Monday, July 30, 2007


I have had a pretty good week, got all my training in, went to all my tech classes, missed one lecture at uni, ow well… but can listen to it on line if I get around to it. Did a couple of my morning cardio sessions at 9am instead of 6.30am, with one of my new cardio programs I find it very challenging and am able to give it a lot more after my second meal for the day. However maybe it is just a mind set, not sure. Once I start relief teaching I will have to do it 6.30 am then anyway. Waiting for my relief card to come in the mail and once I have that I can start relief teaching up to three days a week at a reduced rate of pay, until I graduate.

The bout of horrid cold weather seems to have passed, which I am pleased about. I am still a bit bummed out over losing my thumb drive, tonight I really have to pull my finger out and just start recreating my portfolio, I have really been procrastinating about it, suppose I would just like it to miraculously turn up, heres to still hoping it will.

I wrote this last night and I am finally pleased to say I made a huge start on recreating my portfolio, will do more on it this morning between cooking for the week and cleaning.


I was looking at teas at the supermarket the other day and bought a tea put out by Nerada, an organic green chai, well the first cup I didn’t particularly like, so the next one I had I put a little stevia in it, and I love it!!! It is really spicy and with a dash of sweetness really hits the spot. I’m having one now before I go to bed. Had tech tonight was good, was screening and assessment, two classes down how ever many to go

I did a bit more on my portfolio the plan is to do heaps of it tomorrow in between uni and tech.

I trained chest and did 2 lots of cardio today, I am buggered and off to bed, Jacob is still up because his brother watched him while I was a tech and let him sleep, gruuuuu… He is a night owl at the best of times let alone when he is allowed to sleep before bed. So all lights out and no choice but to sleep mum says LOL )

Have a wonderful day tomorrow all and take care.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well I am very pissed off with myself. I have an interview with the Department of Education next week to gain a grading in regard to teaching, I’m not going for permanency next year as I want to relief teach, so that my kids and I still have a life, especially the youngest Jacob as it is his last year next year before he starts school himself. Still have to go through the interview process though... Anyway, I have been working on a portfolio over the last couple of months, which is part of the process… You won’t believe what I have done. I realised the other night that I had misplaced my thumb drive, my portfolio is on it…. I hadn’t backed it up….. How frigging stupid!!!!!!! Anyway it’s gone and I’m a bit pissed and annoyed with myself, worst thing I have been reading a remarkable book that was lent to me about attracting what you want into your life and just the other day I was thinking/daydreaming what a drudge this portfolio was becoming….and if only I could tell the interview panel I had lost mine!!!!!! SO YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE gotta laugh or I think I will cry. I have to build a bridge and quickly get over it as my interview is Friday week and the last two days other than training and tech I have been very unproductive and feeling a bit sorry for myself, really how dumb can you be???? Let’s hope I have learnt a very BIG lesson and always remember to back up important documents in future and not to leave my thumb drive at uni!!

Other than that I am great ;). Ow except for my teenagers arguing and fighting, thank god for the gym I can take my frustrations out there… hehe

take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your week :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well time goes by, I have had a very productive week, training, diet were spot on, a bit hungry a couple of days, but nothing unmanageable, all good, I can see a drop in my measurements which of course is encouraging and motivating. I find it hard to see visual progress within my self if the time frame is reasonably close.Sam or my daughter has had to sometimes stick it in my face in the past.

I love the fact that I do not have to regularly weigh myself in comp prep. I get caught up with the numbers and can’t stand it, …. when I was 18 and first started weight training I weighted about 60 kgs … anyway after around 4-5 months of solid weight training and cardio I hopped on the scales and I weighted 65 kgs. I was horrified and didn’t have the knowledge back then to reason with myself, so even though I looked better for the training, was fitter, stronger, and had obviously put on some muscle, as well as my clothes fitting a hell of a lot better… I allowed this all be all overshadowed by me just because my body weight had gone up and it distressed me. Knowledge and education are so important aren’t they, so I try very hard to make sure my own children have the right knowledge.

So it suits me that most of my progress changes are made through visual observations and measurements. However I have made the decision to have my body fat taken regularly from now on, so that I can track the progress for future reference. Then I will have comparisons to refer back on as well. Especially seeing

Well on Friday I did my enrolments for tech, it seems I will be able to complete my level 3 fitness quals by the end of the teaching year. I have decided to go for it. I just have to stay very focused and organised. I should be able to manage the work load as long as my time management is good and I do not allow myself to get tired. I’m still in the process of trying to get verification for prior learning for some of the subjects from last semester. It helps that I do not have a very big load on at uni this semester; I do have to be available for three days relief teaching each week though.

I have been a little slack with my meditation since Melbourne, so must endeavour to remedy that. Think I will go meditate now…before I have to be elsewhere. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


What a great weekend I had!! Was wonderful to catch up with so many great people and get to spend some quality time with them during the weekend and at the All Females. And to meet some lovely people for the first time as well.

What an exceptional turn out at the All Females, Congratulations to all off you!!!

It is very cold her in ACT at present and it is expected to snow tomorrow and be around 5 degrees all day, ummm this morning was dreadfully cold, I did my cardio later than usual, I just didn’t think I would warm up enough to be able to move properly at 6am hehe my excuse anyway!! Actually by the time I did it the gym was quite warm and I was wishing a window was open, never satisfied....

Yesterday was back at uni, I think I might actually enjoy the subjects I ham doing will keep you posted, tomorrow I have an interview with the CIT fitness qualification convener in regard to my subjects and what I can get recognition for. As my uni workload is not too big at present I may pick up some day subjects as well as night ones, note to self DO NOT OVER DO IT!!! subjects down... god knows how many to go ( the course is quite extensive at CIT here)

I love a new program split I have and present. I worked quads on Sunday and they are very sore, this is great for me, because I often find it very hard to work my legs hard enough so that I regularly get DOMS in them. So far so good.

Tonight I have more cardio and weights.

Jacobs dads computer got a virus over the weekend and it cleaned out his C drive!!! What a shame, he is a good photographer as well as artist and all of the photos he has taken of Jacob over the years were lost, along with his tattoo work history and art work history, ow dear, goes to show the importance of backing up stuff, which I am guilty of not doing myself, umm

Well lots to get on with have an awesome day everyone!!! And train and work hard

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It is going to be a lovely day here today, we have had heaps of rain and think it will clear today and it is not nearly as cold as it has been.

Going to the gym in the dark in the morning is always fun, when it’s freezing Io grin and bare!! No not really, you just do it don’t you because it’s great after your finished and certainly is a wonderful start to the day. And when else would you fit it all in LOL having said that I had yesterday off always do look forward to that as well.

My weight training is going along great, I am going to train ahead of schedule this week so I don’t stress too much in Melbourne trying to get through my workouts at an unfamiliar gym, will still be doing all my cardio over there though, back on Sunday and will train Sunday arvo at home.

Very much looking forward to catching up with everyone who is going, less than a week now!

My doms have settled down.. and am at uni, my computer is still getting fixed, just about to go home eat and then walk around the lake with a friend, then this afternoon, train and cardio.

Still meditaing again, got to love the positive things it adds and brings into your life!!! why I go for periods when I don't bother or don't make the time I've always got to wonder when I get back into it.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and Sue I am hoping that tape I sent you worked and Kimmy great to talk yesterday, Hope today you are 100% better. I’ll be on your case tomorrow morning hehehe

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This week is going wonderfully for me so far, training has been great!! Diet spot on. sleeping improving all the time, actually got to bed by around 9pm last night, a mate sent me a text that woke me up around 10pm (they would have thought I was still up) to tell me Rod Stewart was on TV, …. I was a fan of his when I was younger, he had some great music that never hits the top 40 so to speak.... Got back to sleep pretty easy though, meditating again is helping... hurrraaay!!!!! then at the gym 6.30 am... BLOODY COLD OVER HERE IN ACT AT PRESENT, MUST BE SNOWING A LOT :)

I have a severe case of DOMS, you know when you find it hard to get on and off the toilet.. LOL !!! Funny but so true, sure you guys know what I mean. Well just a quick post I am supposed to be writing a portfolio so had better get stuck into it