes itself known.

Well everyone have a great weekend once it comes around, I will report back on my study achievements!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Well been a while since I posted. So where to begin, I’m still not too motivated about uni at this present point in time. I suppose some of my life’s situations are contributing to the lack of enthusiasm towards it. Also there is a lot of trouble within the education department over here at present which doesn’t help either. I got news today that a lecturer, who has left the uni, and hadn’t released my marks for the subject, can not be contacted would you believe. therefore I may be expected to resubmit or redo assignments. Well I will go and see about that as soon as I can get an appointment with the new music convener. Life throws us curve balls occasionally.

My kids are great, Jacob is slowly learning to cope without his father here, that has been very challenging emotionally for me actually, more so than the break up of his fathers and my relationship to be honest. I hate to see Jacob upset, and I feel quite hopeless in how I can help him deal with his grief. All I can do is just be there for him. I can’t make his dad be there for him. He is getting a lot more articulate now though, and is starting to tell his dad how he feels.Because of this he is able to spend a little more time with him, because bless his little heart, he has organised it himself. His dad reacts so differently, and a lot more positively if Jacob asks him himself rather than me ask for him.

Training is going awesome!! I am loving/hating the spin classes, for the past 2 weeks I have done three a week. I can see the results of my labour! I have also tightened up my diet considerably, and I am finding that a huge benefit as well.

I have also started a new weight program and am finding that very challenging, but I am so enjoying the challenge. My shoulder is still not 100% but it is okay, I certainly notice a decrease in strength in that shoulder.

Sewing is great!!! I love it I am learning heaps. I am going to the craft expo with my mum next week to look at new machines. I bought some lovely glitter velvet fabric and have almost finished my first bikini out of it. Tonight I’m starting on a new one. Practice makes perfect.

I will be running kids from sport to sport for a lot of tomorrow! Rather do that than not have them play sport, my daughter is very good at soccer, one of her brothers is a great union player and the oldest is good at martial arts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well not a lot happening here, uni is getting busier; I really have to give myself a kick in the bum as I am not that motivated to be there at present. Not sure what that is about, I better get bloody motivated as assignments are starting to roll on in!!

I have been doing a bit of soul searching lately trying to decide what I want in my life lately. If you don’t even know what you want how can you ask the universe for it?? It will come to me eventually I’m sure.

I’ve gone back to sewing for enjoyment, started last week, great teacher!! I can’t wait until tomorrow for my next lesson. Sewing is much more exciting than uni for me at present. At present I am learning how to sew elastic into stretch lycra and velvet. I am very pedantic and fussy with some things, so I am sure to annoy my teacher with this as I used to annoy my old teacher. If you are going to do it you got get it right!!!

My almost 16 year old came with me to the gym a couple of times last week. Was great to have someone to train with not sure if he is going to continue or not, I think he would much rather train with his mates.

I did an RPM class on the weekend and am just about to go to another one. Forgotten how much I love to hate them!! I enjoyed it, but it was bloody hard.

The pic is one I love of Jacob that his dad messed around with, anyway have a great day all!!! I’m off to RPM class

Monday, July 17, 2006

Well what a marvellous weekend we had!! The comp was great, and just as importantly so was meeting up with Kimmy, Sue, Hilary, Sam, Margie and Kerry and Katie again. And meeting Jodie, Di, Cheryl, Lia, Rae, Bekki, and Jade for the first time was awesome!!

I enjoyed the company as much if not more than the comp. I stayed with Hilary and Kerry, both are just great girls!! We had a ball and they are such both wonderful company. It’s like we have been friends for ever.

The comp was awesome, some great competition, it is such an inspirational experience. All the girls who competed should be so very proud of themselves!! What a competition, I also got a new appreciation of just how much blood sweat and tears goes into competing!! It certainly isn’t for the light hearted.

After the comp we went out for a great meal in Lygon Street. What a feast, I never know what to order so having a smorgasbord really suited me because we could all have a little of this and that!! YUMMO!!! I think we all felt a little full and bloated after our desserts.

