Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Been such a looonnggg time since I have blogged, and lots has happened.
Firstly congratulations to all the girls who competed, pics look awesome of what I have seen.

Secondly, we moved house. It is great much more room, but much less garden space, so that meant I could join the local organic community garden, alwaysed wanted too however had always had heaps of space to grow veggies. I still have a garden at home but will have more space at the community garden.

Been working flat out lately, both teaching and at the ANU food co-op. CIT is going along doing psychology of nutrition. Been going to Yoga again and loving that. ON the gym front very subdued, well was advised by more than one DR. and therapist to take it easy for a while so I sure have. I have got the go ahead to get back into training by my Dr. though, so by the end of the week I will get my bum into the gym.

Still eating 100% raw and LOVING IT!! Never felt or looked healthier, having repeat bloods done tomorrow so will be interesting in what they show. Now I am wanting to focus on shifting some of the weight gain from all this hassle. I am hoing that once everything normalizes the weight will shift. Got on the scales in Adelaide and had lost 7 kgs over the last 7 months LOL!! At least it hadn’t gone in the opposite direction as it was so dramatically 7 months ago, and must say I have not been focusing on weight loss just health and repairing my thyroid, liver and kidneys, ect.

My gran passed away a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to have spent the previous week with her, still hurts like hell, however she is in a better place. My gran, unlike my parents had been my only true care giver growing up, and has alwayesd loved me unconditionally, my childhood was filled with all sorts of abuse and my gran was one person I could depend on. Enough said there. My kids and I will miss her dearly.

Well I had better get on. Will try and make an effort to blog a little more often.