Friday, May 26, 2006

prac nearly over

Well today will be the last day of this prac. I have enjoyed it heaps!! They must be one of the loveliest groups of kids I have had for a while. I could have bought a few of them home with me, ooowwww maybe, just maybe I could ask their parents today if they would like to swap for a couple of teenagers LOL Actually my kids are pretty good, I love em heaps as mum’s do. Having three teenagers all living under the same roof, with all very strong opinions and attitudes, is always fun……. The things my 2 year old picks up he says to me the other day would you believe “can you hook a brother up!!!” I said pardon????? He repeats it and his 15 year old sibling, the one pictured below laughs, well wonder who taught him that. A while back he was going around saying “want a piece of me” of course I assumed it was the same brother who taught him to say that, well the little guy was watching Toy Story, and there it was one of the characters said it. Kids are sponges aren’t they.

Now I learnt a few things about myself and my organisational skills or lack off should I say. I have become very motivated when it comes to my exercise and training over the past 6 months. However in the past I have become very slack with training if I am under pressure. On this prac I trained no matter what, even when I felt stuffed. I showed myself I could train under time restrictions and when I thought I was tired, now cardio could have pushed a bit harder maybe, but I did it . Now I have exams coming up, so will endeavour to balance my next prac, study for exam and train and kids ect.

Now that is all good and well. What I did discover ( I knew it just ignoring it I think lately) is I obviously waste quite a lot of time with day to day stuff. If I can accomplish what I did on prac I am going to get a lot more productive in all areas of my like, so over the next few weeks, I’ll plot this out.

Things like making time to meditate, been a non event for me for to long now, in the past I have meditated daily. Sometimes when I kid myself I am studying, I get side tracked and waste time on the net. For me that is a terrible time waster, sure sometimes it is productive. However I have actually caught myself thinking, well what I can look up now to avoid my assignment. *LOL* Another thing I can tend to do is clean my house instead of studying, now this is all good and well when it needs it, like right now!!! But it sure is a good avaidance stretegy I could go on….. I’m sure you get the picture. So I am going to challenge myself to be more time productive over the next month or so. Then reassess it and go from there. I am fed up with myself wasting to much time we all only have 24 hours in a day, I am amazed just how much some people get done every day of their lives. Like my friend Kimmy here it is quite amazing what that woman accomplishes every day of her life!

Hope yopu all have a marvelous day, I had better get stuck in.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fantastic news about Rae, well done!! It is just inspirational what she has achieved, CONGRADULATIONS!!!

Well what a week I have had. I have been enjoying my prac heaps. As I think I said it restores the faith in me that I want to teach children. Although like every thing these days there does seem to be a lot of red tape, and administration work involved.

Training wise I have done all my weight sessions and did cardio as well. So was happy with that, however I would have liked to have got a few more cardio sessions in. It’s all a learning curve and I am pleased to have done my prac trained and tended to my kids all week. So I have this week to do it all again and try to fit in a couple more cardio sessions as well.

My camera is playing up, so I only have two photos of the puppy, so the one above is the puppy and my 15 year old.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well I started one of my pracs yesterday. Prac always restores my belief I want to be a teacher, as sometimes when your tied up with all the academic @#$% at uni I sometimes wonder if this degree is for me!! But once you’re in a classroom with kids I love it! So I have to be extra organised over my prac time, as I have to fit my training in around it.

Over the weekend I did a couple of cardio sessions and a weights session so I would have them up my sleeve so to speak, for any time I may not be able to get to the gym, just to take some pressure off. Tonight I will go do legs and cardio and I am just about to do a cardio before organising Jacob for childcare. I would have rather done legs this morning, as the gym is always packed at night, will see what I can organise.

When I get time I will post a pic of our new addition, a little staffy puppie, TO CUTE!!!

Everyone have a fantastic day, it is a beautiful day here

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

mid week

this is my lovely daughter

How quick time goes by!! Wednesday already!

Well I had a day at home today, making the most of it as I go on prac as of Monday. Jacob (my two year old) is in for the shock of his life!!! He sleeps in and often goes to bed late. He will have to be at childcare by 8 am!! Well it might get him in a better routine, having 3 teenagers who go to bed late make’s him think he can stay up late as well. And I am a softie when it comes to bed time, let’s just not go there.

Well I had no training today, except 20 minutes on the bike at home, god it hurts my quads!! I HATE it!! (I have to have it at a certain resistance to get my heart rate up, or I can’t pedal fast enough *lol*) I much prefer using the elliptical machine at the gym, challenges are good for you though, or so I’m told.

Well tomorrow is the last day of my current program, then onto a new one!
Food was spot on today, will be for the rest of the week.

Well this little black duck had better get to bed and do some reading for this blasted assignment!! Actually I think I will sit up and read or I will nod off.

Everyone have a great day tomorrow, train hard eat nutritionally and enjoy!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

update 2

Well I must mention that I met Hilary on the weekend and what a lovely young woman she is!! We had a cuppa and a chat, and the time went very quickly. I hope she dicides to come to the comp in July :)

Wish i took a pic, I forgot to :(

Have an awesome week everyone!!!


Well it is bloody cold today in ACT! every year I wonder why I live here around this time :)

My cold is lingering but heaps better, so that’s good, had a great workout today at the gym and did 2 20 minute cardio sessions, one am and one pm, so I am pleased with that, especially as I missed a few with the cold, and my diet has been spot on today, was bit off over the time I had my cold, had a few things I could have done without J and missed a couple of meals, due to not having an appetite at times with all the congestion ect. (Sorry for details *lol*) So good to feel a lot better and be right back on track, that is one good thing I notice about myself since doing a program with Sue Heintze, if I fall of the wagon I get back on a hell of a lot quicker, than I used too!!

So I still have this bloody assignment lingering, actually I have to complete it while on prac as I need to implement some of it in the classroom. I am going to have to be very vigilant with my nutrition and training while on prac I will report how I go, I am determined not to miss any training sessions, and eat to plan over my two week prac, then I have a break and do another two weeks.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Not a lot to report, still have cold, however I think it isn’t going to get much worse, so that is a good thing.

Did back and shoulders at the gym yesterday, didn’t push it and have been taking it easy with cardio as I want to get better ASAP. Today I am not doing any exercise, might take my son for a leisurely walk, nothing too strenuous though.

Have a great weekend all!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well all I can see is Phat camp was awesome!!!! If any of you are thinking of going next year, I would make it a priority.

Not only are Jen and heather great girls, they are also a great inspiration. I got to meet so many wonderful inspiring people who also attended. It was just awesome, and yes I am bloody sore and think I might be coming down with a flu/cold, bother!!!

I stayed with Kimmy, Margie, Sue and Kerry and we had a ball. All of them are just lovely great people. I can’t wait till next year.

I’ve got to go get some of my kids from school so will catch up again real soon