I would like to thank all the girls for making the whole experience a memorable and wonderful experience, can’t wait to do it again! :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thanks so much guys for your well wishes!!

My hip is great!! My quad fortunately is fine as well.

My shoulder is still not good, had another massage today, will see the effect over the next few days, think I will have to watch and cut out what exercises that appear to contribute to trigger it, presses seem fine lateral side raise not good :(

Lat pull down seems okay.

Have a great weekend everyone

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday LIA!!!!

Well I had a deep tissue massage on Sunday, and that helped my shoulder, although it still isn’t 100%. I’m just putting of the acupuncture to see if the massage helps as I can’t really afford both at present.

Helped my hips, which play up HEAPS!!

Yesterday at the gym I had the strangest feeling in the top of my left quadricep/ hip flexors when I was doing lunges. There was three little pops which didn’t hurt when it happened but bloody hurt afterwards. Not at all sure what it was and today other than DOMS I think it is okay. LOL !! Gosh I sound like I’m falling apart LOL!! Well training and nutrition are back on track well and truly after my wonderful holiday of fun and indulgent behaviour.

Enjoy the rest of your week all!!

Ali xx

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well I had a wonderful time in Adelaide, was great to catch up with my family and I got to meet up with Jamie Lee, Cherie and Sandra for coffee so that was wonderful as well. I was going to stick to my eating and training plans while over there, however it was just too awkward as family members were cooking for me, and my family love a good reason to celebrate, so I decided to have the week off both diet and training!!!! Probably well over due anyway worked out I hadn’t had a week off for around 6 months. Well I certainly enjoyed eating lots of foods I haven’t for a long time, AS a result I was worried I would miss the bloody plane this morning as we were all ready but I couldn’t get off the loo!!! Not funny really LOL as it was our flight was delayed due to good old fog in ACT!!! We were held up for an hour and a half in Adelaide and then couldn’t land for over half and hour while we waited for the fog to lift!! Good old Canberra’s winters!

I have a shoulder injury uuurrrrr!!! That I thought might settle down due to having a week of training, but no it got worse so I am about to book into have acupuncture for it, often acupuncture can fix an injury quicker than massage or oesteo or chiropractic treatments. WE will see, funny enough it got worse over the course of the week, hope it responds well and quickly to treatment.

I love Adelaide and am always so sorry and sad to leave there, was wonderful to spend time with my gran who is having a bad trot just now. Jacob had a ball as well, his talking is coming along at a rate of knots now!!! Have to watch everything I say as he repeats it all, gota love um!!!

I will post a pic if it works well hope everyone here in blog land is going along great, I will be back on track ASAP

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Four Things about me
Things you may not have known about me.....

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Remedial (massage) therapist
2. Respite worker for families with kids with disabilities
3. Fitness and aerobics instructor, when aerobic instructing involved making up your own classes :)

4. Cooking teacher.

B) Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Three Musketeers, with Keither Sutherland
2. Meet Joe Black
3. Dirty Dancing.
4. Sound of Music

C) Four places I have lived
1. ACT
4. Mt Oak, a commune in NSW

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. I hardly ever get to watch a TV show regularly

E) Four places I have been on vacation:
South Coast and Victoria
4. SA

F) Websites visited daily:
. Everyone's blog

G) Four of my favourite foods:
1. Thai food in general
2. Home made ravioli
3. Oats with cottage cheese
4. Gourmet wood-fired pizzas

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Holidaying
2. Snuggled in front of a roaring open fire
3. With good friends and family.
4. Shopping

I) Four people I think will respond
1. Kimmy
3. Em
4. Sam

Pic of my little guy and me taken last week, whoops he's fogotten his pants!!

