Monday, January 29, 2007


I am pretty happy at present. The first comp I was contemplating doing was INBA in Wagga Wagga, well it is now being run by …ow dear…. I’ve forgotten the Federation and I am at uni and can’t look it up at present… the one that Danny Chau is involved with anyway. So instead of being on in 9 weeks it is on in 13 meaning an extra 4 weeks. GREAT!!! And I can compete across divisions!! The guy who organises the Wagga one rang me this morning. This really pleases me because I will be able to compete in novice and my age group over 40’s, god that makes me feel old!!! ONLY JOKING!! I really do not act my age, maybe I should. :)

So I was a little concerned that my dear friend Kimmy Hamilton and Margie were not going to be able to come along with the new dates, you see a big part of why I am competing has to do with my wonderful friend KIMMY. She is to busy these days to keep her blog for those who have the plesure of knowing her. Anyway she emailed me this morning and they are still coming. Thank god!!! Margie and her have to prepare me for stage, because I have no idea. Well after Jo’s seminar I’m sure to have much more of an idea.

So I still have a hell off a lot of work up till then, so I had better get off this computer and go train HARD!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well another week down. I have had a pretty good week. Cardio has been a not quite as good as usual. Did some extra yesterday due to missing a spin class and today’s is not due to the long weekend, ummmm … don’t ask. I will have to motivate myself, which I do 5 mornings a week, so I look forward to doing spin and having someone else kick me up the bum instead.

The other day while training chest I had to do my exercises out off order or I would have been waiting for ever for the weights I use. I have built up to be able to do around 12-14 maybe 16 full push ups. WELL because I did them (superset with another chest exercise) first I managed to do 24 full push ups!!! I was not only surprised but very pleased with myself LOL. I didn’t realise I could do that many caus if I do my chest exercises in order there would be no way I could pump out that many at the end. Something to strife for anyway 20 full push ups at end of training chest, when I get there I will let you know. ;)

Well I just wanted to brag about my push ups so I am off to do some cardio before it is too hot for me hehe

Have an awesome day everyone. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY WEEKEND!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I have four weeks left of holiday from uni. I have picked up a little massage work, which is great because the money is needed ;)

Today I am writing a time table and plan, you see I can not afford to not be extremely organised now and once uni goes back. This semester we have two 15 week subjects condensed into 5 week, Maths Education 2 and Language Education 2. They are theoretical subjects as well not practical.

One reason for the time table now is so I can try and get some of the readings for the subject out of the way prior to commencement, that way when I read them again, they may be a little familiar. Well I’m hoping anyway LOL. Also I can not and will not let uni interfere with my training, so the more organised I am the better.

Yesterday I did a great spin class, probably seemed a little harder than usual because two classes were cancelled last week. I love spin/RPM. It is such an effective workout. Another bonus is you don’t get muscle soreness after the class just during ;). I enjoy them so much I have been tempted to update my outdated qualifications so I can teach it, however enough off that at present as I really do have enough on my plate for a few months.

I am actually going to miss the first day back of uni. I have just as important things to attend too. Thanks to Sam I got offered a great deal in regard to Jo Rogers ‘Get Ready 2007 seminar’. It is a whole package including the seminar and posing lessons, bikini ect. I am stoked!! So I fly up the Brisbane on the Friday the 17th feb. Have a posing lesson that afternoon. Then make my way down to the Gold Coast by Sunday the 18th for the seminar. Then fly home the next day, straight into uni. Good timing really, It is lectures I will miss, however they will either be recorded or I will get a mate to get me the notes.

I spoke To Jo Rogers on the phone and sorted out the details mid last week, what an exceptionally lovely lady, lots of people had told me she was lovely so it came as no surprise. This is just what I needed to kick me up the bum, I have been procrastinating about learning to pose, and routine music choice. Well now I have a deadline which is tomorrow to pick a couple of songs. Guess what I have finally picked them and one in particular.

Well I had better get on with the day, going to be another hot one by the feel. Jacob has gone off with his dad, I kind of always feel a bit naked when he has gone. Last weekend was the first weekend he went with his dad for the whole weekend, where I didn’t have to be interstate or anything. My goodness he is growing up. He said to me before he went, ‘don’t worry mum……. I will miss you’….. He appears to have the gift of the gab that boy!!! Knows Just what to say and when to say it, and he is three!! ….My other three I can’t keep up with, especially the younger two, what social lives they live!!! ….Back to school soon enough and they will have to buckle down a little.

Hope you are all having an awesome day!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is one of my favourites. it reminds me of a fairy garden in the moon light. Will catch up soon. good night, sweet dreams!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A-Z Of Alison

Thank you Kerry.

