Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Top pic is Jacob and his cousin Above is my daughter and her youngest brother.

Yesterday I went up to Sydney to see a Dr at the Sandra Cabot clinic. After a long consultation and looking at the blood tests I have already had done the Dr decided I was to have a lot more blood tests for various things. I don’t understand all of these at this stage. I am also to have an extensive food intolerance test, along with an ultrasound on my liver. Due to the fact that although my thyroid obviously isn’t behaving normally she thought it was important to find out what else is going on, Some reading for my liver were considerably elevated, I also have particularly elevated iron levels for no apparent reason. So I’ve booked in to have all these tests and must admit I can’t wait to see the results, and get on with a plan to get over this. After the blood testing I am to go dairy free until I see her again in one month on the Dr’s advice, I may have to go grain free as well! I'm still seeing the TCM practitioner and am sure I'm not quite as tired overall, a good sign. Although yesterday and today was buggered.

So my weight is continuing to go in the upward direction and to date I am close to 20 kgs heavier than before this whole thing started in late October last year. Now that’s progress for you!! Just in the wrong direction. So I sure will have my work cut out for me once we work out what and how to correct what ever it is that is exactly going on. I’m trying to not let it do my head in and remain positive, sometimes this is hard.

On a brighter note my certificate IV is going along well, my beautiful daughter is 16 on Friday and Jacob wrote his name for the first time today.

So take care all I’m off to bed, I taught kindergarten today and tomorrow I have a feisty year 5/6.