Well not a great deal to report, finished my prac on Friday and have an exam tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my 41st birthday!! Gosh when I was in my teens I thought 40 was so old, hehe, now that I will be 41, 60 still seems young!! Well you are only as young/old as you feel, and age has fortunately never been an issue for me really, I’ve got a couple of friends who have had issues with getting older, so glad I haven’t. Anyways fancy having to do a bloody exam on my birthday lol :)

I am off to Adelaide on Thursday morning at 6 am for a whole week, to catch up with family, can’t wait!! My dear gran was recently 95 years old.

Will also catch up with Jamie Lee Sandra and Cherie, so that will be an added bonus.

I have started the comp program with Josh, the volume of training is a bit more than the coaching program. Overall I think I will love it! Might have to juggle the workouts a bit, as I sometimes can only get to the gym three times a week, we will see.

Last week was bloody freezing here, this week is so mild in comparison, lovely days, I walked out of the gym with just my t-shirt and no jumper this morning, my legs are a bit sore from yesterday. I have to book a massage I can feel my hips about to start playing up and for some reason my right shoulder is niggling. Body bits I don’t know!

Anyway have an awesome day/week everybody and if I don’t get to catch up with everyone’s blog over the next week, I look forward to coming home and seeing the goings ons, take care all!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Once again it is the middle of the week. I have only 2 days left of my prac. You won’t believe it but today I accidentally crash talked a 6 year old!!!. Gosh we were playing a tag game in the hall I was running from someone chasing me, one guy run in front of me I dodged to miss them and cleaned up this other little guy who run across my path!... I felt so bad, thank goodness the gym floor was smooth I took most of the impact and just slid along the floor with him in my arms. Gee he was fine about it and didn’t get hurt at all, (thank goodness)I skinned my elbow and frightened the life out of myself. Him to probably.

So I have just finished a 12 week coaching program Josh Dickinson at physique Essentials offers, great course people!! I am now beginning a brand new program Josh Dickinson has just got up and running, The Competitors Course.

So that is pretty exciting and must say it is packed full of invaluable info and comes with a great support forum as well. Where josh will answer ALL your questions and help tweak any part of your program that needs it. So I’m looking for great results over the next 12 weeks and beyond!

Here is the link, you should have a look at what it offers!!

here is a train Jacob's dad painted, well it won't post so I will try again soon!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My goodness it is Wednesday once again. I have been enjoying my PE prac. Usually when you are on prac you stay with the same class for the duration of the prac, because I am with a PE primary school teacher, who also does lunch time sport and PE across the school it’s different kids everyday. Today the teacher I am with was away, so I got to go around the school looking at what ever takes my fancy. That was good, I sat in with reading recovery and spent the morning with kids with special needs and looked at the schools resource centre.

The above picture is actually a painting Jacob’s dad is doing of him, it isn’t finished yet, I just love it, he is a very talented artistic. The other one is a landscape he did a while back now that I also love.

Training has been going pretty darn good, I have had some really good strength gains overall when I look over my past 12 weeks training logs. Just think I would like to concentrate strongly now on more fat loss. I’ve got a lot firmer all over this program, and can feel the difference and lost some body fat, but want to loose more.

Anyways I had better get on with some work. Have a great day tomorrow!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Finally got my camera to kin of work :) Top pic is the puppie Niketa, 2nd pic is Jacob the puppie and me

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My goodness it has been nearly a whole week since I posted last!! Shocking !!!

So life has been a bit up and down this week just gone by. I have been a bit up and down this last week As well. A bit more down than my usual up. However, all things considered I am doing well.

Funny there was a bit of talk on others blogs about kinesiology and hypnosis. Well I had an appointment booked late last week for both. I find both modalities extremely helpful tools if needed. I actually thought I was going to have hyno until I got to my appointment and the practitioner felt I would benefit from both, or so my body told him.

Interestingly enough part of my appointment was to do with just lately a few people close to me thinking it okay to treat me like s**t. I was wondering what I was doing to attract this, and what maybe I had to learn from these experiences, well not all was revealed in those departments.

However, two of those people got in contact with me yesterday in fact, one to apologise and one to catch up and to tell me they love me. Just goes to show the power of ‘good’ alternative therapies!

