Monday, December 24, 2007

This is a picture of y eldest son Josh

Above is our adorable dog Nikita! I will miss her while in Adelaide, one of my son's who is staying home for Christmas to be with his girlfriend will look after her, the other pic is the view from my Aunts and Uncles place where I am having Christmas, I love it there, it is where the Onkaparinga River meets the Sea.

I was thinking to myself I may be an all or nothing kind of person, or have become so it seems. As much as this can have advantages (when I’m full on into a program or have definite goals), I don’t believe it to be constructive when in the nothing phase so to speak. I am going to address this, just not sure when and how, so in the mean time, I have set myself goals to achieve. I will finish reading fattitude when away, and see if that sheds any light for me. Maybe I need goals in regard to fitness, health and lifestyle ect continually???

I suppose when I truly think about it I have been following some sort of program for, my goodness I think over two years now, I first did a great program with Sue, from there I wanted to keep going and have tried a few different approaches, ect. I then trained with Sam for my comps.

I have quite a bit of reading in relation to health and fitness, both physical and psychological while away so might find a few gems amongst the reading material, we will see.

So heres to wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may all your hopes dreams and desires come true in 2008!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Well not as great deal to report. Had my last day of work for the year yesterday. Schools here are officially on holidays from today. My daughter has already flown down to Adelaide for Christmas one of my sons and I fly down on Monday night. I’m looking forward to the break and catching up with family. Hopefully while there I will be able to catch up with a dear friend who will be also having Christmas In SA, she sold her home this year and bought a 21 foot motor home and has been travelling ever since, that’s my idea of fun!!

I’ve been doing my own thing at the gym which has included quite a few spin classes, hadn’t done any for some months. So they are challenging as always and I’m slowly building up the kind of cardiovascular fitness they need so to speak. I have had some great workouts, this week including legs and back. I wouldn’t do this all the time but for a change I have worked intuitively, meaning I have a body part in mind that I want to work on but decide what exercises I do once at the gym. I’ve really enjoyed it and worked very hard.

I’m hoping that my weight has stabilised which it appears too, honestly it didn’t seem to matter what I ate, good bad, or indifferent after my last comp, I stacked on weight, I think my body thought I was starving it, which in fact I probably was, ummm it’s all a learning curve. (Still haven’t got on the scales, but my jeans still don’t fit) I intend to try and slowly drop some over the next few months with out to strict a diet as such, we will see, I’ve been wondering if I m an all or nothing kind of person, I may resort to a strict regime if I don’t manage to progress to much over the next few weeks.

We have had some great rain!! It’s been well needed, I hope it continues for some time. I planted a veggie garden a few weeks back, however snails and cabbage moths sure made short work of quite a few things, even though I used a natural spray, I planted to late so they weren’t established enough to withstand the little buggers.

Well Jacob is hassling me to watch a Christmas Pooh Bear DVD with him before bed, so better go and do so, hehe just looked over to him and he is almost asleep the cutie, take care all and enjoy your weekend

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well two weeks ago my computer, phone and modem blew up in an electrical storm, so I have not had internet access since and have been so busy haven’t had the time or the inclination to log on at uni or the library. Today I had some spare time after my spin class, Jacob is with his dad and my other kids are all out and about, so I thought I would quickly post.

Training is going great, food is good, trying a new approach, not sure yet if my body agrees with it, time will tell. I wonder if I have done damage to my metabolism with the lead up to my last comp, with the extreme measures my mate and I took. I have been eating clean for about 4 weeks now, and don’t see any positive changes a all, but like I said this approach is new to me that I am trying, so will persevere for a little bit longer. Must say I don’t like carrying this extra weight, my jeans don't fit and I have metal plates in one ankle and that ankle is not happy with the extra weight on it. I’m trying to just ignore the fat gain, and just get on with doing something positive towards removing it. If I stress about it, it doesn’t help the situation at all.

I have been teaching a great deal these last few weeks, and tonight I went and enrolled in Post Grad studies, gosh I think I am mad, I am going to do Post Grad studies in inclusive education and teaching strategies and best approaches ect for autistic children. I did want to do this eventually, won’t go into what motivated me to do it now at this time.

My 18 year old is at his formal for year 12 tonight, he got early entry into ANU to do Physics, so he is happy and I am happy for him, as it is one of his passions. He has been going to uni for the past two years, since he was 16 doing a bridging course into the sciences there.

Well I have to get on home, lots to get done for tomorrow, I’ve been with year 5/6 all week. Lets just say some off them are very cheeky and I find that while experience character building, it is very tiring at times. Take care all xxx