Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well I’m trucking along ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULLY!, still having my green juice and all raw food every day. I truly believe I may have found the best health option for myself, I have never felt so good!! It’s unbelievable!! At this point in my life I don’t know that I will eat animal protein ever again (or cooked foods). Every day I am feeling healthier and healthier, the foods I am eating are awesome. Over the last few months I have learnt so much about nutrition I DID NOT KNOW(still have heaps too learn). Somethings I have often suspected, but for whatever reason didn’t want to know or pursue the knowledge at the time. Along with this I am learning a whole lot of other incredibly informative and enlightening information. Also trying some super foods I have never had before like raw chocolate and goji berries smoothies, organic young coconut, hemp seed and oil (amazing nutritional properties all these foods have). Been dehydrating sprouted and soaked grains and making raw pizza, sprouted crakers, nut pastes, the list goes on, I think I’ve found my heaven :)I truly feel like I have come home.

I have just completed personal training two people as part of my assessment for my cert 4. One of them was my cousin; she is now going to join my gym which is great. Also we are both going to go on a raw vegan food, spiritual, meditative, yoga, enlightenment retreat in Hawaii at the end of the year. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! One of the guys presenting, is so remarkable and knowledgeable about health, raw food, nutrition, alchemy among other things the list goes on and on! and everything he writes and says just seems to resonate with me. He’s on fire! Funny it resonates with Jacobs’s dad as well, which is awesome because although we are not in a relationship we are great mates, I am so very happy as this means that Jacob will be influenced by both of us.

Life is a journey so here I am for the ride!!!
I have even started to mediate more regularly.

Funny how such a negative thing (my health situation recently) has lead to what I believe is the best thing that has happened for me since I can remember. I think it is no coincidence that things like this happen often in people’s lives.

Well have the BEST weekend ever, as I sure plan too!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Once again long time no post!!

Well that should end as from now; you see I have made a pact with my good mate Kimmy that we would both post at least once a week.

So what has been happening in my world? My kids are all good. The eldest one going through exams at uni, he seems to have. a handle on it so all good there. My daughter well let’s just say she is 16, and along with that are some challenges for me to face with her and my sons would NEVER speak to me how she does sometimes. The other son I am lucky to see these days, however he has joined my gym and has been going quite regularly, which is great. And my wonderful JACOB is growing up so fast. In just over 7 months he will be in primary school.

My certificate 4 course this semester has been full on!!! We have had so many assignments it’s not funny, I actually had to make a decision a while back as to what keep up, the cert 4 or my masters, well for the present time cert 4 won, as I am much further into it than I am my Masters. One more week and we have a four week break, so I am looking forward to that.

My health feels like it is still improving, although I have had a couple of small bouts of tiredness, but over all good. I have a new program that I am just getting into. I have been slack with cardio and my Boot Camp lately, so that is changing as of now.

With my nutrition I am still having lots and lots of raw organic juices. Lately I have been having salads, nuts, sprouts, avocados, dehydrated biscuits I make out of various sprouted grains mixed with an assortment of herbs & spices. I have also been trying alternative vegetable based protein sources. Actually you get quite a lot of protein from green juice. At this point in time I am not sure if I will return to eating cooked food or animal protein sources at all. The more I research the more unlikely actually.

Well hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Well hope you are all having a good week.

Thanks for the welcome back.

I’ve had the week off work, had lots of things to get done, and spring cleaned my whole house, long overdue! I tend to hoard things and decided enough was enough, can’t believe how it feels like a load off, so to speak getting rid of so much clutter and shit. How many pairs of Levis can a girl own hehe, I was quite fond of them when I was younger but for gods sake I haven’t worn some of them for years!!

What I have been doing is not fasting; I have up to 3-4 litres of organic green juice and some fruit juice every day. Recently I have included some raw foods and nuts as well. I am going to go back to just the juices for healing purposes again. Also I wanted to function as per normal, and with fasting sometimes you need rest. I found some great web sites and books about juicing and raw food, so I am learning heaps from them.

I also buy my veggies from a local market, called trash and treasure, I have done for years and a lot of what I buy is grown locally without pesticides and chemicals. They are considerably cheaper than buying organic from the shops over here. I also shop at the ANU food co-op, who sell organic food for non-profit where I have been a member on and off since my late teens.

Although I want to get rid of the weight I have put on from my endocrine system being out of wack, my main concern is to get my thyroid, liver and kidneys healthy again. I think they must be getting there considering I feel so much better. I will eventually go back to Sydney and have further blood tests, but not in the near future. All the tests were doing my head in. Nothing concrete could be discovered, and I worried due to having all these antibodies floating around in my blood.

I also decided not to weigh myself and just get on with getting healthy, well I’ve lost lot of weight and it’s still coming off, this is probably due to my body correcting itself, as well as the Chinese medicine I have been having every day along with acupuncture and massage weekly. I have backed off from exercise, still training but not nearly with the same frequency or intensity. I’ve been thinking it is about time now I get stuck back into it more consistently now.

So what lead me to try juicing initially was as I said both the Naturopath and the Dr I saw in Sydney’s recommendation. Some of my family members have been in to juicing for years. My father actually was a vegetarian when I was young and I was frequently fed juice. However my mum was not that open too it. So it didn’t continue. I experimented with vegetarianism as a teenager as many kids do, however I chose to eat meat but not a lot of it really. I also thought as a woman we need the iron form red meat and I like the taste of meat, although not sure if I still will.

I have always believed though that it was hard work getting complete proteins from non meat forms of proteins, we also call animal protein good quality proteins, well recently I discovered that that is just because the protein make up of flesh protein is so similar to ours as humans and it certainly doesn’t mean that is necessarily good for your health, just because it is called good quality :)

From what I have been reading it is very questionable as to weather we can digest flesh proteins correctly and how much we actually do digest seems to be minimal. I still have lost and lots of reading to do before I completely make up my mind.

I do know though, that I have not felt this good for a long time!! I have also discovered through reading and research that your body can get enough protein from greens, and certain seeds have all essential amino acids and some vegetarian foods have all amino acids within them. So it’s all interesting.