So uni is hectic, but I have been given a huge extension for an assignment due to some personal issues in my life at present and my carpal tunnel giving me curry. That is good and bad, good as long as I get on with it over my break, even though I was advised to do no uni work on my holidays. I think I can have a good holiday and still do a little uni.

Training is going wonderfully, weights especially I have made some good strength gains during this program, which is nearly finished. Then a new one, gotta love that!!

Nutrition overall has been good as well, until last night and I went a little or should I say a lot overboard, but today I’m building a bridge and getting over it.

Have a great weekend all !!

Friday, May 26, 2006

prac nearly over

Well today will be the last day of this prac. I have enjoyed it heaps!! They must be one of the loveliest groups of kids I have had for a while. I could have bought a few of them home with me, ooowwww maybe, just maybe I could ask their parents today if they would like to swap for a couple of teenagers LOL Actually my kids are pretty good, I love em heaps as mum’s do. Having three teenagers all living under the same roof, with all very strong opinions and attitudes, is always fun……. The things my 2 year old picks up he says to me the other day would you believe “can you hook a brother up!!!” I said pardon????? He repeats it and his 15 year old sibling, the one pictured below laughs, well wonder who taught him that. A while back he was going around saying “want a piece of me” of course I assumed it was the same brother who taught him to say that, well the little guy was watching Toy Story, and there it was one of the characters said it. Kids are sponges aren’t they.

Now I learnt a few things about myself and my organisational skills or lack off should I say. I have become very motivated when it comes to my exercise and training over the past 6 months. However in the past I have become very slack with training if I am under pressure. On this prac I trained no matter what, even when I felt stuffed. I showed myself I could train under time restrictions and when I thought I was tired, now cardio could have pushed a bit harder maybe, but I did it . Now I have exams coming up, so will endeavour to balance my next prac, study for exam and train and kids ect.

Now that is all good and well. What I did discover ( I knew it just ignoring it I think lately) is I obviously waste quite a lot of time with day to day stuff. If I can accomplish what I did on prac I am going to get a lot more productive in all areas of my like, so over the next few weeks, I’ll plot this out.

Things like making time to meditate, been a non event for me for to long now, in the past I have meditated daily. Sometimes when I kid myself I am studying, I get side tracked and waste time on the net. For me that is a terrible time waster, sure sometimes it is productive. However I have actually caught myself thinking, well what I can look up now to avoid my assignment. *LOL* Another thing I can tend to do is clean my house instead of studying, now this is all good and well when it needs it, like right now!!! But it sure is a good avaidance stretegy I could go on….. I’m sure you get the picture. So I am going to challenge myself to be more time productive over the next month or so. Then reassess it and go from there. I am fed up with myself wasting to much time we all only have 24 hours in a day, I am amazed just how much some people get done every day of their lives. Like my friend Kimmy here it is quite amazing what that woman accomplishes every day of her life!

Hope yopu all have a marvelous day, I had better get stuck in.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fantastic news about Rae, well done!! It is just inspirational what she has achieved, CONGRADULATIONS!!!

Well what a week I have had. I have been enjoying my prac heaps. As I think I said it restores the faith in me that I want to teach children. Although like every thing these days there does seem to be a lot of red tape, and administration work involved.

Training wise I have done all my weight sessions and did cardio as well. So was happy with that, however I would have liked to have got a few more cardio sessions in. It’s all a learning curve and I am pleased to have done my prac trained and tended to my kids all week. So I have this week to do it all again and try to fit in a couple more cardio sessions as well.

My camera is playing up, so I only have two photos of the puppy, so the one above is the puppy and my 15 year old.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well I started one of my pracs yesterday. Prac always restores my belief I want to be a teacher, as sometimes when your tied up with all the academic @#$% at uni I sometimes wonder if this degree is for me!! But once you’re in a classroom with kids I love it! So I have to be extra organised over my prac time, as I have to fit my training in around it.

