Sunday, November 01, 2009

Well almost a week since I blogged, so best blog again if I am to be consistent.
Busy week for me taught three days, went up to Sydney to see a Dr. on Thursday and managed the food co-op on Friday.

Still procrastinating about whether to join the gym down the road, will train at home this week and next with my son early in the morning and see how I/we go. I have been regularly taking the dog out with Jacob riding his bike.

I go back to Sydney Thursday after having a series of bloods taken tomorrow, including a 24 hour urine test LOL I know my humour might be sick, but Shit I find it quite funny I had to fill what looks like a 3 L tub of my urine over a 24 hour period, its full and I’m not sure if I need to still collect the rest of not, as it doesn’t include a first thing wee that’s to be added tomorrow!! LOL!! My kids just think it and I are GROSS!!

On a more serious note I bloody hope she can work out what’s happening with me.

Jacob has been doing yoga for kids for three weeks now, I think this is great and hope he wants to continue it. He also has started a martial art, can’t remember which one it is but he loves that.

Well best get on with domestics before bed, have a wonderful week all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous!

Hope all goes well - let me know how you go! xo