Monday, December 24, 2007

This is a picture of y eldest son Josh

Above is our adorable dog Nikita! I will miss her while in Adelaide, one of my son's who is staying home for Christmas to be with his girlfriend will look after her, the other pic is the view from my Aunts and Uncles place where I am having Christmas, I love it there, it is where the Onkaparinga River meets the Sea.

I was thinking to myself I may be an all or nothing kind of person, or have become so it seems. As much as this can have advantages (when I’m full on into a program or have definite goals), I don’t believe it to be constructive when in the nothing phase so to speak. I am going to address this, just not sure when and how, so in the mean time, I have set myself goals to achieve. I will finish reading fattitude when away, and see if that sheds any light for me. Maybe I need goals in regard to fitness, health and lifestyle ect continually???

I suppose when I truly think about it I have been following some sort of program for, my goodness I think over two years now, I first did a great program with Sue, from there I wanted to keep going and have tried a few different approaches, ect. I then trained with Sam for my comps.

I have quite a bit of reading in relation to health and fitness, both physical and psychological while away so might find a few gems amongst the reading material, we will see.

So heres to wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may all your hopes dreams and desires come true in 2008!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Well not as great deal to report. Had my last day of work for the year yesterday. Schools here are officially on holidays from today. My daughter has already flown down to Adelaide for Christmas one of my sons and I fly down on Monday night. I’m looking forward to the break and catching up with family. Hopefully while there I will be able to catch up with a dear friend who will be also having Christmas In SA, she sold her home this year and bought a 21 foot motor home and has been travelling ever since, that’s my idea of fun!!

I’ve been doing my own thing at the gym which has included quite a few spin classes, hadn’t done any for some months. So they are challenging as always and I’m slowly building up the kind of cardiovascular fitness they need so to speak. I have had some great workouts, this week including legs and back. I wouldn’t do this all the time but for a change I have worked intuitively, meaning I have a body part in mind that I want to work on but decide what exercises I do once at the gym. I’ve really enjoyed it and worked very hard.

I’m hoping that my weight has stabilised which it appears too, honestly it didn’t seem to matter what I ate, good bad, or indifferent after my last comp, I stacked on weight, I think my body thought I was starving it, which in fact I probably was, ummm it’s all a learning curve. (Still haven’t got on the scales, but my jeans still don’t fit) I intend to try and slowly drop some over the next few months with out to strict a diet as such, we will see, I’ve been wondering if I m an all or nothing kind of person, I may resort to a strict regime if I don’t manage to progress to much over the next few weeks.

We have had some great rain!! It’s been well needed, I hope it continues for some time. I planted a veggie garden a few weeks back, however snails and cabbage moths sure made short work of quite a few things, even though I used a natural spray, I planted to late so they weren’t established enough to withstand the little buggers.

Well Jacob is hassling me to watch a Christmas Pooh Bear DVD with him before bed, so better go and do so, hehe just looked over to him and he is almost asleep the cutie, take care all and enjoy your weekend

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well two weeks ago my computer, phone and modem blew up in an electrical storm, so I have not had internet access since and have been so busy haven’t had the time or the inclination to log on at uni or the library. Today I had some spare time after my spin class, Jacob is with his dad and my other kids are all out and about, so I thought I would quickly post.

Training is going great, food is good, trying a new approach, not sure yet if my body agrees with it, time will tell. I wonder if I have done damage to my metabolism with the lead up to my last comp, with the extreme measures my mate and I took. I have been eating clean for about 4 weeks now, and don’t see any positive changes a all, but like I said this approach is new to me that I am trying, so will persevere for a little bit longer. Must say I don’t like carrying this extra weight, my jeans don't fit and I have metal plates in one ankle and that ankle is not happy with the extra weight on it. I’m trying to just ignore the fat gain, and just get on with doing something positive towards removing it. If I stress about it, it doesn’t help the situation at all.

I have been teaching a great deal these last few weeks, and tonight I went and enrolled in Post Grad studies, gosh I think I am mad, I am going to do Post Grad studies in inclusive education and teaching strategies and best approaches ect for autistic children. I did want to do this eventually, won’t go into what motivated me to do it now at this time.

My 18 year old is at his formal for year 12 tonight, he got early entry into ANU to do Physics, so he is happy and I am happy for him, as it is one of his passions. He has been going to uni for the past two years, since he was 16 doing a bridging course into the sciences there.

Well I have to get on home, lots to get done for tomorrow, I’ve been with year 5/6 all week. Lets just say some off them are very cheeky and I find that while experience character building, it is very tiring at times. Take care all xxx

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hi all, so another funny thing I overheard my four year old saying yesterday was when he had gone and hassled his 15 year old sister who was trying to sleep, she obviously told him to go on his way, so he was talking to himself in the lounge room and it went something like this, “ummmm Kyah is not nice, ummmm Kyah has just ruined my life!!!” I didn’t comment, but thought wow that’s a bit dramatic, wonder where he heard that term. Anyway soon after this he comes and asks for a piece of chilli salami, (my older boys love the crap). I suggested no because it would probably be to hot, he insisted so I said okay darling here we go, and as I suggested to him, he found it not to his liking, anyway he proceeded back into the lounge room to comment once again to himself how the salami had now ruined his precious little life!!! My goodness she is four and so bloody dramatic, am I mean? I laughed, but not out loud just to myself.

So today I got my casual teaching card, so from now on, if I chose I can work 5 days instead of three per week and earn the full rate of pay YIPPY!!!!

I also passed my fitness certificate prac with flying colours, (all the past aerobic instructing came in handy ;) I also passed all the theory. So more things to tick off the lists, gotta love lists.

Have a great day tomorrow all, I’m off to read my book and have an early night.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Okay I was tagged by Sam so here is five things you probably do not know about me.

Before I went to uni I worked in the fitness industry as a instructor, I also worked as a remedial therapist, with kids with disabilities and I ran a cooking course for adults.

I have never been overseas, however this will change next year, my cousin and I are going overseas.

Recently I was taken on a date, where the guy flew me down the coast and back for the afternoon.

I am afraid of mice, but not at all afraid of spiders, in fact have had a couple of huntsmen in my house for extended amounts of time, even cried one day when I realised my spider mate that I had not seen for some time had been squashed in the window fame. That one would even sit on my palm of my hand, to my daughter’s disgust.

I have never taken any of my children to MacDonald’s to eat! The oldest being 18 1/2. In fact once when we were asked by friends if we wanted to go to MacDonald’s for a meal my 18 year old, who was four then commented to my embarrassment, ‘What MacDonald’s!!! We don’t eat that sh*t, anyway they cut down rainforest's to make that food’ LOL gotta love out of the mouths of babies…………. and talking of such things my four year old said o me today ‘You know mum if you say nice things, you meet nice people and get to go to nice places!!! How cute is that. Enjoy the weekend all, I tag Kimmy, Sue, Nic and Charlotte

We have had some much needed rain over the last few days. I was having trouble sleeping prior tho the rain, so it was a welcomed change for me, not only because we needed it but it helped me get some much needed sleep.

