Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well last night after my Boot Camp class (once I recovered) I was wired!! So I didn’t get to bed until late. I do tend to stay up late to often, just love the solitude of night time. I got a lot of things done though, such as grocery shopping and cleaning, with four kids I seem to spend quite a bit of time shopping for food, all good though, I see there is going to be an enquiry into our food prices, which is good.

As of next week school is back here so I will not be able to stay up so late. I have just been sorting out my study load, seems the face to face teaching for my Masters will be condensed into weekend attendance, the rest will be online learning. My fitness certificate course will be a mostly face to face.

Training is going well my legs are kind off adjusting to full on training twice a week. There are some new exercises in my program which I hadn’t done before, a couple of them I find challenging to say the least. I’m noticing an improvement in my cardiovascular fitness, which would be due to Boot Camp no doubt, honestly they are so bloody hard, and I would not be able to consistently push myself that hard for a full hour.

I really noticed an improvement in my interval training I did on the weekend, I was able to push a lot harder for longer durations, and was recovering quicker than I was a couple of weeks ago. Today I train legs and tonight I do spin. hope everyone is trucking along wonderfully :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is a painting Warren did of Jacob, it's before it was quite finished though, I just love it :)

So my diet and training is going along well and I have done more Boot Camp classes. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever pushed myself quite as hard doing cardio before, I thought I had… but … no…last Wednesday I nearly vomited, must have been a lactic build up. I try not to think about them and just do them to the best of my ability, push and know that in one hour they will be over, and I will feel great for accomplishing them. Got another one at 6.30am in the morning.

Weights are going well and touch wood my shoulder has been holding out very well. If it plays up again I will have acupuncture instead of physio or oesteo.

My spin class has been cancelled for tonight so I will have to amuse myself with cardio after I train chest and tri’s.

I am slowly staring to see some of my muscle definition, or at least a glimmer of it ;) as this lovely layer of padding is beginning to come off….. that’s always motivating.

I have a pair of jeans and once I comfortably fit back into them I will decide where to go comp wise. I have put no pressure on myself at this stage as to what comp, federation, when or where; all depends on how my body responds.

Well I had better get on with it, have a wonderful nights girls!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

I was clearing up my folders on my computer and I found some illustrations that I did on the computer for a book we had to design and write for uni a couple of years back. This is one of them.


Well did another Boot Camp class this morning, so all up I did the three for the week. I am going to try and do all three each week.

Yesterday I did my chest workout, minus one exercise I have to get clarification on and a spin class. I have one leg day to go and will have completed my new program once through then. My abductors have been quite sore, probably due to the running in the Boot Camp classes. Tomorrow I will do spin. On Sunday I usually do legs, however I will probably do back as I will have done legs later today. My new program has legs twice a week.

So tomorrow it is 2 weeks down for sticking to nutrition and training. Been loving bean salad.

I have been sorting out all my relief teaching resources still got a way to go before it is all done, but will be thankful once it is out of the way. I got confirmation that I got into post grad studies for uni yesterday, so I got my enrolment into a masters degree sorted out, 'Inclusive Education in Autism'. Just waiting to find out lecture times, ect so I can work out a schedule. Tech starts back on feb 11 as well, This year tech is just one night a week, Wednesday, instead of three. That was madness last year. Hope it all fits nicely together.

Anyway have a great day everyone!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Had a great weekend, went to a mates birthday, hadn't laughed as much for ages, watched American Gangster, don't often rave about movies, however it was very well done I thought, and I really enjoyed it.

Did a spin class on Saturday and Legs yesterday, I got a great new program last week, really looking forward to getting my teeth into all of it. Did one of the leg day yesterday.

Nutrition over the weekend was good, on Saturday at the party I could have taken a bit more food as I stayed a lot longer than expected. I had a few nuts to compensate, but certainly didn't over do it.

This morning I did my first BOOT CAMP class, shit I thought I was fit goodness we honestly worked at our anaerobic threshold for the whole hour (good for your metabolism, fitness and fat burning), gotta be good for ya'!!!...... she says that it's over..... so it's all worth it. they are running three a week so I will hopefully do as many as I can fit in.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Things are going great here, training and food wise, I just had to share this wonderfully insightful article I found that Cassandra Forsythe wrote, every girl should know about it, I'll never complain or think bad thoughts about my ab training again, I'll just prey the below happens from now on whilst doing them LOL. On that note I best get to bed and prey :) have a great day tomorrow everyone,

Exercises You Should be Doing: The Coregasm

Men are really at a disadvantage when it comes to ab training.

Despite covering all the Eastern and Western European bases — weighted Swiss ball crunches, Russian twists, and Saxon side bends — the best they can hope for is a 6-pack of washboard abs.

Women, on the other hand, get something much, much better: sexual gratification.

Sexual gratification? Are you kidding me?

Not one bit.

Ladies, I'm going to let you in on something that some of you may already know, but were too embarrassed to tell anyone else about. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this little discussed subject, you're about to be fulfilled.

This secret is called the Coregasm and it's going to revolutionize your desire to exercise your abs.

I mean, what better motivation to work your core than if the end result is an "Oh, oh, Ohhhhh!"?

Yes, it's an orgasm that you can have anywhere, anytime without the use of any tool or any man.

