Saturday, October 21, 2006

I am happy to report that this is the last weekend I will be spending time working on assignments for quite q while!!!! WHAT A BLOODY RELIEF!!

Next week is the last week of uni, then the Nationals, YIPPY!!! Then back for three weeks prac, an exam thrown in and then that is it!!!

Well I do have one assignment to work on during December, but nothing like the workload of late. Good to report though that all assignments for the conclusion of this semester are well under way and will be completed very soon!!

This break is going to be wonderful as Psychologically it couldn’t come at a better time, I am so over uni at present!!

I have some volunteer work I have been neglecting dreadfully, my sewing, my spring-cleaning, my kids, and very importantly MY TRAINING to really focus on once on break. However I finally have come to a place that no matter what is going on in my life I don’t neglect to train!!! When I think about it that is a great accomplishment for me as in the past I used to let it suffer, (big time) once the going got tough at uni.

Plus a holiday to Adelaide for xmas and to catch up with my family and see my most beloved granny!! Who has been having a dreadful run, please if your inclined please have a prayer for her!!! A wedding or two!! YIPPY I love weddings. A camping trip. Great to have things to look forward to isn’t it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just got back from spin class, gosh I am so learning to love them, well after they’re done anyway. LOL

I can see the end of the tunnel (JUST) for uni this year!! Shit it has been a challenging year for me really, like it has for many I imagine. God i'm talking like it is already over........and it sure isn't yet!!!!hehe

I got an assignment back last week, and initially I was down on my self caus my mark was not my usual, then I thought be pleased as I am lucky I got it done at all, due to the timing of it, it was in the midst of me breaking up with Jacob’s dad.

Jacob is starting to handle the whole situation better, so that pleases me immensely. He doesn’t bumb out as nearly as much everyday. He still gets upset that his dad is not around all the time. However he is learning to articulate his feelings as he gets older, and he now realises his dad is never far away and loves him. So that is good!!

I see the physio about my shoulder again on Monday; I think there has been some improvement with it lately. That is good.

Tomorrow I am off to the ACT Body Building comp, a few guys from the gym are competing. I’m looking forward to it. Well I had better get on with this glorious day, Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

All this excitement!! Congratulations to all you great girls who competed on the weekend!! You all truly inspire me.

So I had a reasonably uneventful weekend, got a bit of study done, watched a good Australian film, well not sure that good is an accurate description, it was gruesomely brutal, amazing cinematography and extremely good acting. It was called the Proposition.

After seeing it I realised my cousin had done all the props for the film, so that was a bonus!

My training is still coming along, and I still have to be aware of my shoulder. I think it is a bit better though. Did a spin class on the weekend, the girl who took it alternates with another girl. S##T she gives you a caning, my goodness she has so much energy I am surprised she doesn’t bounce of walls, lovely young girl, just totally wired. So that of course means a hell of a workout!

Well I am hoping to complete two major assignments over the next 7 days. I am going to set myself a goal with them. If I do means I am on the home run for the semester and will have a bit of time to study for exams.

Well had better get back to a little bit more before I go to my bed, have a great week all, and once again congratulations to those that competed!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is a very recent pic of Jacob and Kyah, I must work out how to change the date on Kyah's camera, cheers and have a great public holiday tomorrow everyone!!
I have finished my first prac for the semester, what a great experience this one was. I learnt heaps!!

I have about four weeks of uni left, and then go to the nationals, then one more prac.

We have been having such glorious weather lately. I so love Spring!!

Jacob had a birthday last Tuesday and this Saturday we had a party at the lake for him. He loved it!! Now that he is three he totally understands the concept of birthdays.

My shoulder is still playing up, but I have been seeing a physio for it, so hopefully it will improve a lot soon. Other than that though training, eating, and cardio are going great. I’m just avoiding exercises that exacerbate my shoulder.

I have been working on an assignment along with enjoying this marvellous weather, so that is another one nearly out of the way.

Well I had better get on with some more of it, till next time…..