Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well I am kind off excited and pissed off at the same time  not really to pissed off as all things happen for a reason, I will explain, as some of you would well know I have had issues with my health since I last competed. Most likely due to under eating, too much animal and whey, over exercising, stress, ect….

So not only was my thyroid not happy, my liver, kidneys white blood cell count, iron levels were not happy either. No Doctor here I saw in ACT and I saw a few and travelled interstate to see one, got to the bottom of it. So I took my health into my own hands, did heaps of research ect and then tried raw vegan and have never looked back and all my bodies aliments have self corrected except for my thyroid because I got no glory with Dr’s and specialists here I went the alternative route, spent a fortune, but none of that helped either.

So I finally go up to Sydney and see a friend’s GP, who is also a raw foodist among some other wonderful things. So she gets to the bottom of it in two bloody consultations. So that’s wonderful! …….. However a little more testing needs to be done, to pin point exactly what’s going on.

The down side is that she reckons had it been treated correctly in the first place I may have been able to save my thyroid altogether, however there is now a strong likelihood it is stuffed, I start some medication tomorrow I should start to feel pretty awesome pretty soon I’m hoping. Ow well better late than never and I look forward to getting on top of it ASAP!!

If any of you get the chance read the China study!! Not a raw food book but a very interesting extended study into human nutrition that is still ongoing.

Love and Light too all!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Well almost a week since I blogged, so best blog again if I am to be consistent.
Busy week for me taught three days, went up to Sydney to see a Dr. on Thursday and managed the food co-op on Friday.

Still procrastinating about whether to join the gym down the road, will train at home this week and next with my son early in the morning and see how I/we go. I have been regularly taking the dog out with Jacob riding his bike.

I go back to Sydney Thursday after having a series of bloods taken tomorrow, including a 24 hour urine test LOL I know my humour might be sick, but Shit I find it quite funny I had to fill what looks like a 3 L tub of my urine over a 24 hour period, its full and I’m not sure if I need to still collect the rest of not, as it doesn’t include a first thing wee that’s to be added tomorrow!! LOL!! My kids just think it and I are GROSS!!

On a more serious note I bloody hope she can work out what’s happening with me.

Jacob has been doing yoga for kids for three weeks now, I think this is great and hope he wants to continue it. He also has started a martial art, can’t remember which one it is but he loves that.

Well best get on with domestics before bed, have a wonderful week all.