Friday, May 30, 2008


Well to say I certainly haven’t posted for a while is an understatement!!!

So everyone in blog land is going along wonderfully and accomplishing all their desires and dreams,

Me well I have been on an interesting journey this past couple of months. Funny how good things often come out of unfortunate circumstances. For example, my health issues have prompted me to research nutrition in a very broad way, and some of what I have been discovering certainly questions my beliefs and probably yours as well.

For example the Dr I saw in Sydney asked me some time ago if I would consider including organic juice into my diet, my initial response was well no, she asked why not?? I responded well it’s so bloody nutritionally dense in calories, high in sugar if fruit is included and high in carbs and low in protein. So that was that.

Some time later after researching ect… I thought to myself, why am I paying this Dr good money not to follow her advice, anyway I researched juicing talked to my wonderful Aunt who detoxes regularly with juice. I discovered some interesting facts, I won’t go into them just now though and they certainly contradict what we are led to believe, especially about protein intake and where we get the best quality protein from.

Anyway For a week I had fresh organic juice and honestly I could not believe the improvement in my health, my moods, my energy levels sky rocketed, My weight started to go down a little, the oedema I have had stabilised and disappeared and I started to feel myself again. Then I went on a holiday to Adelaide, went off the juice. Came back and got stuck into it again, I’m still researching. I’m certainly not fasting with juice, but consuming quite a large amount of green juice and some fruit juice, supplemented with a little hemp seed oil, and recently I have been including a little raw food as well.

Not sure where this will all lead, but shit I honestly can not remember feeling so good, other than last week I sprained my ankle which put a bit of a dampener on my training, went back to Boot camp this morning and my ankle was ok, so all good in that department.

All I can say is my liver and kidneys have improved but are still not 1005 However my thyroid hormones have stabilised, so that is GREAT!

I have not gone back to the Dr in Sydney, she was great and I may go back in the future, however I have been to a Chinese medicinal practice here and am getting great results there. Combined with the raw foods and organic juces, I think I will be healthier than I have ever been soon, and don’t get me wrong, I have had good health until recently, but I can’t explain this but I am starting to feel remarkable.

So that’s where I’ve been at.


I will endeavor to blog more often once again. And when time permits drop by all your blogs as well,

Have a wonderful weekend all and live life to the fullest xxx