Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today I had the day off and re learnt how to co-ordinate at the food co op where I buy a lot of my organic produce.

I intend to work there on a regular basis. I love the atmosphere there and have not co ordinated since Joshua was around two and Dylan seven months. Quite some time oag!! LOL. Actually Dylan is 18 in just over a month. Jolly Gosh!!

Once I got home I made onion bread using flax seed, sesame seeds, onion, brags amino acid and few other things; kale chips using kale dipped in a dipping sauce with tahini, lemon, garlic coriander and cheese sticks using sesame seeds, brags amino acids, lemon juice and garlic put in a piping bag and piped out, all these items are then dehydrated on a very low temperature until ready. And no I don't eat them all at once!!! They all last very well and are just some of the foods I have been including in my diet. Will post some pics later in the week.

Yesterday I made the above carrot soup for Jacob using carrots, goji berries, lemon and orange juice blended in my high powered blender. It was delicious ;)

Enjoy the rest off your week

The picture at the top is something I drew a couple of years ago. Then I coloured it in with adobe photoshop.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well another week gone by. I’m still rocking on and day to day I cannot believe I can feel better and better, some of my close friends and family are so intrigued with my abundance of energy, state of mind general appearance that they are eating more and more raw food as well! My Auntie has gone completely raw as well. Jacobs’s dad left for Peru today, were not long home from taking him to the airport, and when he gets back he is going to include as much raw food to his diet as he can as well.

Ok some people have asked where I get protein from, well greens, such as carrot tops, spinach, kale, wheat grass, rocket… the list is endless have far more protein than people generally think.

Goji berries have all essential amino acids and they are berries!
Spirulina and blue green algae are loaded with protein along with many other foods such as macca, bee pollen, hemp seed and quinoa.

The advantage of these sources of protein is that they are incredibly bio available.

I've been more consistent with my training, still room for improvement though so as of next week I'm thinking of including early morning cardio back in, Tomorrow I will nut out what and when. I've trained for years during ACT morning winters, but this one I've just not been inclined or inspired to at all. However I'll suck it up and get on with it. Think I will decide on some goals and set them out on here.

I've been including green smoothies lately in my diet, enjoying them, but a lot to get through as all the fibre is within them, unlike juice. But they have had a remarkable effect on my energy levels.

Been meditating regularly, anther bonus, and learning EFT.

I have to come to terms with the fact my gran is not going to be here for much longer and this is somewhere I just don't go!! As some of you are aware she is the most important adult in my life and probably been the only adult who has 'always' been there for me growing up. I reckon the EFT will greatly assist in helping me let her go and deal with the grief once she passes. I spoke to her in length the other day. She hasn't been up for a chat for quiet a while previously. For some the chat she was very with it, some parts well lets just say it is great to just hear her voice, she is not going to have and more radiotherapy, the lot she had was just to make her more comfortable.

It was a gorgeous day today!! Went to the Farmers Market early, took Nikita for a good walk, visited my cousin and took Warren to the airport (Jacob is beside his self with grief at present) I've got him to have a sleep, nothing like sleep for soothing the soul, and before he knows it his dad will be back.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend and live each day like there no tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I love the above pic, how cute!!! Jacob and his dog Nikita.

The pie in the picture is a raw chocolate pie that I recently made, well a few weeks ago now for my birthday. It was a raw chocolate, banana pie and it was delicious, all organic and all raw, who says raw vegan food needs to be boring.

So after eating an all organic raw vegan diet for almost 4 months now, I have decided to stay with it. I have never felt better and my health just keeps improving! Initially I wondered how I would get enough protein, could I maintain my weight training and keep my condition, would my energy levels improve or decline. Well all I can say is the proof is in the pudding and I feel better than I have since I can remember, I have also been meditating again which is about time.

So one reason I got ill in the first place was the high level of animal protein in my diet. Interestingly many practitioners I saw over the period of time while I was trying to get to the bottom of what was going on with my health including my Chinese alternative Doctor, the naturopath I saw and the Sandra Cabot Dr. I saw in Sydney suggested I was consuming too much dairy (whey)and animal proteins. That greatly contributed to affecting my liver, then eventually my whole endocrine system, including my adrenals, my thyroid and my kidneys. They eventually all jacked up, causing the symptoms and conditions I had.

Initially when told this I questioned it, I didn’t want to hear that or believe it, as like many of us I believed this was an effective, safe and healthy eating regime.

However after extensive researching I have done for myself, I would have to agree with them, so eliminating all non vegan protein out of my diet is what I have done and will continue to do so. You can get much better sources of protein from vegan sources and they are far more bioavailable to your body.

So I have been having a tremendous amount of fun and pleasure in experimenting with all things raw and vegan!! However now I have set myself a challenge. I initially dropped some weight, however I have stagnated a bit in that department lately due to lack of consistent cardio, I sprained both ankles would you believe and recently managed to hurt my left calf muscle. Along with this I have been consuming to much wonderful raw fat foods that contain fat, and although they are good for my health, like anything they need to be eaten in moderation. LOL

So the challenge over the next three months is to maintain the wonderful health I’m developing and loose the remaining excess fat I put on due to my thyroid and liver and kidneys not functioning properly.

I am committing to regularly blogging my results at least once a week.
Have a great weekend all!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am rocking!!! I can honestly say I have not felt so good for I cannot remember when, every day I am feeling better and better and it starting to physically show as well. I am learning more and more about nutrition and I doubt I will ever return to the way I ate before I started raw. I appreciate everyone is on a different journey, and everyone is on their own path ect…but shit....the crap we are lead to believe about nutrition is astounding. My training is rocking and my energy levels are just sky rocketing, so all is great in my world :)