I was stuffed last night, and Jacob got gastro, so he was up and down being sick all night, he still is off colour today. I’m glad it is Saturday and we can take it easy and he can recover. He looses weight very quickly when he is sick. Kids are so resilient though, it amazes me how they bounce back.

My uni results have been finalised and posted, Monday I will submit my transcript to the Education Department, and once processed I will get full rate of pay and can work five days if I choose.

My head has been in a good place training and nutrition wise this week, seems I’m back on track, I’m determined it will stay this way. Christmas always brings challenges for people me included, so I am determined to keep all my nutrition in check and continue with my training. We will be in South Australia this year again; I will hire a car if required so that I can get to a gym.

I was trying to change my profile pic, but I can’t1 will have to wait till my son gets his bum out off bed, he will know. Mind you it is
10:10am, he may not get up for hours yet!! LOL slacker.

changing my profile pic

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Looking through pics and found these two I adore of Jacob, my how they grew up so fast, below is a more recent one of him and Kyah.

Tag questions.

Four dishes I like to cook:
1. Green chicken curry
2. Home made ravioli and cannelloni
3. Thai Beef salad
4. Cheese Cake

Four qualities I love in people:
1. Honesty
2. Compassion
3. Passion
4. Optimism

Four Places I have been:
1. Rainbow beach
2. Blue Mountains
3. Recently Dubbo zoo
4. Soon Vietnam

Four things in my bedroom:
1. To many clothes!!!
2. Mess I constantly seem to be cleaning up
3. A beautiful hand made Indian patchwork wall hanging
4. Jacob my youngest son

Four dirty words I like to use:
1.Well when around my kids I try not to use any, however, I’m guilty of using s**t, and f**k at times, never when in the company of those that take offence though. :)

I tag anyone reading who hasn’t been tagged yet.

So I have had the biggest break from the gym that I have had in god knows how long. Tomorrow, I am back into it. Last night I went out with a friend for a lovely Thai meal and then we had a few drinks out. Must say I enjoyed that, I don’t generally drink at all really, so I did enjoy the indulgence and feel fine for it today. Thank goodness

I passed all my uni assignments and am just waiting for them to post a final grade and transfer my marks onto my transcript and then I’m done!! Funny feeling to think after studying for so long I don’t have to anymore unless I chose to. CIT study is very different to me then my uni studies. I’m already looking into post grad studies, am I mad!!! Actually two sound very relevant and interesting, Autism and Sustainable environments, ummm we will see later down the track.

Well I have to get back completing an assignment for CIT might go for a bike ride later on when it’s cool, Jacob loves going on bike rides, it’s bloody hot here!! I think my beloved Spring is over for another year. All good, have a great day all!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Well we just got back last night from visiting Kimmy and Margie and going to the Dubbo zoo, we had a lovely weekend and my four year old was very taken with Kimmy, so much so he decided to stay on and live with her.

Prior to going to Dubbo I was in South Australia helping care for my granny. I had organised this quite some time ago hoping to give my aunt and uncle a little bit of time to themselves, I was planning to go to the gym and keep on a nutritional plan while there, however it just didn’t happen. I certainly underestimated the time and care involved in helping look after my gran as her health has deteriorated very much since fracturing her pelvis and ribs while in institutional care for a short time while my aunt and uncle attempted to have a short holiday. I had a wonderful time while there and am now trying to get back on track with both training and nutrition. I am annoyed with myself now, as once I decided to just go with the flow over there I certainly enjoyed the food, but now have to get rid of the weight I put on. You think I would have learnt from previous set backs. Don’t think my deprivation diet prior to my comp helped here.

So I am waiting with baited breath to hear that I have passed my last university assignment, and subject. Wish they would hurry and get the results out. Been doing some of my tech assignments, and must say I can’t wait till tech is finished for the year as well now.

Teaching is good, it certainly has its challenges some days though, however I try to look upon it as character building for myself at times when it’s a bit tough, and fast track learning in how to deal with behaviour management issues that suit both students and myself.

Will post some pics from Dubbo visit as soon as I manage to get them of my camera, I think the memory card I used is stuffed, hope everyone here in blog land is doing great, will catch up over the next few days.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Well Jacob is better, but not before he got the most dreadful gastro, couldn’t even hold down water, he has his dad’s metabolism and lost a lot of weight in a 24 hour period, hehe, while I was putting some on. To be expected I suppose when you resort to the drastic measures I did this comp. Well it’s all a learning curve isn’t it.

Well I have been back at the gym this week and am a bit sore at present. All good though.

I got to work a couple of days this week which was great because I hadn’t been able to at all the week before due to Jacob. Next week I’ve booked to work the four days leading up to me going to spend a week with my gran and family in S.A.

While in SA I will attempt to catch up on the tech classes I have missed, got a nutrition assignment, some programs to write and a few other things. At least it seems they will allow me to catch up rather than re-do all the subjects next year, well as long as I meet the requirements.

Once Thursday night tech is finished I’m going back to sewing classes, I love sewing but neglect it dreadfully when ever life gets busy, good how it is something you can just pick up again when ever.

My main goal after the ACT’s has been to have a week off and then re-establish where I am at and go from there. Well I have done that and although I have goals I striving to achieve at present and in the near and distant future, I am yet to put them in writing and give them the focus they require and deserve. I will give this some more thought once in Adelaide as well. I have had a lot to get out of the way this week and actually submitted my last ever university assignment I have to do, thank bloody god!!! So as long as I pass, I have finished my degree!!!!!!!!! It hasn’t really hit me yet, and don’t get me wrong but I’m not going to my graduation, for me it is over rated, very expensive, boring and too long and drawn out. Also I find sitting for hours while waiting for ones name to be called out to walk on and off stage overrated.

I go to my kids’ graduations however that is different. Some of my uni mates think I’m daft, however I think my time is better spent with family or doing something constructive, each to their own though.

Friday, October 19, 2007






COOL, this will depend on your oven, mine is crappy ;)






(I like it lemony, hence the whole lemon)



Blend all ingredients together. Pour into microwavable dish, Microwave on medium for approximately 10 minutes, whisking well every 1 minute until very think. Pour onto base and refrigerate for about 3 hours. IT IS yummy BE WARNED!!


I will get around to working out the macro nutrients, You can use a combination of ricotta and low fat cottage cheese if you want it lower in fat. Sorry it isn't specific, I made it up and had to remember from memory as at the time I didn't take enough notice of quantities, I made it at 11pm the night before comp when I couldn't sleep ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well I have had very lazy laid back week so far, was planning to have the whole week off training, I think after 12 to 16 weeks solid training your body needs and appreciates a break, so the fact Jacob has chicken pox and I therefore couldn’t work I have just kicked back with him. He is on the mend, just still spotty. Ow and I’ve almost finished my very last assignment for uni, but have missed two weeks of tech, but I’ll catch up.

