Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Me and my little fella'

Well it is the middle of the week already, I had a good day, no uni and stayed home with Jacob, other kids were all at mates. I did cardio at home, getting better at motivating myself at home. Still find it much easier to work on the elliptical machine at the gym though. Did a little packing for going to PHAT camp today for leaving on Friday. Will arrive in Melbourne at 10.30am and then wait for Kimmy and Margie to arrive at 11.30am. :) Pretty excited! I am! I am just a tad anxious about leaving Jacob, well it will be good for all concerned. Both him, myself and his dad.

Have a great day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well due to the public holiday happening today I went to the gym on the weekend to do one of my weight sessions. I actually really enjoyed going to the gym on Sunday, and did a cardio while I was there as well.

I really seem to be getting into the swing of this program and this new way for me of training. Don’t want to jinx myself, but just lately I have made quite a few strength gains, or maybe I am getting used to pushing myself much more with heavier weights.

At one time when I was much younger I had a cardio/exercise addiction, so I have tended since then to focus on low intensity cardio, plus I have been lead to believe it was better for fat burning. Well time will tell, however I think I am starting to really feel a bit of fat coming off. YIPPEE!! Time will tell as I said.

Anyway I am beginning to really enjoy all aspects of my training at the present time. So that is good good good!!

Nutrition has been great the last 2-2 ½ weeks, haven’t had the need for a free meal, however if the need arises I will have one. I find that approach suits me AT THE MOMENT. This way I always have something to look forward to, even if I postpone the off plan meal, I know I can have it when I really feel like it and just as importantly know what it is I would like. My friend Kimmy has a log book/journal and in the back of it she lists all the foods she is looking forward to after her comp in July, what a good idea I thought!!

I am of to PHAT camp this Friday and will be in Melbourne until Monday, I am so looking forward to that, I will catch up with some great people, and meet some more great people. Probably come home quite sore from the sounds of it.

Well once again I have assignments to get on with, so I had better go and do a bit of research.

Have a great day!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well it is getting cold here in the mornings, There is a frost outside and I am putting of going to the markets and on to the gym just a little until it warms up just a little, gym's not open yet though will be soon.

Funny thing I did yesterday, none of my kids were with me so I think um might go do a cardio session before heading out to dinner, well get to the gym all revved up and it’s closing!! *lol* sometimes I think I should be blonde, no offence to blondes, I used to be one, when I was a kid. Talking about hair colour I think I might lighten my hair as a reward after this program finishes.

So I just realised that the gym will be closed this Tuesday, as it is a public holiday which means I will have to adjust my gym program accordingly, either go today and do weights and cardio, or go on Friday to make up a weights session. Either way will work.

I have been putting of an assignment, must get stuck into it. I will take the opportunity later on today as none of my beloved children are home at present.

Well no more procrastinating, I’m off to the markets and then on to the gym!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Had a great leg workout!! At last I think I’m slowly learning to squat to fatigue, don’t get me wrong I work my legs hard, just find it very challenging, with my new program, heavy weight low reps to reach fatigue/overload within required number of reps, anyway yesterday I did WELL! And incorporating what I was shown made a huge difference to my deadlifts as well. Looking forward to tomorrow, back and shoulders.

We went out and visited a friend today, they live out of town, was a great day and good to catch up. I haven’t been getting up as early as I usually do lately, so I think it is time I got back into my early morning routine, so will start that by the end of this week. Makes a difference it seems in how much I get done during the day. I also tend to stay up way ton late, where as when I know I’m getting up early I go to bed earlier generally, mind you early for me is 5.30-6 am, not early like some (4-4.30 am).

Well talking about bed that is where I am off to know, have a great day tomorrow anyone reading

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well I have been managing to keep this cold at bay, however it is lingering. I have been taking my Echinacea and garlic and also tried Lia’s remedy as well.

Have done a few jobs of my list, just haven’t lined the wall. I need to buy more nails for that one.

