Friday, June 29, 2007

Thankyou so very much girls, I really appreciate the comments, if these pics help inspire anyone I will be glad I posted them.

All your support here really assists in keeping me focussed and on task, My training is going wonderfully, I feel 100% better now and can really start to push now, when I can train like that it helps me with sticking to my nutritional plan, because I don’t want to upset all the good results at the gym, also I am getting enough sleep which of course we all knows helps immensely, the last few days I have even been meditating, so all is good!!

I can’t tell you how good it is to be feeling back to normal, I am building up my cardio intensity and it is great to not feel fatigued and have nothing in the tank to push with.

Finally got the professional pics from WNBF!! I will post some with this post.

I am enjoying not being at uni, I have to get on with making a portfolio of my teaching ect for interview purposes. Next year I have made the decision to relief teach, due to many commitments one main one, it is Jacobs last year before he goes to school and I want to be able to spend some time with him, also my granny is getting on and very day she is still here is precious, she is 96 now and I want to be able to go over to SA as often as viable and when I can fit it in.

Well here are some pics from my April comp,

take care all and have a wonderful week.



Here goes.....So here is a comparison I mentioned ages ago. I am pretty sure this pic was one taken when I first did a program with Sue.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

quick update

Well the last two days have been great because I can finally push myself while doing cardio!! very pleased with this and hasn't happened to soonnn!!! the above pic is of my daughter on the left and one of her best mates, owww aren't they cute!!

take care and have a great day tomorrow

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well long time no post, lots to tell

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago due to absolute exhaustion, good news blood tests where reasonably good, might look into seeing a good naturopath if I can find one, mine left ACT quite a while ago and I miss her.

So due to exhaustion I had a couple of weeks off training and went over to Adelaide to spend a few days with family and gran. I really wanted to catch up with Jamie Lee, however the time flew and I stayed at my Aunt and uncles who care for my gran and I didn’t really go anywhere, just needed to be there I also needed to rest. So next time I am over Jamie, I will make sure I have transport and arrange to see you.

So I got a virus, and now I have a cold, but I feel okay, went back to the gym after a break for the first time on the weekend, my bum among other body parts are very sore, gotta love that.

I am a bit bummed about letting myself get so rundown, it certainly crept up in me, and Sam warned me, However, I have learnt a lot from the experience. My training and health has suffered from it, but they are getting back to normal, and it really brought home the need for balance and not trying to accomplish too much at once. I might have got it all done, but at a cost and because of it that is why I’m not competing in July, there is always next year!. I am trying to get back into the habit of meditation as this really helps ground me and keep me sane so to speak, also makes me sleep better.

Sue I am looking everywhere for the tape I promised you, I’ve obviously hidden it will send one as soon as I find it.

I got some good marks at both uni and tech, and needed the marks for uni, because I had bump up my overall mark for a particular subject. Application is in to Department of Education. Next year I want to teach relief so I still have some time for my kids especially Jacob as it is his last year before he starts school that will also give me a chance to implement some other things I want to do and have planned.

I have put on quite a bit of fat, (bugger) so I have to get rid of that. If I get tired that is when I look to food sure many can relate to that. I have a couple of comps in mind in the near future, not sure if I will do both, but definitely am aiming for INBA’s in ACT. They are just under 16 weeks away. So waiting to hear back from Sam, in regard to some questions I asked her.

I’m slowly building up my cardio and been back on my diet for a while now.

Kimmy if you read this I can’t get into your blog, hope you are well and I miss you!!

Slowly catching up with blogs, I am going to make an effort to be a bit more consistent in blogging, will help keep me focussed.

Still have not received professional pics from WNBF I am going to email and ring Danny Chou, the photographer just is not getting back to me after about 4 emails.

Train hard eat well and take care all


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a lovely winters day it is here in ACT today!! Both Jacob and I have the flu, I feel not too bad though (lets hope it stays that way) we are at home together, his nose is a running tap, so I kept him home from child care. It is so gooodddd to catch up on domestic jobs I have been putting off due to lack of time to get it all done lately.

Sam has advised me to have a week off cardio, thank goodness because I have been suffering from some kind off exhaustion for a few weeks now and it’s not pretty. Waiting for blood tests the doctor did to come back later in the week. Hoping there s nothing amiss and that it will just pass once I catch up with sleep and rest.

So unfortunately I will not compete at the All Females in July, I’ve lost far too much ground and time now. So I will now concentrate on WNBF and INBA in my own state mid September and October. I was a bummed out about this but as Sam says my health is more important than any comp, so true.

I have got some very good marks for the exams at tech, and one back from uni that was great, and thank goodness as I needed the marks to bump my overall mark up. I have missed quite a few Thursday night First Aid classes so not sure if I will be able to sit for that exam at all, must find out before I go to Adelaide. I have done First Aid to many times to remember but never good if you can’t make the classes, Thursday night was often the night my mentoring teacher wanted to plan for teaching. That had to be my priority at the time.

I have to write a formal job application, shit I have never had to before for any job I have had, so I find it very daunting (more so than an assignment actually)… ow well it will be an accomplishment once I have done it.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is going to be short Just haven't posted for quite a while, life is full on, my training and nutrition are right back on track my nutrition, was great all week, weights were great cardio was a bit of a strain. As soon as i finish my internship I am going for a medical checkup as i have been not just getting tired i have been been getting absolutely exhausted and some times being irrational and cranky especially towards my eldest son who lives with me full time, poor guy, he is a pretty good kid really and doesn’t deserve his mum on his case 24/7. Actually he is 18 this Sunday coming. Must say I feel heaps better for having more sleep, but am still getting pretty tired.

I have only 2 days left of my internship left. I finish on Tuesday.I have put a hell of a lot into it and hope to get a great report.

My comp training has suffered quite a bit this last month or so though, However in hindsight I should have just had a week or two off instead of struggling along and letting myself get run down and taking far longer to get back on track in the long run, and I have now realised I had taken on too much. Well life is a journey and a learning one at that. ;)

Will catch up later in the week and respond to being tagged then, until then train hard eat clean, and love your life xx