I have enjoyed some foods I haven’t had for ages, such as porridge and cottage cheese, home made Caesar salad with chicken, Thai beef salad, some German spice biscuits, some good quality low GI bread, and some low carb cheese cake I made, that when I work out exactly the quantities I put in it I will post as it is great if you like cheese cake and certainly much lower in carbs and fat than the usual ones but you would never know!! My weight has rebounded, amazing how quickly that happens, but expected when I was on such a carb restrictive diet, I'm holding fluid and no doubt put on some fat, however I expected this as I was warned and have it in control. And as of this weekend I will be back on my training and eating schedule so all is good.

I finally found out what my shoulder injury is, it seems it is inflammation, over use and scare tissue within the long head of the bicep. My physio appointments have finished and now I am gong too try and find a good massage therapist, to keep up the work removing and correcting the scare tissue. The week off now and I didn’t weight train the week before the comp, have been very beneficial in it’s healing I feel. Although I am sure I will have to b careful as it tends to flare up easily.

Well I had better go and be a bit productive, have a lovely day all, it is wonderful weather here today, might take spotty boy for a bike ride later.

Once again thanks for all your caring supportive comments ;)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Well finally, I placed fourth; there were five in my class. I enjoyed it however the lead up was quite stressful along with the general things my youngest son got chicken pox and was quite sick and all he wanted was his mum. Also my daughter decided not to help me with the tanning, she had social engagements that were far more important, my cousin would have helped however she has not had chicken pox so didn’t want to be near my son. So I did it myself, some bits are harder to get too!! At the last minute, on the day my best mate helped me out; she was great and learnt very quickly.

Overall I can’t say I was happy with my condition, I was carrying more body fat than Wagga and from the pics any size I had gained appears to be lost due to the extremely strict diet I followed for 5 weeks. My body fought it all the way, I certainly would not suggest nothing but lean protein and fibrous veggies for any length of time for myself again, I think my body thought I was starving, although I was hungry all the time, I thought if you were starving you didn’t get hungry. But I had to give it a go myself to find this out, might work for some but not this guinea pig. Sam suggested not to follow it for more than a week however I panicked and kept on it. I decided to still go through with the comp for the experience. I have learnt a great deal through this whole process and I’ve decided to keep more accurate records of my progress in future. This should help to avoid leaving anything that needs addressing to so late in the process to try to remedy it. I spoke with one of the judges and that was useful and we will take this into consideration.

Actually one very good thing has come out of it. I am more determined than ever to improve especially considering the girls in my age group, they were awesome, great physiques, really good condition, and nice muscle mass and lean!! So before I step back on stage I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, so bring it on.

Now I have to work out the cardio that works for me to shift body fat, as what I was doing doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I am also going to try some different nutritional approaches as well.

Thank you all very much for your support along the way, I appreciate it greatly.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank you all for your support and comments, much appreciated and as soon as possible I will post after the comp, I know what it feels like waiting. Heheh…..Well two more sleeps. My feelings and attitudes fluctuate throughout the day in regards to how I’m feeling about the whole process. Think it is a bit easier than the first time, just because you kind of know what to expect as far as energy levels, moodiness (well in my case), and what to do.

The day before yesterday had a horrid headache, obviously for me it was from cutting out all caffeine, well coffee in my case I do love a coffee, funny I don’t have sweetener in my coffee, however this past 6 weeks I have been having stevia in it. Will probably stop this and go back to none, although I did get given some flavoured tablets you can add to coffee, I am looking forward to trying these next week.

My prep has started and between Sam and what Nick here in ACT suggested it is all worked out now thank goodness, thankyou Sam!!xx

Well got my nails done this afternoon, I should have written this before, ( I'm not very good at typing with them) ow golly just thought I have one more assignment to do, might bribe my daughter to type it for me, now that’s an idea. :)

I will try to post tomorrow, but if not….. to all those girls competing on the weekend BEST OF LUCK

Monday, October 08, 2007


Well I have completed a huge essay I had to write, yippy!!!!!!hope it will do as being carb depleted and writing don’t really mix with me heheh I’m an air head at at the best of times, well if I fail I have an excuse ;) No not really.... anyway it'S done, one to go!!!!!

I decided to not go to tech tonight and do amake up class I have on Friday at uni instead, just can’t see myself at a uni tutorial for 3 hours and drinking copious amounts of water with tan on. Trying to sit still andf be calm ect ect....Sure yiou guys get it...So all is good and I just finished the make up class and catching up with some uni stuff before I go home.

Comp prep is going along, I am a little “VERY’ confused at present as to what to do this week, won’t go into it too much. Will hopefully get it sorted tomorrow. Well hopefully..... as I have dieted differently these last 4 weeks, apparently it can alter how you prep….. personally I wouldn’t have a clue… Not going to say anything more, I get anxious thinking about it!!!!

Just going through the last weeks training, having hair done tomorrow will have nails on Thursday or Friday and somewhere fit everything else in. I have still been sorting out what to do after in regards to nutrition and training and it is progressing. I need an action plan, it will help keep me focussed, been researching when time permits and come up with good ideas and options.

Well I’m off home to see my kids who I bet are looking forward to next week when my comp is over!!!! Some of them are away with mates, because it is school holidays here, I bet they are glad of that ;)

Congratulations to all the girls who competed this past weekend, just INSPIRATIONAL!! All of you and remember you are all winners!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two posts in one ;)

Sunday 30th September.

Firstly thank you guys for your ongoing support and uplifting comments, much appreciated!!

Well posing on Friday night was good, I am so thankful my mate found out about these classes and that we have been able to go. Not only is the opportunity to learn a lot from them, but it’s also great to meet others who are competing on the same day as well.

I had a wedding to go to today, it was lovely, fairy tale stuff, my girlfriend always has wanted a fairytale wedding. The ceremony was held in a beautiful chapel, the bride arrived in an old fashioned horse and carriage and the cake was a castle set on cliffs made from white chocolate; and no I didn’t taste any hehe.

Well my weight is dropping and I can see improvements, let’s hope these improvements continue during the next 2 weeks. I have become accustomed to the diet my mate and I are on and my energy levels have improved remarkably since feeling like sh**t the first week then getting sick, thank goodness for that, I hope this continues so it assists in my training, I dare say I will be doing cardio right up to the comp.

Also been thinking about plans for after the comp, so in the process of still researching, but have some goals and plans going into action, all good.

Thursday 27th September.

Not a great deal to report, plodding on bronchitis clearing up I am still very congested, noticed doing abs on a decline last night… I coughed a lot. It has really made my training suffer, but I’ve been managing, Jacob didn’t appear to get chicken pox, well not yet anyway, he is still not 100% either, but he is back to being his wonderful self. I had to cancel some of my work this week, a bummer, but we were just too ill and even if I was ok, couldn’t get Jacob looked after. Was nice to stay home with him and I managed to complete all the assignments I had for tech and emailed them instead of handing them in.