Now don't get me wrong. We women still need our toys and we still love our men, but if we knew we could finish every workout with a smile on our face, wouldn't we start working our core more often?

You better believe we would! So, how do we actually do this and why hasn't someone told us about this before?

A brief history of the coregasm

The coregasm has probably been around since the advent of abdominal training for women. It's kind of like when you started masturbating when you were 7, but lied about it until you were 16.

It starts with just a little feeling of pleasure between your legs when performing certain core exercises, and then leads to a wonderful euphoria that sweeps over your entire body. Women who experienced this for the first time probably thought it was just a one-time gift, but then soon came to find out that they could reproduce it when they contracted their pelvic floor muscles in just the right way.

Women have likely been hiding this completely enjoyable, satisfying, knee-weakening, jelly-legs-inducing (sorry, I lost control of myself there for a second... ) experience, because they weren't sure that it really was happening, or because they thought someone would say they were sex-crazed or perverted. So, they kept their mouths shut.

Until now.

Just a few weeks ago, Adam Campbell of Men's Health posted about the "coregasm" on his blog. He'd co-authored an article with Alwyn Cosgrove of T-Nation who mentioned that he'd seen some interesting things in the gym through his many years of being a personal trainer. One of his observations was a female adult film star who would have an orgasm whenever she did hanging leg raises. Alwyn didn't think much of it, because, hey, she was an adult film star...

However, since that article, both Adam and Alwyn have received numerous emails from women telling them that they too have had this exact same experience (in his blog, he called it an "issue," but I would never categorize an orgasm — of the core variety or otherwise — as an "issue").

Some women would experience a coregasm when they were doing vertical knee raises, while others would have it while doing supine leg-lowering contractions. Either way, the coregasm was big news and women all over the country wanted to know more.

Fast-forward to today and you'll see that the coregasm is being talked about everywhere, from general gym gab to serious fitness forums (check out one such thread here: Some men are claiming that they too have a coregasm when they train abs, but I'm calling bullshit.

In any event, the coregasm is no longer something you have to hide. Tell all your girlfriends about it, and tease your man about it. No one needs to be left in the dark.

Give it to me, baby

If you're not interested in the Big "O" as a side effect of ab exercises, you can stop reading now. But, if you don't care that your face turns a little red (or redder) while doing leg raises, read on.

Every woman is a little different, but the basics behind the coregasm involve synchronized contractions of the lower abdominal, pelvic, and pubic muscles leading to increasing excitement and then a blasting surge of ecstasy.

One woman described her coregasm like this:

I have to be lying down and usually put a small towel or pillow under my lower back. I get the best "coregasm" when I lower my feet close to the floor. But my real secret, the thing that sends me to the moon and back is when I use my vibrator at the same time. WOW! It totally vamps up the intensity.

Now the additional vibrator probably wouldn't go over too well at your gym, but the basic idea of arching your back while slowly lowering your legs during bench knee raises could help you experience the coregasm.

I first had a coregasm while doing knee raises on the Vertical Leg Raise unit (and what a unit it is... ). Thankfully this apparatus was in the corner of my gym because when it happened, I just stayed hanging in one spot with my knees raised, closed my eyes, and savored every moment.

I don't think anyone caught on to what I was doing, but really, I didn't care. Needless to say, since that experience, the Leg Raise unit is my favorite piece of gym equipment. That experience was the beginning of what would become a meaningful relationship between me and "Vertie the Unit.

For most women, though, the most fruitful coregasm exercises are the ones that target your lower abdominal muscles (a.k.a. your orgasm-getters).

The coregasm doesn't happen right away, though. Almost like during intercourse, it takes a little while to build up. You'll most often get one after about the 15th rep — after a bit of fatigue has set in — of either hanging knee raises, hanging leg raises, or a supine leg-lowering bench exercise.

You don't really have to concentrate on it for it to happen, you just let your body take over and when it does, you'll know.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Long time no post!!

This is taken on my Aunt and Uncles property who live up in the hills

This is where my other Aunt and Uncle live

We are back from SA, had a good time with mixed emotions. While I was there my gran was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer. I have very mixed feelings and emotions towards this and have kind of just avoided thinking about it too much at this stage.

For those of you that don’t know my grandmother is the most important adult in my life, as my uncle said she has been my rock. She is 97 this May and her quality of life has deteriorated greatly the last couple of years, even so I find it hard to accept her situation and let her go.

So I didn’t get to the gym over there, but did a reasonable amount of cardio.

Went to the gym on Sunday and did back and legs, I now wish I had taken it easy and DOMS is an understatement, *lol* don’t get me wrong I like DOMS, but not when it hurts to even walk, let alone sit and get up. Just goes to show how quickly you can get unconditioned to weight training, I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. At least your body adjusts quickly. ;)

I’m following a diet around 1500 -1400 cals. With moderate amount of carbs, good fat and protein aiming towards loosing the extra weight I have put on. I tried a high protein moderate to high fat diet for 5 weeks towards the end of last year; it certainly didn’t agree with my waist line, I stupidly stuck to it as I thought I might just need to adjust too it, I stacked on the weight quickly and felt shit for it. Well I’m over feeling shit for it and took my lovely friend Sam’s advice and just got over it let the feelings involved go, forgave myself and am now determined as ever to just getting on with it to correct the damage from post comp and the above approach. I suppose you have to try different approaches to find what works for each individual.