Over the weekend I did a couple of cardio sessions and a weights session so I would have them up my sleeve so to speak, for any time I may not be able to get to the gym, just to take some pressure off. Tonight I will go do legs and cardio and I am just about to do a cardio before organising Jacob for childcare. I would have rather done legs this morning, as the gym is always packed at night, will see what I can organise.

When I get time I will post a pic of our new addition, a little staffy puppie, TO CUTE!!!

Everyone have a fantastic day, it is a beautiful day here

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

mid week

this is my lovely daughter

How quick time goes by!! Wednesday already!

Well I had a day at home today, making the most of it as I go on prac as of Monday. Jacob (my two year old) is in for the shock of his life!!! He sleeps in and often goes to bed late. He will have to be at childcare by 8 am!! Well it might get him in a better routine, having 3 teenagers who go to bed late make’s him think he can stay up late as well. And I am a softie when it comes to bed time, let’s just not go there.

Well I had no training today, except 20 minutes on the bike at home, god it hurts my quads!! I HATE it!! (I have to have it at a certain resistance to get my heart rate up, or I can’t pedal fast enough *lol*) I much prefer using the elliptical machine at the gym, challenges are good for you though, or so I’m told.

Well tomorrow is the last day of my current program, then onto a new one!
Food was spot on today, will be for the rest of the week.

Well this little black duck had better get to bed and do some reading for this blasted assignment!! Actually I think I will sit up and read or I will nod off.

Everyone have a great day tomorrow, train hard eat nutritionally and enjoy!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

update 2

Well I must mention that I met Hilary on the weekend and what a lovely young woman she is!! We had a cuppa and a chat, and the time went very quickly. I hope she dicides to come to the comp in July :)

Wish i took a pic, I forgot to :(

Have an awesome week everyone!!!


Well it is bloody cold today in ACT! every year I wonder why I live here around this time :)

My cold is lingering but heaps better, so that’s good, had a great workout today at the gym and did 2 20 minute cardio sessions, one am and one pm, so I am pleased with that, especially as I missed a few with the cold, and my diet has been spot on today, was bit off over the time I had my cold, had a few things I could have done without J and missed a couple of meals, due to not having an appetite at times with all the congestion ect. (Sorry for details *lol*) So good to feel a lot better and be right back on track, that is one good thing I notice about myself since doing a program with Sue Heintze, if I fall of the wagon I get back on a hell of a lot quicker, than I used too!!

So I still have this bloody assignment lingering, actually I have to complete it while on prac as I need to implement some of it in the classroom. I am going to have to be very vigilant with my nutrition and training while on prac I will report how I go, I am determined not to miss any training sessions, and eat to plan over my two week prac, then I have a break and do another two weeks.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Not a lot to report, still have cold, however I think it isn’t going to get much worse, so that is a good thing.

Did back and shoulders at the gym yesterday, didn’t push it and have been taking it easy with cardio as I want to get better ASAP. Today I am not doing any exercise, might take my son for a leisurely walk, nothing too strenuous though.

Have a great weekend all!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well all I can see is Phat camp was awesome!!!! If any of you are thinking of going next year, I would make it a priority.

Not only are Jen and heather great girls, they are also a great inspiration. I got to meet so many wonderful inspiring people who also attended. It was just awesome, and yes I am bloody sore and think I might be coming down with a flu/cold, bother!!!

I stayed with Kimmy, Margie, Sue and Kerry and we had a ball. All of them are just lovely great people. I can’t wait till next year.

I’ve got to go get some of my kids from school so will catch up again real soon

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Me and my little fella'

Well it is the middle of the week already, I had a good day, no uni and stayed home with Jacob, other kids were all at mates. I did cardio at home, getting better at motivating myself at home. Still find it much easier to work on the elliptical machine at the gym though. Did a little packing for going to PHAT camp today for leaving on Friday. Will arrive in Melbourne at 10.30am and then wait for Kimmy and Margie to arrive at 11.30am. :) Pretty excited! I am! I am just a tad anxious about leaving Jacob, well it will be good for all concerned. Both him, myself and his dad.