So last night our tech class was cancelled, didn’t hear me complain and that was the last one for the first half of the semester so as long as I pass everything, that’s another 4 subjects down. 4 more start in one week’s time.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

3 weeks 1 day!!

Well I had better update my blog, haven’t really had the time or the inclination lately.

It is three weeks until the ACT INBA comp, and as expected things are getting challenging.

One main challenge for me is that my body appears to have stopped responding to the dieting. UMM…. Initially we thought I was holding fluid, well I was a bit, so cut out all salt, not a great deal of changes occurred though unfortunately.

So at my posing lesson with a local bodybuilder a week ago, he told me and a mate we were carrying to much fat, and ‘kindly’ suggested we follow a diet he had strong faith would work, along with a very challenging leg program, circuit style that may I add takes almost 2 hours to get through ummmm. I must be slow *lol* Well he suggested we do it three times a week, and yes we have, god forbid!! Must say it is great to have a partner in crime!!

Anyway last night at posing, don’t think he was all that happy with the progress, can’t say I am either and I voiced my concerns about the diet and weather our bodies may think we have gone into starvation mode, he said as long as your hungry, no your body is not thinking it is starving and yes we are eating regularly. Does anyone know about this???

Funny though came home and this morning a drop in scale weight and I’m sure my legs look a little leaner. Will see what Sam thinks. Have no lats at present, they would definitely be glycogen depleted, lets hope the gains I have made in my shoulders and lats, even if small, are not being metabolised away!!!!

Sometimes I little bit or some knowledge can be kind of dangerous, I am reasonably new to preparing for a comp and some of what I am doing goes against what I have read about from reputable recourses, however I do not have the practical experience to really have an educated opinion, and the guy suggesting what we do has a lot of experience, plus I really appreciate the extra time he has given both my mate and I.

I tell you it sure is a learning curve, and one I choose. However to continue on this path (which I probably will because I’m stubborn and don’t like giving up, and parts of me love the personal challenge, and I want to see just how much I can accomplish) I am going to do a lot more research into nutrition and what suits me and my body in the future.

I can say that in all honesty this comp prep I have stuck to my diet over 90% of the time and trained very hard, maybe for too long who know?? Ow well I am charging forward and as Sam says I may have been dieting too long. All food for thought, owww dear please excuse the pun lol .

Actually I kind of feel better emotionally than earlier in the week, I felt shit house, physically and emotionally earlier this week. Body must be adjusting to the diet, however I have dreadful bronchitis, (haven’t had it since I was a kid) which I am now taking antibiotics for, I generally do not take antibiotics at all, however I can not afford for it to linger. I am being careful to get enough rest.

Teaching is interesting, especially when I forgot mid sentence what I was telling the kids the other day, not a good look! LOL well you certainly have to have a sense of humour in life don’t you, fortunately I have one and I find it easy to laugh at myself.

So long drawn out read, hope all have a great weekend, its glorious weather here in ACT, gotta love Spring!!!!! Well I do anyways. ;)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This is Jacob and my very beloved gran

And here we see Jacob depicting a little of how I am feeling right now:) nothing a good nights sleep won't cure though!!

My second eldest son was 17 yesterday :)

Well I am quite tired, been flat out working, tech and training, find of hit me this week, have been making sure I get to bed at a reasonable time thou, makes all the difference and don’t intent to fall in a heap this time, Actually not sure if I mentioned ages ago, however the tooth I was trying to save that caused me heaps of hassle during and after my last comp prep was pulled out. Hindsight is a great thing isn’t it, I agonised about having it pulled and you could say wasted some $’s trying to save it, and I haven’t looked back since having it out… apparently it was constantly abscessing.

Well like I said this week I have felt a dramatic decline in energy and strength. I have been pleased with my strength gains over the duration of the current program I have been doing; however I don’t expect to make any more strength progress over the next few weeks. All is good though, my upper body is looking leaner all the time, now I need my lower body to get the hint and let go of what it is holding onto, not stressing out about it, well not yet anyway. ;)

I am tired tonight had a big week teaching with some challenging kids and just recently got home from tech, had dinner and am about to eat again and go to bed. I have been having the biggest craving for brussel sprouts, don’t know why, something in them I need, I love them but realise not everyone does!! But not complaining at least it’s not cheese cake cravings *lol* ( I love cheese cake as well)) dream on girl!!! and at least Sam said I could replace another veg for them, thank goodness ;)

Well all is going along as it should, looking forward to the weekend, so I can hopefully get some assignments out of the way, I certainly have learnt not to procrastinate over training, however I am still learning not to procrastinate over assignments ect…. Life is but one big learning journey…. gee think I need my bed I’m getting philosophical, have a great weekend all

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well I have just been plugging on with comp prep. My body fat readings were generally inspiring last week, all dropped considerably apart from thighs and lower abs, ummm very common for me, it’s the last place to go. Well still got 7 weeks to get it off there. I want to use the results as a gauge for competing in the future. Was a bit tired on and off this week, I will make sure I get enough sleep as we all know this is so very important

Relief teaching is great and fits in with my training, this is a huge bonus!!!! Just have to stick to a very tight schedule, but it is generally doable. CIT (Canberra Institute of Technology) three nights and one day is a little challenging but doable as well, and it is all for a purpose that I choose to pursue so no complaining from me. Anyway the learning at CIT is great as it is generally so practical, can’t say all uni learning is practical!! Actually nearly half way through the first lot of courses… how time goes by. Deb I am competing in INBA ACT. Unfortunately it is the same day as the WNBF Nationals in Sydney.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gosh a week has flown by since I last blogged, I have been incredibly busy but all is good and I have been making getting enough sleep a major priority. Generally it is working. I have been training at 6.30 am again for my morning cardio. This week I relief taught for three days and overall I loved it, especially today I had a great year 2 class.

My training and diet are going very well; my mind is in the right spot. I have been doing my current weight program for 7 weeks now and I must say it is a great program and I can even see good results, (often I can’t) let’s just hope enough fat comes off over the next 8 weeks. Speaking of fat I am having my body fat done again this weekend, and I am very interested in seeing how much improvement there has been since the last time. Last comp prep I didn’t get body fat done at all.

Tomorrow I have assignments to get on with along with training and going along with my cousin and aunt for coffee while they have lunch, I’ll take my own lunch of course. My aunt is over from South Australia at present.

Well I had better get to bed, take care all!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Well I’m just about to go to bed. Have had a good week so far, can’t believe it is already Friday tomorrow. I just finished a small uni assignment for tomorrow, gosh only two big assignments left for uni altogether. YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to get stuck into the next one as soon as possible, so to get it out of the way so I don’t have to think about it, so will look at it over this coming weekend.

