Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Very quick post. I finished and handed in the essay I was working on!! Bloody relief and one less thing on the list. Onto the next,

Thanks girls for you never ending supportive comments, really makes a difference!!

I’ll be back later in the week, take care everyone!! XX

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Not a lot to report on this past week, I am plugging along with uni work. I have had a very good week, training and eating wise. Starting to feel and SEE a positive difference especially in my legs, it is certainly motivating and encouraging me along.

One exciting thing is that we have booked for Melbourne PHATT camp 07”. So that is an awesome experience to look forward to for next April, before we know it will be upon us!!

Still finding it a challenge to do my uni work, can’t believe just how long it is taking me to get through some of my work. I actually went to speak to someone at uni who was very helpful. They brought to my attention that I was experiencing grief, never thought of my relationship break up like that, but it sure made sense. Just thought I was being lazy, unmotivated and on an unconscious level using the breakup as an excuse to slack off. I was even questioning if I even wanted to be a teacher any more.

However what they said made so much sense and I could relate easily to it and relate then to why I was finding it so hard to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand, except for eating and the gym. Great strategy they gave me was to just do 15 minutes study then have a rest for 5 minutes until and hour is past then have an hour off and then repeat so to speak, well I’m trying it (my version anyway) and at least I have written most off my essay, even if it isn’t going to be my best quality work it will be DONE!!

Today I am having a nice relaxing day, I want to finish my essay, go to the markets, and train at the gym, no kids here today!!! Don’t get me wrong I adore my children, but occasionally absence makes the heart grow fonder!!!!

Hope everyone is having an awseome weekend!!! XXX

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am so enjoying the weather lately. You know when you get those sings of warmer weather to come, the sun gets up a little earlier goes to bed a little later, it seems brighter, blossoms are appearing and there is a distinct feel in the air. YIPPY!!!! Bring it on!!!!

Well I have had a couple of very serious talks to myself about my studies and at last I have taken notice of myself, pulled my head in and seriously started on my assignments…… about time. I’m writing an essay on the best teaching strategies to change children’s environmental practices. I’ve made a good start, will continue to plug away at it over the week and then one thing will be done. I will then move on to the next one. A resource and work book for kids on building resilience. Then a unit of work on water conservation. Then the next……………….

Jacob has had bad tonsillitis all week, this has affected the number of workout I have had, however I am about to go to the gym to get a good workout in and a spin class a little later……. I LOVE SPIN. Sam and Liz are right it is addictive!!!

Overall though my training and eating is coming along very well, won’t say to much don’t want to jinx myself…hehe

Life is an interesting journey isn’t it. I am one of those people who like to ask why all the bloody time... And as much as it is good to get to the bottom of things, understand issues, situation, circumstances, and grow from them...ect… Sometimes it is just not necessary, possible or appropriate.......... I’m slowly learning that

LOL The White Stripes just came onto Rage singing The Door Bell and I said 'I like this song' and my almost 16 year old said '…. Is it old'….. LOL kids !!! gotta love em

Have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Floriade A.C.T.!

what a pretty picture :)

Well doesn’t time just get away from you sometimes, seems like I posted just a couple of days ago and in fact it was a week ago!

Not a lot to report, still loving my sewing, went to the craft fair today with mum and purchased a new machine!!! I have been wanting/needing to do this since I started back sewing. I can’t wait to get home, as it had to stay at the craft show until Monday.

Still not over enthused about uni, but on the other hand we are so very lucky in this country that I can go back to school and study, to further my education and improve mine and my kids circumstances in the long run. I will endeavour to do a lot on my assignments over this weekend as I will have some time to myself. There I put it in writing, so I will report back on my success in doing so!! Funny I have come so far and been enthused all the way through my degree, and now that the end is in site I loose enthusiasm, what the ?@?!! the human brain, or mine in particular can be peculiar organs.

I have been training very hard. You know my legs are still sore from training them on Monday! Now that is a record for me I think. A guy at my gym asked me this morning if I had injured myself after watching me come down the stairs LOL! Was just because I was walking a little funny!!

I’ve noticed a little warmth occasionally in the air, and it feels like spring is approaching. I just love spring it is my favourite time of year, here we are lucky to have so many bulbs that flower and trees that blossom!! Made me realise I can’t wait!! I often think like this around the same time each year, and lone and behold we usually have a good hit of two of cold weather before spring really makes itself known.

Well everyone have a great weekend once it comes around, I will report back on my study achievements!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Well been a while since I posted. So where to begin, I’m still not too motivated about uni at this present point in time. I suppose some of my life’s situations are contributing to the lack of enthusiasm towards it. Also there is a lot of trouble within the education department over here at present which doesn’t help either. I got news today that a lecturer, who has left the uni, and hadn’t released my marks for the subject, can not be contacted would you believe. therefore I may be expected to resubmit or redo assignments. Well I will go and see about that as soon as I can get an appointment with the new music convener. Life throws us curve balls occasionally.

My kids are great, Jacob is slowly learning to cope without his father here, that has been very challenging emotionally for me actually, more so than the break up of his fathers and my relationship to be honest. I hate to see Jacob upset, and I feel quite hopeless in how I can help him deal with his grief. All I can do is just be there for him. I can’t make his dad be there for him. He is getting a lot more articulate now though, and is starting to tell his dad how he feels.Because of this he is able to spend a little more time with him, because bless his little heart, he has organised it himself. His dad reacts so differently, and a lot more positively if Jacob asks him himself rather than me ask for him.

Training is going awesome!! I am loving/hating the spin classes, for the past 2 weeks I have done three a week. I can see the results of my labour! I have also tightened up my diet considerably, and I am finding that a huge benefit as well.

I have also started a new weight program and am finding that very challenging, but I am so enjoying the challenge. My shoulder is still not 100% but it is okay, I certainly notice a decrease in strength in that shoulder.

Sewing is great!!! I love it I am learning heaps. I am going to the craft expo with my mum next week to look at new machines. I bought some lovely glitter velvet fabric and have almost finished my first bikini out of it. Tonight I’m starting on a new one. Practice makes perfect.

I will be running kids from sport to sport for a lot of tomorrow! Rather do that than not have them play sport, my daughter is very good at soccer, one of her brothers is a great union player and the oldest is good at martial arts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :)