Sunday, September 24, 2006

Well long time no blog. I am still on prac it is full on and taking up a huge part of my life.

This prac has really given me an opportunity to hone in on my behaviour management skills. Not a bad bunch of kids, just a large number of very extroverted personalities all in the same class, all trying to demand to be the centre of attention, you get my drift I am sure. They are a challenge to keep on task.

His coming week is the last week I get the opportunity to teach for the whole week.

Must admit that my training hasn’t been up to scratch this week, as you know I have a shoulder injury, well it is more serious than I wanted to admit to myself, had it checked out by a physio. My rotator cuff is injured and probably has been for a while. To compensate for this I have developed bad habits, and as a result my chest is much stronger than my traps, which in turn is pulling my shoulders forward effecting my posture ect…. I have been advised to have a couple of weeks off. Well I have had one week off. However I also have been a bit slack with cardio. Not to worry I will b back into it with vengeance ASAP.

Actually over the last 6 or so weeks using a different nutrition tracking to before I have lost 5 kilos, so I am pretty stoked about that.

I would like to take this opportunity and wish all the girls competing in the very near future all the very best!!!!!!!

I am very much looking forward to meeting or catching up with some of you at the Nationals!!! Which my goodness, is on in only just under five weeks.

Well back to the grind I have to write a large number of lesson plans for the week, take care all, ow…. and by the way, I am totally over feeling sorry for my self and back to my optimistic self once again.

Last but certainly not least!!!!A heart felt thankyou to all those girls who were so very supportive towards me during this time. Really appreciated.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well life is ticking on by. Spring is finally upon us and we have have had some great weather. Although the last two days have been very cold, but at least we are having some rain.

One of my sons turned 16 on Tuesday, I got them Turkish food for dinner, I love Turkish, I didn’t have any though because I have been going along so very well with training and nutrition, I just thought if on a good thing stick to it.

He actually wants a gym membership for his birthday, so that will be interesting; he certainly has a good build for weight training. He is naturally quite muscular, where as his older brother is very tall and very lean, genetics is a marvel!!! How different siblings can be coming from the same gene pool.

Uni is plodding along for me, slowly getting through it. I go on prac for three weeks as of Monday, I’m looking forward to it and hopefully I will get some assignments out of the way before then, so talking abut them I had better get back to it!

Everyone have a great weekend