Good news I got my relief card so now I can relief teach, have my first day next Tuesday, Friday and Mondays I am at uni, we are only able to teach up to three days a week at this stage, but that’s fine with me. Between everything else I have going on it will be more than fine ;)

Overall I have been sleeping a lot better, I am fortunate I generally sleep very well, just don’t allow myself to go to bed early for some or many reasons, some to do with peace and quite of the night, I love it. To tell you the truth for the past couple of weeks I have been still going to bed late some nights, but getting up later on some of the mornings for cardio, well as of Monday I am back to doing it early every morning due to other commitments, so I have certainly enjoyed training a little later in the morning when it suited, but will go back to loving the feeling off having it over and done with before half of Australia is out of bed. GOTTA LUV THAT. It will be interesting to see if I can still maintain the intensity of the training, I did notice when I did it a little later I seemed to be able to give it heaps more, probably due to two meals being in my tummy ;)

Well I’m off to bed to read some of my wonderful book I am reading and to look at some cook books, isn’t that a peculiar thing to do when you are getting ready for a comp, read cook books. I find it really relaxes me and for some reason helps keep me on the straight and narrow. …..No…… I’m just sick in the head and like to self torture myself…. LOL….only kidding and it’s not even funny, think my bed is overdue…… Good night all and sweet dreams
Well I’m just about to go to bed. Have had a good week so far, can’t believe it is already Friday tomorrow. I just finished a small uni assignment for tomorrow, gosh only two big assignments left for uni altogether. YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to get stuck into the next one as soon as possible, so to get it out of the way so I don’t have to think about it, so will look at it over this coming weekend.

Good news I got my relief card so now I can relief teach, have my first day next Tuesday, Friday and Mondays I am at uni, we are only able to teach up to three days a week at this stage, but that’s fine with me. Between everything else I have going on it will be more than fine ;)

Overall I have been sleeping a lot better, I am fortunate I generally sleep very well, just don’t allow myself to go to bed early for some or many reasons, some to do with peace and quite of the night, I love it. To tell you the truth for the past couple of weeks I have been still going to bed late some nights, but getting up later on some of the mornings for cardio, well as of Monday I am back to doing it early every morning due to other commitments, so I have certainly enjoyed training a little later in the morning when it suited, but will go back to loving the feeling off having it over and done with before half of Australia is out of bed. GOTTA LUV THAT. It will be interesting to see if I can still maintain the intensity of the training, I did notice when I did it a little later I seemed to be able to give it heaps more, probably due to two meals being in my tummy ;)

Well I’m off to bed to read some of my wonderful book I am reading and to look at some cook books, isn’t that a peculiar thing to do when you are getting ready for a comp, read cook books. I find it really relaxes me and for some reason helps keep me on the straight and narrow. …..No…… I’m just sick in the head and like to self torture myself…. LOL….only kidding and it’s not even funny, think my bed is overdue…… Good night all and sweet dreams

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is a picture of my son who is 17 in less than one month.

My training and nutrition have been pretty good if I say so myself. Yesterday I had scheduled a rest day, so later today I will train quads and cardio, I like training on Sunday, it is sometimes quiet at the gym then, and it sets me up for a good week.

Uni is in full swing now, and so is tech, I am enjoying most of tech, means I am out three nights a week, which does require a lot of organisation and planning, due to kids ect. I am very thankful for my cousin’s help!!! The day classes for tech start this week as well. Will be good to complete the first course by the end of this year, and then focus on cert 4 next year, they may offer this part time, not sure yet.

I haven’t studied this weekend, just wanted a break. I watched the DVD the Secret last night and got a hell of a lot out of it, think I will get myself a copy and watch it some more, just ordered the book of e-bay, really going to focus and put the principles into practice.

Well I had my interview for teaching on Friday, all went well, they don’t tell you much, and you wait for months to hear a result.

Any day I will get my relief teaching card and will be able to teach and get paid for it. HURRRRAAAYYY!!!


Monday, July 30, 2007


I have had a pretty good week, got all my training in, went to all my tech classes, missed one lecture at uni, ow well… but can listen to it on line if I get around to it. Did a couple of my morning cardio sessions at 9am instead of 6.30am, with one of my new cardio programs I find it very challenging and am able to give it a lot more after my second meal for the day. However maybe it is just a mind set, not sure. Once I start relief teaching I will have to do it 6.30 am then anyway. Waiting for my relief card to come in the mail and once I have that I can start relief teaching up to three days a week at a reduced rate of pay, until I graduate.

The bout of horrid cold weather seems to have passed, which I am pleased about. I am still a bit bummed out over losing my thumb drive, tonight I really have to pull my finger out and just start recreating my portfolio, I have really been procrastinating about it, suppose I would just like it to miraculously turn up, heres to still hoping it will.

I wrote this last night and I am finally pleased to say I made a huge start on recreating my portfolio, will do more on it this morning between cooking for the week and cleaning.


I was looking at teas at the supermarket the other day and bought a tea put out by Nerada, an organic green chai, well the first cup I didn’t particularly like, so the next one I had I put a little stevia in it, and I love it!!! It is really spicy and with a dash of sweetness really hits the spot. I’m having one now before I go to bed. Had tech tonight was good, was screening and assessment, two classes down how ever many to go

I did a bit more on my portfolio the plan is to do heaps of it tomorrow in between uni and tech.

I trained chest and did 2 lots of cardio today, I am buggered and off to bed, Jacob is still up because his brother watched him while I was a tech and let him sleep, gruuuuu… He is a night owl at the best of times let alone when he is allowed to sleep before bed. So all lights out and no choice but to sleep mum says LOL )

Have a wonderful day tomorrow all and take care.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well I am very pissed off with myself. I have an interview with the Department of Education next week to gain a grading in regard to teaching, I’m not going for permanency next year as I want to relief teach, so that my kids and I still have a life, especially the youngest Jacob as it is his last year next year before he starts school himself. Still have to go through the interview process though... Anyway, I have been working on a portfolio over the last couple of months, which is part of the process… You won’t believe what I have done. I realised the other night that I had misplaced my thumb drive, my portfolio is on it…. I hadn’t backed it up….. How frigging stupid!!!!!!! Anyway it’s gone and I’m a bit pissed and annoyed with myself, worst thing I have been reading a remarkable book that was lent to me about attracting what you want into your life and just the other day I was thinking/daydreaming what a drudge this portfolio was becoming….and if only I could tell the interview panel I had lost mine!!!!!! SO YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE gotta laugh or I think I will cry. I have to build a bridge and quickly get over it as my interview is Friday week and the last two days other than training and tech I have been very unproductive and feeling a bit sorry for myself, really how dumb can you be???? Let’s hope I have learnt a very BIG lesson and always remember to back up important documents in future and not to leave my thumb drive at uni!!

Other than that I am great ;). Ow except for my teenagers arguing and fighting, thank god for the gym I can take my frustrations out there… hehe

take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your week :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well time goes by, I have had a very productive week, training, diet were spot on, a bit hungry a couple of days, but nothing unmanageable, all good, I can see a drop in my measurements which of course is encouraging and motivating. I find it hard to see visual progress within my self if the time frame is reasonably close.Sam or my daughter has had to sometimes stick it in my face in the past.

I love the fact that I do not have to regularly weigh myself in comp prep. I get caught up with the numbers and can’t stand it, …. when I was 18 and first started weight training I weighted about 60 kgs … anyway after around 4-5 months of solid weight training and cardio I hopped on the scales and I weighted 65 kgs. I was horrified and didn’t have the knowledge back then to reason with myself, so even though I looked better for the training, was fitter, stronger, and had obviously put on some muscle, as well as my clothes fitting a hell of a lot better… I allowed this all be all overshadowed by me just because my body weight had gone up and it distressed me. Knowledge and education are so important aren’t they, so I try very hard to make sure my own children have the right knowledge.

So it suits me that most of my progress changes are made through visual observations and measurements. However I have made the decision to have my body fat taken regularly from now on, so that I can track the progress for future reference. Then I will have comparisons to refer back on as well. Especially seeing

Well on Friday I did my enrolments for tech, it seems I will be able to complete my level 3 fitness quals by the end of the teaching year. I have decided to go for it. I just have to stay very focused and organised. I should be able to manage the work load as long as my time management is good and I do not allow myself to get tired. I’m still in the process of trying to get verification for prior learning for some of the subjects from last semester. It helps that I do not have a very big load on at uni this semester; I do have to be available for three days relief teaching each week though.

I have been a little slack with my meditation since Melbourne, so must endeavour to remedy that. Think I will go meditate now…before I have to be elsewhere. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


What a great weekend I had!! Was wonderful to catch up with so many great people and get to spend some quality time with them during the weekend and at the All Females. And to meet some lovely people for the first time as well.

What an exceptional turn out at the All Females, Congratulations to all off you!!!

It is very cold her in ACT at present and it is expected to snow tomorrow and be around 5 degrees all day, ummm this morning was dreadfully cold, I did my cardio later than usual, I just didn’t think I would warm up enough to be able to move properly at 6am hehe my excuse anyway!! Actually by the time I did it the gym was quite warm and I was wishing a window was open, never satisfied....

Yesterday was back at uni, I think I might actually enjoy the subjects I ham doing will keep you posted, tomorrow I have an interview with the CIT fitness qualification convener in regard to my subjects and what I can get recognition for. As my uni workload is not too big at present I may pick up some day subjects as well as night ones, note to self DO NOT OVER DO IT!!! subjects down... god knows how many to go ( the course is quite extensive at CIT here)

I love a new program split I have and present. I worked quads on Sunday and they are very sore, this is great for me, because I often find it very hard to work my legs hard enough so that I regularly get DOMS in them. So far so good.

Tonight I have more cardio and weights.

Jacobs dads computer got a virus over the weekend and it cleaned out his C drive!!! What a shame, he is a good photographer as well as artist and all of the photos he has taken of Jacob over the years were lost, along with his tattoo work history and art work history, ow dear, goes to show the importance of backing up stuff, which I am guilty of not doing myself, umm

Well lots to get on with have an awesome day everyone!!! And train and work hard

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It is going to be a lovely day here today, we have had heaps of rain and think it will clear today and it is not nearly as cold as it has been.

Going to the gym in the dark in the morning is always fun, when it’s freezing Io grin and bare!! No not really, you just do it don’t you because it’s great after your finished and certainly is a wonderful start to the day. And when else would you fit it all in LOL having said that I had yesterday off always do look forward to that as well.

My weight training is going along great, I am going to train ahead of schedule this week so I don’t stress too much in Melbourne trying to get through my workouts at an unfamiliar gym, will still be doing all my cardio over there though, back on Sunday and will train Sunday arvo at home.

Very much looking forward to catching up with everyone who is going, less than a week now!

My doms have settled down.. and am at uni, my computer is still getting fixed, just about to go home eat and then walk around the lake with a friend, then this afternoon, train and cardio.

Still meditaing again, got to love the positive things it adds and brings into your life!!! why I go for periods when I don't bother or don't make the time I've always got to wonder when I get back into it.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and Sue I am hoping that tape I sent you worked and Kimmy great to talk yesterday, Hope today you are 100% better. I’ll be on your case tomorrow morning hehehe

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This week is going wonderfully for me so far, training has been great!! Diet spot on. sleeping improving all the time, actually got to bed by around 9pm last night, a mate sent me a text that woke me up around 10pm (they would have thought I was still up) to tell me Rod Stewart was on TV, …. I was a fan of his when I was younger, he had some great music that never hits the top 40 so to speak.... Got back to sleep pretty easy though, meditating again is helping... hurrraaay!!!!! then at the gym 6.30 am... BLOODY COLD OVER HERE IN ACT AT PRESENT, MUST BE SNOWING A LOT :)

I have a severe case of DOMS, you know when you find it hard to get on and off the toilet.. LOL !!! Funny but so true, sure you guys know what I mean. Well just a quick post I am supposed to be writing a portfolio so had better get stuck into it

Friday, June 29, 2007

Thankyou so very much girls, I really appreciate the comments, if these pics help inspire anyone I will be glad I posted them.

All your support here really assists in keeping me focussed and on task, My training is going wonderfully, I feel 100% better now and can really start to push now, when I can train like that it helps me with sticking to my nutritional plan, because I don’t want to upset all the good results at the gym, also I am getting enough sleep which of course we all knows helps immensely, the last few days I have even been meditating, so all is good!!

I can’t tell you how good it is to be feeling back to normal, I am building up my cardio intensity and it is great to not feel fatigued and have nothing in the tank to push with.

Finally got the professional pics from WNBF!! I will post some with this post.

I am enjoying not being at uni, I have to get on with making a portfolio of my teaching ect for interview purposes. Next year I have made the decision to relief teach, due to many commitments one main one, it is Jacobs last year before he goes to school and I want to be able to spend some time with him, also my granny is getting on and very day she is still here is precious, she is 96 now and I want to be able to go over to SA as often as viable and when I can fit it in.

Well here are some pics from my April comp,

take care all and have a wonderful week.



Here goes.....So here is a comparison I mentioned ages ago. I am pretty sure this pic was one taken when I first did a program with Sue.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

quick update

Well the last two days have been great because I can finally push myself while doing cardio!! very pleased with this and hasn't happened to soonnn!!! the above pic is of my daughter on the left and one of her best mates, owww aren't they cute!!

take care and have a great day tomorrow

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well long time no post, lots to tell

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago due to absolute exhaustion, good news blood tests where reasonably good, might look into seeing a good naturopath if I can find one, mine left ACT quite a while ago and I miss her.

So due to exhaustion I had a couple of weeks off training and went over to Adelaide to spend a few days with family and gran. I really wanted to catch up with Jamie Lee, however the time flew and I stayed at my Aunt and uncles who care for my gran and I didn’t really go anywhere, just needed to be there I also needed to rest. So next time I am over Jamie, I will make sure I have transport and arrange to see you.

So I got a virus, and now I have a cold, but I feel okay, went back to the gym after a break for the first time on the weekend, my bum among other body parts are very sore, gotta love that.

