Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I had repeat bloods done to see the state of affairs with the health issues I had after my last comp. The doctor was absolutely amazed and astounded!! My thyroid, which I was told by more than one practitioner, was irreversible,my liver, my iron levels, my kidneys have all normalized, ow and so has my white cell count.

So there you go that’s what raw vegan food can do for you.:)

If you have not watched FOOD MATTERS and get a chance please do yourself a favour and watch it

Ali xxx

Monday, November 03, 2008

I have two unopened 5 lbs tubs of vanilla ice cream flavored Optimum Nutrition protein powder I am anting to sell, if anyone is interested make me an offer.

Other than being particularly tired, I am going great Had some repeat blood tests still waiting to see the Dr for the results, I go next Tuesday arvo.

Had a full on weekend, did lots of gardening, went to the markets, worked at the food co-op, went out and saw a mates band play, that was a hoot and good to have a dance and caught up with some friends, ow and got a brand new program that I started today, can’t believe the decline in cardiovascular fitness and my strength, it’s always amazing how quick they come back though isn’t it. It is more of a circuit program and a few core weight training exercises to see if it boosts my fat loss. I have entered a competition with family members and I want to win!!!

I have lost 1.8 kgs over the last 2 weeks so pleased about that, obviously my thyroid has settled down :) YIPPY!!! and with no medication!!

Tomorrow is public holiday here!! So I'm up early off to see a mate who lives out of town, back to food shop for the kids, catch up around the house, garden and then back to do something fun with Jacob and his dad :)

Above is a pic of Jacob and his dad (who is dressed up as a clown for Jacobs 5th Birthday Party), ow and that is my 19 year old in the back ground.