Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am very tired, due to staying up far to late, with my cousin after the com, because I drank to much caffeine (two cups) and possibly the sugar in a piece of tiramisu, finished that off today.

FIRSTLY THANKYOU SO MUCH GIRLS, for your support, emails, messages here, phone calls and text messages!!!. it meant the world to me I will pot pics asap. Kimmy was to busy cheering me on and texting my mates that she forgot to take pics, I have to work out how to get a couple of my cousins camera. Okay then…. The comp I LOVED it!!!!!!!! I had a ball; I placed second in novice, two competitors. Third in masters!!!!! Four competitors in the division, first and second awesome physiques. The feed back was great and I could so relate and agree.

I well write more when I am rested and coherent J

Monday, April 23, 2007

Have finally completed my literacy assignment, UUUHHHH what a sigh or relief, let us hope I pass. LOL

So One good thing about having all these huge assignments I have not really had time to think to hard or deep about the fact that I am competing for the first time this coming weekend
So I am into the last week prep, and so far so good. I think my mates Sam, Kimmy and Margie and my cousin who is coming are more exited then me at this stage, although reading all the blog news about how great the girls did in QLD , CONGRATULATION by the way!!!!! has motivated me no end.

Sam rang me last night to see how I was travelling and if I had any questions. I keep thinking of more questions so I am writing them down and will no doubt send them later.

I am very tired, not just the training but the assignment as well, I am not even excited about finishing yet!! Do not worry I will be in the morning when I get up to go to the gym and it hits me LOL Just need to get it into uni ASAP, was supposed to be in this afternoon and couldn’t get my computer to co-operate so I could put it on disk to print out at uni, ummm at least it is competed and now it is finally on disk and ready for the morning to print off and submit.

I have to spend considerable time between now and Saturday practicing my poses, still needs work, thank goodness for Jo and her help.

Now on to lesson planning for rest of internship, well I am buggered, think I will have a hot drink and go to bed.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well time is ticking on, I have almost completed one uni assignment, as soon as that is done I have another to tackle, the second one has to be submitted on Monday afternoon, so after that I get on with planning the teaching for when I go back to finish my internship, and study for tafe exams. Yesterday and the day before I felt very tired and a bit flat, was hard to concentrate on my assignment. Had a few issues with my daughter, won’t go into it, just lets say growing up is challenging for all, I remember.

However yesterday I said to myself just get on with your assignment otherwise you will add unneeded stress, so I did. I will finish it by tomorrow afternoon if not before.

My training today was awesome, I didn’t do weights as I am one ahead just 2 bouts of full on cardio, funny how your body clock works, yesterday training was a chore today as I said was great and I had lots of energy.

I practiced my posing today for longer than usual, need to do it as much as possible I feel. Well that’s about it I am quite tired now and think I will go cuddle my little guy. That reminds me yesterday he said to me ‘mum we need to go shopping , we have to buy protein, we have run out’ LOL I had to giggle, they grow up so fast.

Take care all

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thank you for all your wonderful positive comments guys. However as busy as I am at present I don’t think it is to good as some off my pleasure for things is not optimal at the moment and I just can’t wait to finish uni. I have taken on to much, with tafe, uni and my internship as well. However I am getting by and have two weeks breakfrom my teaching internship as of next Friday. During that time I will complete some big assignments, study for tafe exams and literally work more of my ass off.

I try to be very subjective about myself and this competing thing, because I have never done it before I do not really know what I am in for, or exactly what to expect. I have learnt quite a lot about myself in the process and am still learning, that’s the beauty of life I think. I do not want to get up on stage and make a fool of myself, who does though?

However, I am competing in Wagga more so for the stage experience, however my pride, ego call it what you will certainly still doesn’t want me to look out of place or stand out because I look like I don’t belong up there if you know what I mean.

Because of my age I will compete in my age group, however with the WNBF federation I am going to compete in novice as well for the extra experience, which both Sam and I think will be very beneficial come July and September. So I suppose this comp is a more for the experience than anything else, I must keep reminding myself of this because I get carried away at times with self doubt and think what the hell am I doing and I just am not ready, well I will never be ready if I keep thinking like this????

Any suggestions on how to just relax and get some enjoyment out of the whole experience would be greatly appreciated!!! I best take up meditation again I think.

Well I wrote that last weekend and although it still stands true, my head today is in a bit of a better place, I really have been questioning myself lately as to why I am doing this to my self, I will just plod on because if I backed out now I will never know if I want to continue on this road or not and if I go through with it I can make a decision based on at least being up on a stage once. God I sound so bloody serious!! I can’t wait to eat something off my plan to tell you the truth, don’t know what, probably cheese cake to begin with, I have been reading bloody cook books before bed LOL Actually I find it very relaxing believe it of not and I think they even help me stay on plan, god knows how but they do. Sam is very good at seeing a lot more positive changes in my body than me, I see them over longer periods of time but not so much week to week like she can, I am very thankful for her and that she has come into my life actually she is not only a great trainer but a wonderful human being.

Anyway will try and post again soon, take care everyone and have an awesome weekend,

Friday, April 06, 2007


Well I have been pretty full on lately. My internship is going really well. Two weeks down. Easter has come at a great time as I have 2 huge assignments due in the ACT school holidays for university and I am going to have to do at least one of them over Easter, well the ground work anyway as it involves diagnostic interviewing, so if it is right to go as soon as we get back to school on Tuesday I can start the interview process with the chosen child. That’s the easy part then I have to analyse both my interview technique and the child's responses. God give me a break…. Why we have to recreate the wheel who knows….except our lecturer of course, grrrrrr……….enough said…… all is good :)

I am finding my internship, tech studies, university commitments, plus training and my kids quite a full on process at present, however it is not for ever, just got to get through it all and light is at the end of the tunnel. I am certainly not complaining though, because I have chosen to do all this. I am a pretty easy going person I think, however I have been a bit short with my eldest child a bit lately…. Not fair actually……although he probably deserves it …LOL…I think I am a bit irritable, hard for me to be really objective about myself at present though. My 15 year old daughter is pushing the boundaries as you can do at her age as well. Well actually my beloved daughter has been pushing boundaries from the day she was born, very strong determined wilful young woman, she is an Aries after all.

Training is going along well, finding it hard to get my heart rate up during cardio though, not sure what that is about, as I push it believe me, unless I am kidding myself and not working hard at all..hehe. Must say I do not mind cardio but will be glad when I don’t have to do quite as much.

I got my bikini from Jo the other day and I love it, it is absolutely gorgeous a piece of art!! My goodness the bottoms are small though aren’t they, my bum bulges a bit in it and this disturbs me. Ummmmm…….I am waiting to hear back from Sam about this.

Funny how training and strength progress can come in leaps, bounds and troughs as well. This week I have been very tired and felt pretty ordinary at times, only to have had a couple of weight sessions where I’ve upped my weights or reps quite a bit and had great workouts. In contrast to this there are occasions when I think I’m going to blitz it with weights or what ever and feel awesome only to not even be able to meet my last training sessions results.. Go figure???

Well have an awesome Easter everyone!!