I am a bit bummed about letting myself get so rundown, it certainly crept up in me, and Sam warned me, However, I have learnt a lot from the experience. My training and health has suffered from it, but they are getting back to normal, and it really brought home the need for balance and not trying to accomplish too much at once. I might have got it all done, but at a cost and because of it that is why I’m not competing in July, there is always next year!. I am trying to get back into the habit of meditation as this really helps ground me and keep me sane so to speak, also makes me sleep better.

Sue I am looking everywhere for the tape I promised you, I’ve obviously hidden it will send one as soon as I find it.

I got some good marks at both uni and tech, and needed the marks for uni, because I had bump up my overall mark for a particular subject. Application is in to Department of Education. Next year I want to teach relief so I still have some time for my kids especially Jacob as it is his last year before he starts school that will also give me a chance to implement some other things I want to do and have planned.

I have put on quite a bit of fat, (bugger) so I have to get rid of that. If I get tired that is when I look to food sure many can relate to that. I have a couple of comps in mind in the near future, not sure if I will do both, but definitely am aiming for INBA’s in ACT. They are just under 16 weeks away. So waiting to hear back from Sam, in regard to some questions I asked her.

I’m slowly building up my cardio and been back on my diet for a while now.

Kimmy if you read this I can’t get into your blog, hope you are well and I miss you!!

Slowly catching up with blogs, I am going to make an effort to be a bit more consistent in blogging, will help keep me focussed.

Still have not received professional pics from WNBF I am going to email and ring Danny Chou, the photographer just is not getting back to me after about 4 emails.

Train hard eat well and take care all


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a lovely winters day it is here in ACT today!! Both Jacob and I have the flu, I feel not too bad though (lets hope it stays that way) we are at home together, his nose is a running tap, so I kept him home from child care. It is so gooodddd to catch up on domestic jobs I have been putting off due to lack of time to get it all done lately.

Sam has advised me to have a week off cardio, thank goodness because I have been suffering from some kind off exhaustion for a few weeks now and it’s not pretty. Waiting for blood tests the doctor did to come back later in the week. Hoping there s nothing amiss and that it will just pass once I catch up with sleep and rest.

So unfortunately I will not compete at the All Females in July, I’ve lost far too much ground and time now. So I will now concentrate on WNBF and INBA in my own state mid September and October. I was a bummed out about this but as Sam says my health is more important than any comp, so true.

I have got some very good marks for the exams at tech, and one back from uni that was great, and thank goodness as I needed the marks to bump my overall mark up. I have missed quite a few Thursday night First Aid classes so not sure if I will be able to sit for that exam at all, must find out before I go to Adelaide. I have done First Aid to many times to remember but never good if you can’t make the classes, Thursday night was often the night my mentoring teacher wanted to plan for teaching. That had to be my priority at the time.

I have to write a formal job application, shit I have never had to before for any job I have had, so I find it very daunting (more so than an assignment actually)… ow well it will be an accomplishment once I have done it.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is going to be short Just haven't posted for quite a while, life is full on, my training and nutrition are right back on track my nutrition, was great all week, weights were great cardio was a bit of a strain. As soon as i finish my internship I am going for a medical checkup as i have been not just getting tired i have been been getting absolutely exhausted and some times being irrational and cranky especially towards my eldest son who lives with me full time, poor guy, he is a pretty good kid really and doesn’t deserve his mum on his case 24/7. Actually he is 18 this Sunday coming. Must say I feel heaps better for having more sleep, but am still getting pretty tired.

I have only 2 days left of my internship left. I finish on Tuesday.I have put a hell of a lot into it and hope to get a great report.

My comp training has suffered quite a bit this last month or so though, However in hindsight I should have just had a week or two off instead of struggling along and letting myself get run down and taking far longer to get back on track in the long run, and I have now realised I had taken on too much. Well life is a journey and a learning one at that. ;)

Will catch up later in the week and respond to being tagged then, until then train hard eat clean, and love your life xx

Friday, May 25, 2007

Long time no post. I have one school week and two day left of my internship left. It is flying by, I am learning a lot and very much enjoying the experience. I am very tired, someday exhausted actually. Not just to do with the intern work load, it is tech on top of it and my dreadful habit, which is hard to break, of staying up too late. The week before this one I mediated at night it helped a lot, didn’t do much of it this week. I think everything is catching up with me.

So my diet is the thing that has suffered, and that s probably the one thing that I can’t afford to let suffer. (I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome) no excuse but it does make it harder if my sugar and carb intake goes up. You know I am generally the kind of person that just gets on with it and sticks to my diet, with a very occasional slip up, that I get over and just get on with it. However this last couple of weeks, I have found it very hard to stay focussed and my mind wanders wen I am tired and I start to think of food. Not a good time for it to be doing this, I now have to literally work my ass off again before July, hope that is possible!!

Still waiting for the professional pics from WNBF they seem to be taking for ever! Emailed about them again last week, might have to again.
I had first Aid at tech last night; I am getting recognition of prior learning for a couple of courses, still waiting for my anatomy and physiology mark to be posted.

So over the weekend I am going to rest train and prepare for next week and hopefully sort out my head. :)

Have a wonderful weekend all soon I should be able to blog more regularly once again.

Monday, May 14, 2007

8 weeks 5 days to go

Well I have spent a lot of my weekend lesson planning for teaching this week. I have soul duty of care of the kids now for two weeks. I am very much looking forward to it, also a little bit nervous. So far it has been going very well. Can’t believe how much planning and work really has to go into preparing for teaching for the week.

I am feeling so much better; my teeth seem to have all settled down, and my flu symptoms have almost gone. So it is time to put bum in the air and get stuck in with ll thing to do with training and diet. Over the last two weeks my training has really suffered due to my heath upsets. When I consistently have crap training, which isn’t very often thank goodness my diet ultimately suffers.

I have just less than 9 weeks now until INBA All Females in Melbourne and my peanut butter cheeses cake thanks to Sam. So there will be no rest for the wicked here. I had quite a bit of self doubt over the weekend, until Sam reassured me. Reason was because of losing so much training over these couple of weeks and not eating 100% to my plan also I was concerned I would not be able to catch up and make improvements within the time frame. Anyways feel much better now!!!

So yesterday I was back at the gym to do legs and cardio. I am not very sore yet, but know by the end of today it will be a very different story. I also had my body fat tested, although I told him to keep the numbers to himself and I will have it redone in a few weeks to see the improvements, that will give me heaps of extra motivation, along with the fact that my family are coming over to Melbourne from Adelaide to watch and support me when I compete. Looking forward to that

Thanks for your lovely comment Sue and funny you should bring up my before pictures. I was just showing my cousin the other day. Sometime ago I lost them on my computer and completely forgot about them until I stumbled across them…… and frightened my self LOL Not funny really. I have also been considering posting them and have decided I will, if they help motivate anyone then that is a great thing. Just will take a bit of guts actually from my part and be prepared readers as they are not to pretty. So stay tuned and when I get a bit more time than I have at this moment I will post them.