Have a great day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well due to the public holiday happening today I went to the gym on the weekend to do one of my weight sessions. I actually really enjoyed going to the gym on Sunday, and did a cardio while I was there as well.

I really seem to be getting into the swing of this program and this new way for me of training. Don’t want to jinx myself, but just lately I have made quite a few strength gains, or maybe I am getting used to pushing myself much more with heavier weights.

At one time when I was much younger I had a cardio/exercise addiction, so I have tended since then to focus on low intensity cardio, plus I have been lead to believe it was better for fat burning. Well time will tell, however I think I am starting to really feel a bit of fat coming off. YIPPEE!! Time will tell as I said.

Anyway I am beginning to really enjoy all aspects of my training at the present time. So that is good good good!!

Nutrition has been great the last 2-2 ½ weeks, haven’t had the need for a free meal, however if the need arises I will have one. I find that approach suits me AT THE MOMENT. This way I always have something to look forward to, even if I postpone the off plan meal, I know I can have it when I really feel like it and just as importantly know what it is I would like. My friend Kimmy has a log book/journal and in the back of it she lists all the foods she is looking forward to after her comp in July, what a good idea I thought!!

I am of to PHAT camp this Friday and will be in Melbourne until Monday, I am so looking forward to that, I will catch up with some great people, and meet some more great people. Probably come home quite sore from the sounds of it.

Well once again I have assignments to get on with, so I had better go and do a bit of research.

Have a great day!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well it is getting cold here in the mornings, There is a frost outside and I am putting of going to the markets and on to the gym just a little until it warms up just a little, gym's not open yet though will be soon.

Funny thing I did yesterday, none of my kids were with me so I think um might go do a cardio session before heading out to dinner, well get to the gym all revved up and it’s closing!! *lol* sometimes I think I should be blonde, no offence to blondes, I used to be one, when I was a kid. Talking about hair colour I think I might lighten my hair as a reward after this program finishes.

So I just realised that the gym will be closed this Tuesday, as it is a public holiday which means I will have to adjust my gym program accordingly, either go today and do weights and cardio, or go on Friday to make up a weights session. Either way will work.

I have been putting of an assignment, must get stuck into it. I will take the opportunity later on today as none of my beloved children are home at present.

Well no more procrastinating, I’m off to the markets and then on to the gym!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Had a great leg workout!! At last I think I’m slowly learning to squat to fatigue, don’t get me wrong I work my legs hard, just find it very challenging, with my new program, heavy weight low reps to reach fatigue/overload within required number of reps, anyway yesterday I did WELL! And incorporating what I was shown made a huge difference to my deadlifts as well. Looking forward to tomorrow, back and shoulders.

We went out and visited a friend today, they live out of town, was a great day and good to catch up. I haven’t been getting up as early as I usually do lately, so I think it is time I got back into my early morning routine, so will start that by the end of this week. Makes a difference it seems in how much I get done during the day. I also tend to stay up way ton late, where as when I know I’m getting up early I go to bed earlier generally, mind you early for me is 5.30-6 am, not early like some (4-4.30 am).

Well talking about bed that is where I am off to know, have a great day tomorrow anyone reading

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well I have been managing to keep this cold at bay, however it is lingering. I have been taking my Echinacea and garlic and also tried Lia’s remedy as well.

Have done a few jobs of my list, just haven’t lined the wall. I need to buy more nails for that one.

Had a great training at the gym today, although with my cardio I felt quite nauseas, would like to think it was because I was pushing so hard, umm well I was but I think the nauseas feeling was due to not feeling 100% and it passed really quickly once I finished. Just this blasted cold/flu, as long as it doesn’t get any worse I will be fine.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, it is leg day and I get to implement a lot of what I was shown on the weekend!! Will be interesting how it affects my overall training, how I feel while doing it, straight after and the following couple of days.