Had a great training at the gym today, although with my cardio I felt quite nauseas, would like to think it was because I was pushing so hard, umm well I was but I think the nauseas feeling was due to not feeling 100% and it passed really quickly once I finished. Just this blasted cold/flu, as long as it doesn’t get any worse I will be fine.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, it is leg day and I get to implement a lot of what I was shown on the weekend!! Will be interesting how it affects my overall training, how I feel while doing it, straight after and the following couple of days.

Well I am off to drop my daughter at the movies and do a little more outside, gee Easter is almost over for another year, onward and upward!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter.:)

I am enjoying it and having a good time catching up with a few things, and a few outings with family and friends.

Today we took the kids to Corin Forest, where they have a bobsled, so the kids had a fun time going on that, I had one go, was fun, but one go was enough.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a gym supervisor to go over my form on quite a few exercises. It was GREAT! I got heaps out of it and implementing the improvements he showed me will make a big difference to my training I believe. For example I have always had a problem with straight leg dead lifts, where I feel it in my upper body before I feel it in my hamstrings, gluts, well he corrected that, then showed me a new way of doing them with just a little change here and there, and WOW what a difference, so I am a happy chappie !

Tonight I am going to take it easy and might even watch a movie, tomorrow back at the gym, and more Spring cleaning, day after start on more uni assignments and back to the day to day stuff, kids are on holidays and so is uni, I have a huge assignment though and have to start it now so It doesn’t become stressful or overwhelming to do later on.

I am looking forward to going to Melbourne for PHATT camp in 2 weeks, should be an experience!

Anyway better go get dinner organised, Everyone enjoy the rest of your EASTER!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nearly time for the Easter Bunny

Take a look at this eggplant, LOL I just had to buy it and I am about to have some of it in my lunch!!

Well he won’t be coming to me this year unless of course he has something other than chocolates *LOL*

After reading Em’s blog I have decided that this Easter my children and I will be doing a little spring cleaning of our own. That girl is just inspirational her house must sparkle!


Clean out garage and finish putting insulation on back wall for Dylan. Clean out caravan and take contents to charity shop.

Clean out kitchen plastics cupboard, it’s a shocker at the moment.

Clean out TV unit and dresser in lounge room.

Not huge but doable amongst everything else we hacve to do :)

Well I had a great weights session and cardio session this morning!! it was the last weight training session before I start a new one next week.

Have an appointment booked for my form to be looked at on Saturday, looking forward to that.

Food is spot on. I am feeling quite inspired again thank goodness. Had a day or two where I was a bit off and down, GREAT to be back to myself!!

Everyone have a great EASTER!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here is a pic from My weeekend at Wagga.

Kimmy, Marg, Robyn and myself walked down to meet up with the others where they were celebrating and having dinner.

I had a great weekend at Wagga, meeting Kimmy, Margie and Robyn was just great!

We did a bit of shopping, had lunch then went to the city verses country body building show. What a blast!! It was my first ever bodybuilding show, I was really impressed. Another on line friend of ours was competing and was helped back stage by another on line friend, so it was great to meet them all.

I look forward to catching up with them again at Phatt camp and then again at the all Female Classic, might meet some of you girls there as well.

Well I have decided to get very strict with my nutrition, I have been on track, but occasionally I might have a meal late, or I have had a couple of bad choice meals, if you know what I mean. Anyway my progress seems to have slowed slightly. I feel a lot firmer, but pics and weight/body fat have been staying the same for a couple of weeks. So time to nip that in the bud.

I will go back to keeping an accurate record of all meals consumed. I want to loose as much body fat as I can over the next 12-14 weeks, while maintaining my muscle mass.

I have made an appointment with someone at my gym, to go over my form. I know I have good form (from years of working in the fitness industry) however we all pick up bad habits from time to time and I tend to train alone, so they can go unnoticed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

weights and cardio in the bag for today

So I'm glad to have them done today, had a good weight workout and a great cardio. I try not to think about my cardio to much, just get there and get it over with, and push push push. :)

This is the third week of me following JD's program nearly coming to an end, I know I'm getting fitter and stronger, however I think I am carrying a bit of fluid, (I look a little puffy) I have been taking creatine, which I haven't before, any body got an opinion on this???

