Monday, October 26, 2009

Well here I am blogging again, before another week goes by and I haven’t.

I’m going to commit to blogging regularly to keep myself accountable as I have decided to stop going to the gym I have been going to for around 10 months. I am undecided as to wether I will train myself at home or join a gym cheaper and closer to where I live.

So in the meantime (while I am deciding) I am going to train at home.
Been jogging a little as Jacob is riding his bike very regularly now, so that may be good, I’m not that great at jogging so it is a good challenge. At this point I can’t run far, but as we all you know it will increase if I keep it up. :)

As I mentioned although my health is great I still have trouble with tiredness, lethargy, dry hair and skin and weight gain or at least no weight loss. I am seeing a Dr in Sydney on Thursday who is also into alternative therapies and is a raw foodist, so that suits me as quite a few alternative therapists I have seen over the past 2 years have tried to influence my diet, well I am open to considering this, however there argument has never really been good enough, and based on there own preferences really….. umm anyway we will see what she suggests.

I am also going to see a Chinese medical practitioner, they are not sure if their treatment will be of assistance, at least they are honest. But they explained what they felt may be going on with me very well.

Well enough of all that, my work has been great!! Had really good classes all year, not much behaviour management and lots of junior classes, I just love em!!! I love the flexibility of my work, I love the fact if I need time off I can just log off the system and I love the fact I do not have nearly the same work load as full time teachers. I believe I get paid very well for what I do, however I think teachers who have full time contracts or a permanent are under valued often and underpaid. I’ll get off my soap box now..

Another reason I am determined to get to the bottom of my health not one but two innocent young people have recently asked me if I was having a baby!! NOT!!!! LOL gotta love out of the mouths of babes don’t ya!! Also gotta love my English hehe being a teacher and all.

Anyway have a wonderful week all and I look forward to being more active in blog land!!

Pics are of Jacob, where we camped recently, and a painting Wareen did recently:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well it has been so long since I blogged I won’t even try to catch my blog up with what I have been up too LOL

Congratulations to all the girls who competed recently!!

I’ve been plodding along; health is great, thyroid still questionable would you believe!! (I have been to many alternative practitioners in regard to my body just not wanting to let go of the weight I put on when my thyroid, liver and kidneys went haywire, I’ve almost given up in finding a solution…. Ummm well giving up is not in my nature. Jacobs naturopath recently suggested that I take my basal temp for three or four days directly after my period, well it was lower than it should be each reading…. So will see what she suggests and maybe see her myself next time I take him up to Sydney to see her.

I thought I might commit to blogging again as I am in the process of increasing my cardiovascular fitness, due to a 5 week break from the gym!!! Normally I would never have such a long break, was just a combination of things that lead to this. I’m hoping it might trigger some fat loss now that I am back training.
Well lets see if I keep to my commitment and regularly blog again. :)

Pic is off jacob on recent holiday and view from Fitroy Falls