Well I am off to drop my daughter at the movies and do a little more outside, gee Easter is almost over for another year, onward and upward!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter.:)

I am enjoying it and having a good time catching up with a few things, and a few outings with family and friends.

Today we took the kids to Corin Forest, where they have a bobsled, so the kids had a fun time going on that, I had one go, was fun, but one go was enough.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a gym supervisor to go over my form on quite a few exercises. It was GREAT! I got heaps out of it and implementing the improvements he showed me will make a big difference to my training I believe. For example I have always had a problem with straight leg dead lifts, where I feel it in my upper body before I feel it in my hamstrings, gluts, well he corrected that, then showed me a new way of doing them with just a little change here and there, and WOW what a difference, so I am a happy chappie !

Tonight I am going to take it easy and might even watch a movie, tomorrow back at the gym, and more Spring cleaning, day after start on more uni assignments and back to the day to day stuff, kids are on holidays and so is uni, I have a huge assignment though and have to start it now so It doesn’t become stressful or overwhelming to do later on.

I am looking forward to going to Melbourne for PHATT camp in 2 weeks, should be an experience!

Anyway better go get dinner organised, Everyone enjoy the rest of your EASTER!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nearly time for the Easter Bunny

Take a look at this eggplant, LOL I just had to buy it and I am about to have some of it in my lunch!!

Well he won’t be coming to me this year unless of course he has something other than chocolates *LOL*

After reading Em’s blog I have decided that this Easter my children and I will be doing a little spring cleaning of our own. That girl is just inspirational her house must sparkle!


Clean out garage and finish putting insulation on back wall for Dylan. Clean out caravan and take contents to charity shop.

Clean out kitchen plastics cupboard, it’s a shocker at the moment.

Clean out TV unit and dresser in lounge room.

Not huge but doable amongst everything else we hacve to do :)

Well I had a great weights session and cardio session this morning!! it was the last weight training session before I start a new one next week.

Have an appointment booked for my form to be looked at on Saturday, looking forward to that.

Food is spot on. I am feeling quite inspired again thank goodness. Had a day or two where I was a bit off and down, GREAT to be back to myself!!

Everyone have a great EASTER!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here is a pic from My weeekend at Wagga.

Kimmy, Marg, Robyn and myself walked down to meet up with the others where they were celebrating and having dinner.

I had a great weekend at Wagga, meeting Kimmy, Margie and Robyn was just great!

We did a bit of shopping, had lunch then went to the city verses country body building show. What a blast!! It was my first ever bodybuilding show, I was really impressed. Another on line friend of ours was competing and was helped back stage by another on line friend, so it was great to meet them all.

I look forward to catching up with them again at Phatt camp and then again at the all Female Classic, might meet some of you girls there as well.

Well I have decided to get very strict with my nutrition, I have been on track, but occasionally I might have a meal late, or I have had a couple of bad choice meals, if you know what I mean. Anyway my progress seems to have slowed slightly. I feel a lot firmer, but pics and weight/body fat have been staying the same for a couple of weeks. So time to nip that in the bud.

I will go back to keeping an accurate record of all meals consumed. I want to loose as much body fat as I can over the next 12-14 weeks, while maintaining my muscle mass.

I have made an appointment with someone at my gym, to go over my form. I know I have good form (from years of working in the fitness industry) however we all pick up bad habits from time to time and I tend to train alone, so they can go unnoticed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

weights and cardio in the bag for today

So I'm glad to have them done today, had a good weight workout and a great cardio. I try not to think about my cardio to much, just get there and get it over with, and push push push. :)

This is the third week of me following JD's program nearly coming to an end, I know I'm getting fitter and stronger, however I think I am carrying a bit of fluid, (I look a little puffy) I have been taking creatine, which I haven't before, any body got an opinion on this???

Overall I don't really mind if it makes me look a little puffy if it's advantages out weigh it, if you know wheat I mean, anyway jacob is still a little crook so I'm still off uni, dear me I will have a lot of catching up to do.
take care guys and have a great arternoon :)
Ali xx