Well had better get organised have a great day all.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007




And Karen, WHO WITHOUT YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT AND BELIEF IN ME. And helping me out with Jacob so I can go to tech at night. AND MOSTLY FOR MAKING ME THAT CHEESECAKE YOU MUST HAVE BEEN SICK OFF HEARING ABOUT during my preparation, I will put an order in for one for July NOW!!!(It was worth it though, wasn’t it???)

And last but not least Thanks again all of you for your support that is ongoing and your most appreciate comments, It means so much too me :)

Well my bloody tooth pain has changed but has progressively got worse since my last post. Went to the Doctor yesterday and they gave me antibiotics as they said it was infected. Going back to the dentist this afternoon, and hopefully it is on the mend.

Had a week off training and diet, well I did enjoy that, although I certainly put a bit of fat/fluid back on, not so good, however I am back on track with diet and although I hav
e been training it isn’t 100% due to tooth and head cold and headaches from tooth pain, my goodness I sound like a winger don’t I LOL..

Can’t wait to feel 100% again and get stuck in full on towards the comp in Melbourne in July. Less than 10 weeks to go now.

I have had to have two days off from my internship due to my health, so hope tomorrow I am well enough to get back into it. The doctor said the antibiotics should kick in after 48 hours.

Anyway have to study for an exam, so at least I’m doing something productive,

Take care all,


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

pic finally

Quick post I' m very tired due to having trouble sleeping, uni work and a dreadful tooth pain, hopefully that s all fixed up went off class today and managed to get into a dentist who hopefully fixed the problem by drilling down to the root and putting an anesthetic dressing on it, the tooth is dead, but I did not want it pulled out, I'm still in pain but nothing like the pain I was in :)

This pic was taken on Kimmy's phone just before we went over to the comp venue. Sorry that it is not the best quality but you get the idea

Don't have a lot of good ones, hopefully the professional ones will be good.

take care everyone, will post more when time permits. Thanks again for all your wonderful support.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am very tired, due to staying up far to late, with my cousin after the com, because I drank to much caffeine (two cups) and possibly the sugar in a piece of tiramisu, finished that off today.

FIRSTLY THANKYOU SO MUCH GIRLS, for your support, emails, messages here, phone calls and text messages!!!. it meant the world to me I will pot pics asap. Kimmy was to busy cheering me on and texting my mates that she forgot to take pics, I have to work out how to get a couple of my cousins camera. Okay then…. The comp I LOVED it!!!!!!!! I had a ball; I placed second in novice, two competitors. Third in masters!!!!! Four competitors in the division, first and second awesome physiques. The feed back was great and I could so relate and agree.

I well write more when I am rested and coherent J

Monday, April 23, 2007

Have finally completed my literacy assignment, UUUHHHH what a sigh or relief, let us hope I pass. LOL

So One good thing about having all these huge assignments I have not really had time to think to hard or deep about the fact that I am competing for the first time this coming weekend
So I am into the last week prep, and so far so good. I think my mates Sam, Kimmy and Margie and my cousin who is coming are more exited then me at this stage, although reading all the blog news about how great the girls did in QLD , CONGRATULATION by the way!!!!! has motivated me no end.

Sam rang me last night to see how I was travelling and if I had any questions. I keep thinking of more questions so I am writing them down and will no doubt send them later.

I am very tired, not just the training but the assignment as well, I am not even excited about finishing yet!! Do not worry I will be in the morning when I get up to go to the gym and it hits me LOL Just need to get it into uni ASAP, was supposed to be in this afternoon and couldn’t get my computer to co-operate so I could put it on disk to print out at uni, ummm at least it is competed and now it is finally on disk and ready for the morning to print off and submit.

I have to spend considerable time between now and Saturday practicing my poses, still needs work, thank goodness for Jo and her help.

Now on to lesson planning for rest of internship, well I am buggered, think I will have a hot drink and go to bed.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well time is ticking on, I have almost completed one uni assignment, as soon as that is done I have another to tackle, the second one has to be submitted on Monday afternoon, so after that I get on with planning the teaching for when I go back to finish my internship, and study for tafe exams. Yesterday and the day before I felt very tired and a bit flat, was hard to concentrate on my assignment. Had a few issues with my daughter, won’t go into it, just lets say growing up is challenging for all, I remember.

However yesterday I said to myself just get on with your assignment otherwise you will add unneeded stress, so I did. I will finish it by tomorrow afternoon if not before.

My training today was awesome, I didn’t do weights as I am one ahead just 2 bouts of full on cardio, funny how your body clock works, yesterday training was a chore today as I said was great and I had lots of energy.

I practiced my posing today for longer than usual, need to do it as much as possible I feel. Well that’s about it I am quite tired now and think I will go cuddle my little guy. That reminds me yesterday he said to me ‘mum we need to go shopping , we have to buy protein, we have run out’ LOL I had to giggle, they grow up so fast.

Take care all

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thank you for all your wonderful positive comments guys. However as busy as I am at present I don’t think it is to good as some off my pleasure for things is not optimal at the moment and I just can’t wait to finish uni. I have taken on to much, with tafe, uni and my internship as well. However I am getting by and have two weeks breakfrom my teaching internship as of next Friday. During that time I will complete some big assignments, study for tafe exams and literally work more of my ass off.

I try to be very subjective about myself and this competing thing, because I have never done it before I do not really know what I am in for, or exactly what to expect. I have learnt quite a lot about myself in the process and am still learning, that’s the beauty of life I think. I do not want to get up on stage and make a fool of myself, who does though?

However, I am competing in Wagga more so for the stage experience, however my pride, ego call it what you will certainly still doesn’t want me to look out of place or stand out because I look like I don’t belong up there if you know what I mean.

Because of my age I will compete in my age group, however with the WNBF federation I am going to compete in novice as well for the extra experience, which both Sam and I think will be very beneficial come July and September. So I suppose this comp is a more for the experience than anything else, I must keep reminding myself of this because I get carried away at times with self doubt and think what the hell am I doing and I just am not ready, well I will never be ready if I keep thinking like this????

Any suggestions on how to just relax and get some enjoyment out of the whole experience would be greatly appreciated!!! I best take up meditation again I think.

Well I wrote that last weekend and although it still stands true, my head today is in a bit of a better place, I really have been questioning myself lately as to why I am doing this to my self, I will just plod on because if I backed out now I will never know if I want to continue on this road or not and if I go through with it I can make a decision based on at least being up on a stage once. God I sound so bloody serious!! I can’t wait to eat something off my plan to tell you the truth, don’t know what, probably cheese cake to begin with, I have been reading bloody cook books before bed LOL Actually I find it very relaxing believe it of not and I think they even help me stay on plan, god knows how but they do. Sam is very good at seeing a lot more positive changes in my body than me, I see them over longer periods of time but not so much week to week like she can, I am very thankful for her and that she has come into my life actually she is not only a great trainer but a wonderful human being.

Anyway will try and post again soon, take care everyone and have an awesome weekend,