A- Available or single? Single
Best Friend? I’ve got three Karen, Simone, and Dianne
Cake or Pie? Both!!
Drink of Choice? Coffee and water
Essential Item?
Favorite Color? Purple
Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms as long as they are sour, or I wouldn’t bother.
Hometown? A.C.T.
Indulgence? Cheese cake
J -
January or February? January, sick and tired you been hanging on me. Anyone remember this LOL
Kids and names? Joshua Owen (17) Dylan James (16) Kyah Aleah (14) Jacob Ashton (3)
Life is incomplete without? My kids and family
Marriage Date? Don’t have one
Number of Siblings? 4 half siblings two on each side.
Oranges or apples? Apples – Pink Ladies
Phobias/Fears? Mice!!
Favorite Quote? 'If at first you don't succeed, try try again'. Robert Bruce
Reason to Smile? The sun comes out each day and the birds sing!!! Also babies of any description.
T -
Tag three people! Sam, Sue, and Deb
Unknown fact about Me? I used to be addicted to marijuana.
Vegetable you hate? I think I love them all.
Worst habit? Procrastination over study, not training ;)
X-rays you've had? Wrist, ankle, spine, hips, teeth.
Your favorite food? Gotta love Thai!!
Zodiac? On the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, predisposition to insanity ;)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I thought I would post some of the art work Warren painted for me, when we were together. he truely is a very talented man, will be greaat if jacob inherits his passion and ability for anything art!!

This is the picture my son Dylan painted that is in the back ground of my profile pic.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Life is good,

I was walking through the shopping mall the other day and I came across a young girl, who had a disability who was in a wheel chair; now don’t get me wrong, she could very well have a great life. However, it just made me think how much I have to be so very thankful for. I have four intelligent, strong, maybe opinionated at times [thanks to genetics], good looking, caring, loving children, who are all so very fortunate not to have any kind of disability. Now that got me to thinking about other areas of my life. I have had my fair share of ups and downs in life, like most have. I am fortunate to be optimistic by nature and very determined and strong minded. However I think sometimes we in Australia take a lot of things for granted, we have so many opportunities at our disposal if we choose to utilize them. But often some of us tend to complain, for what ever reason. Don’t get me wrong I complain too, however I always try to keep things in perspective and like to remind myself just how fortunate we are.

Well training is going awesome, can see positive changes occurring, did notice a funny little cyst thing on my lower abdominals last night whilst lazing around sweltering in the heat we are having. Don’t think it is anything to worry about will get it checked out next week. Might have been there for ages, just covered in good ole’ padding.

I’m hoping Kerry comes up from their holiday down the coast, would be awesome to catch up with her and her family.

Well I must get on with my chores so to speak, have an awesome weekend everyone

Friday, January 12, 2007


Well I am right back into my training full on, I am so enjoying the break from uni, just in case you didn't already know that ;)

It has been awfully hot here, especially yesterday. I would have preferred to do some cardio at 6.30 am. However will have to do it a bit later on today as I slept because no one was here who could look after Jacob. I needed the sleep anyway, have been having a bit of trouble going to bed at a reasonable time.

Well will keep this short, have to get Jacob organized for the day and get to the gym, late start, but hey at least it still gets done!!

Have a wonderful day all

Monday, January 08, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well we are certainly into the New Year now. My children and I had a wonderful holiday for Christmas and New Year in Adelaide. Was awesome to have our whole family together on my dad’s side, it doesn’t happen very often as some of my family live overseas. It was a kind of family gathering for my 95 year old granny who we all love and adore.

I wasn’t able to train properly while over there though because the two gyms we were near too didn’t allow casual visits would you believe. So that was a bit of a bummer, I certainly didn’t need. Never mind life goes on and now I have more work cut out for me over the next 12 weeks.

For the last six weeks or so my dear friend Sam has been training me online in preparation to compete, either at the end of March at Wagga Wagga or if not then July in Melbourne. I have a lot of work cut out for me, but I am determined to get there.

I haven’t written any goals yet for this year, been thinking about them but haven’t got anything on paper yet. However I was looking over my goals that I had written on Sue’s forum and ones I had with my very dear friend Kim Hamilton and I was very pleased that I had actually exceeded most of them well all the fitness ones.

I must admit though one goal I had was to meditate and visualize at least three times a week, I certainly didn’t accomplish that so will endeavor to accomplish that this year.

So in total since I started losing the weight I put on during my pregnancy with Jacob I have lost over 25 kgs. Not actually exactly sure as I lost quite a bit before I was game enough to get on the scales. However that is a pretty good estimate.

Well I will post again soon, I am on holiday at present, and this is the last year off my uni degree. YIIIPPPPPPPYYYYYYYY!!! I’m kinda over uni