Overall I don't really mind if it makes me look a little puffy if it's advantages out weigh it, if you know wheat I mean, anyway jacob is still a little crook so I'm still off uni, dear me I will have a lot of catching up to do.
take care guys and have a great arternoon :)
Ali xx

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

middle of the week already

Jacob is still a little unwell, but on the mend, I didn't have weight training today, and will do cardio later.

I had a friend come up from the coast today, so it was great to catch up with them. Isn’t it wonderful with good friends that it doesn’t matter how long you may have not seen them for it’s just like you saw them yesterday.

I'm thinking I will increase the number of cardio sessions I do each week, I have been doing 4 HITT like sessions, Keeping my heart rate at around 155-160 beats, and now that my body is adjusting to the higher levels of intensity, I will up the frequency slowly, As I am now eating before cardio I have been a bit slack with getting up at 6 am, I have been doing it, but later in the day. Initially this was good, however I do enjoy getting up early and getting it done.

Circumstances have changes in my life these past few weeks and I may not be able to get to the gym early every week, we will see. Life is always interesting, maybe a little challenging at times but interesting, and when there’s a will there is a way.

Have a great day all,

Ali xx

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


gee when life gets to full on and your to tired and plain tuckered out....just have a sleep on the job!


Making life faster does not make it better. Enjoy the opportunity to savor each moment, each encounter, each experience.

Having too much of something does not add any real value to your life. Choose to enjoy freedom from the excesses that would weigh you down.

Pretending to be someone you're not will gain you nothing. Live authentically, and put the power of truth on your side.

Worrying, fretting, fighting and resenting will never help to move you forward. Keep peace in your heart, in your thoughts, in your actions, and you'll add real value to your world.

Your life is a unique and most precious thing. Choose to live it with quality in every moment.
This is your day to fill with richness and meaning. Do what is right, what is real, what is true and what is you.

Ralph Marston

That quote is great, I can so relate to it, especially the part about life, do you ever find yourself wishing your life away??... I know I sometimes do, like ow gee ‘I can’t wait until the weekend for such and such’,.. or what I have been known to do in the past was to say quite often, ‘I can’t wait till this semester is over’. Something to think about.

Well Jacob is still unwell, however a little better, I had a great workout at the gym yesterday, I’m starting to see some positive changes happening, especially in my upper body. It will be a while before they are ‘really’ noticeable in my lower body as I carry a fat there.

Last night I made the chicken/turkey meatloaf Rae posted on fit for consumption, gee it's yummy, however you wouldn't believe it, I dropped a knife, accidentally into the food processor, ( how dumb is that *LOL*) so it wasn’t great, still works but a bit broke of the shoot.

I took advantage of not going to uni yesterday and as it was a lovely day did a bit of work outside, think I will do a bit more today. I’ve got some veggie seedlings to plant. It is my daughter’s birthday today, gee she is 14!! I will probably buy her a cake instead of making her one, for some reason I find it easier to not have any if I do that. Well onward and upward, it is going to be another glorious day here today as well. Hope you all have a good one. ;)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well the weekend is over I totally forgot about day-light savings ending today LOL. I was waiting for a mate to arrive and was thinking gee they are running late, ….der… my son informed me that it ended last night.

I didn’t get any cardio done this weekend, (or any uni work) bit of a bummer, however my toddler is quite ill with a virus/flu like symptoms and just wouldn’t let me out of his site, he’s not even sleeping properly unless I am there with him. Actually he went to bed a while ago and now he’s got up and is on my knee as I type. So under these circumstances I just have to go with it, because as much as my fitness is important to me, his wellbeing is of course just as important. I’ll just have to push it this week. I did three cardio sessions so that’s better than none at all.

There was a chill in the air this morning; I love this time of year, autumn is here, soon we will have beautiful coloured leaves everywhere and the promise of colder weather, which I’m not to fond of, depends what mood I’m in actually.

Well heres to hoping my son is fine tomorrow, if not so be it, I have uni all day, however I doubt that Jacob will be well enough for child care, time will tell and I’ll work something out.