Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well I have finished my last prac for the year, I got a great prac report of my liaison officer and my mentoring teacher, some wonderful feedback and I am bloody happy to be finished. So Monday was my last day on prac, was a bitter sweet experience, the class and the teacher were great, s as happy as I was to finish it was a bit sad as well.

Now I need to find myself some work to make some money over the next few months. I’ve drummed up some massage work so that will help heaps.

It has been very hot here lately, if it keeps it up think Jacob and I will sleep a few nights in my campervan as it is a lot cooler, we don’t have air conditioning.

My training is going great guns, can focus even more on it now that I have a wee break, so looking forward to the challenges ahead, what ever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger so they say. LOL.

I am finding being a single mum of three teenagers a little challenging lately, (even my sweet 3 year old has been a bit cheeky of late) but once again what ever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or maybe go mad in this case……….Well I have threatened to leave home on more than one occasion lately hehe, can’t wait for our holiday, I think we all need it ;) 15 year old daughters are just heaven sent believe me.

I’m so looking forward to catching up on my social life!!! Last weekend caught up with family, had a date, went to dinner, I ate steamed fish and salad, so all was good there, went to a wedding and went to the markets and caught up with two other mates!!! I love it and so appreciate it as when I am inundated with uni work my social life suffers as you could imagine.

So that’s me all caught up, have an awesome weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Okay I have one week left of my 4th prac for the year. Can’t believe it one week and one day, because Jacob had gastro on Thursday and I didn’t go in. Most teachers and lots of children were away with sickness today actually.

My son just downloaded a lot of Guns and Roses music as he likes their heavy stuff, must say some of their songs bring back memories, my goodness how I loved how Axl Rose moved across the stage when singing Sweet Child of Mine, must say I’m just a little fond of that particular song.;)

Training has been a bit off this week due to this virus I have had, however it comes and goes and seems to be worse if I don’t sleep well, so I did manage to get through my weight training, and cardio was a bit half hearted. At least I could still get it done I’m thinking.

Well so looking forward to the weekend, got to meet up with a mate tonight, tomorrow spin, catch up with cousin and bike ride with my little fella, Jacob. Sunday markets, gym (love training on Sunday as it is usually very quite.) Then in the arvo another bike ride around the lake, ow and dinner out on Saturday night. It is GREAT not having any assignment to do until the end of next week, then I have only one for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Well one week of my three week prac down, so two to go!! I am with an awesome teacher and class, couldn’t ask for a better situation. All is going wonderfully. Well except that this afternoon I started feeling incredibly dizzy and had to go straight to the Doctors. I feel a bit better now, he thinks it is a virus and they treat the symptoms (dizziness) not the virus apparently. Gosh I hope I get better very quick, I won’t be going to the gym this afternoon as I just can’t cope with going from sitting to standing position. Fortunately I have done all my weight training sessions for the week.

Well I got two credits for two assignments, don’t know what I got in my exam yet, but time will tell. Haven’t got any other results back yet.

I had a very busy weekend planned however may have to take it very easy if this virus hangs around, well I will just be thankful because I hardly ever get sick. When it hit me it came on very fast and I got a bit anxious as well, not knowing what was going on, so the Dr assures me it is only a virus, must say I felt a lot better just hearing that.

Well Everyone have a great weekend!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, finally I am posting. I had my final exam for the semester today!!!!!!!!!YIPPY

So the Nationals were great just so much talent and the best part was staying with Sue, Sam and Kristie, they are such awesome girls all three of them, and catching up with my wonderful friends Kimmy and Margie, meeting Robyn again and also meeting their other great friends. Sitting with Sue, Di and Gerard at the nationals, and going out for a lovely lunch. Then to finally meet some wonderful people of blog land was just totally awesome. I don’t want to list them all in case I leave someone out accidentally so you all now who you are :) :)

What a great bunch of people you all are!!

We had a ball, so much so we totally forgot to take any pics :(
On Sunday Sam, Kristie and I went shopping and to the most awesome organic cafĂ© and supermarket, truly I thought I was in heaven!! A mate at uni said he totally understood why I would think it was heaven. It was great. Sunday night dinner at Lygon Street, where my cheeky friends flirted (of course I didn’t) with a very cute Brazilian young man, I had stitches from laughing so much and they force fed me cheesecake and lemon tart, can you believe that!!

Well overall it was just a wonderful experience, I have had a week off the gym, and go back tomorrow. I am slightly disappointed as I was going to enter bodyblitz, will post the comparison pics soon, ( I am at my dads as my phone lines are down and may not be fixed till early next week) but the quality of the after pics once printed were crap. What a bummer!!! My daughter took them and we accidentally had the camera settings on the wrong thing and I flew out to Melbourne straight after so couldn’t really take them once I got back, never mind, such is life. Will enter again maybe :)
Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!