Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hi all, so another funny thing I overheard my four year old saying yesterday was when he had gone and hassled his 15 year old sister who was trying to sleep, she obviously told him to go on his way, so he was talking to himself in the lounge room and it went something like this, “ummmm Kyah is not nice, ummmm Kyah has just ruined my life!!!” I didn’t comment, but thought wow that’s a bit dramatic, wonder where he heard that term. Anyway soon after this he comes and asks for a piece of chilli salami, (my older boys love the crap). I suggested no because it would probably be to hot, he insisted so I said okay darling here we go, and as I suggested to him, he found it not to his liking, anyway he proceeded back into the lounge room to comment once again to himself how the salami had now ruined his precious little life!!! My goodness she is four and so bloody dramatic, am I mean? I laughed, but not out loud just to myself.

So today I got my casual teaching card, so from now on, if I chose I can work 5 days instead of three per week and earn the full rate of pay YIPPY!!!!

I also passed my fitness certificate prac with flying colours, (all the past aerobic instructing came in handy ;) I also passed all the theory. So more things to tick off the lists, gotta love lists.

Have a great day tomorrow all, I’m off to read my book and have an early night.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Okay I was tagged by Sam so here is five things you probably do not know about me.

Before I went to uni I worked in the fitness industry as a instructor, I also worked as a remedial therapist, with kids with disabilities and I ran a cooking course for adults.

I have never been overseas, however this will change next year, my cousin and I are going overseas.

Recently I was taken on a date, where the guy flew me down the coast and back for the afternoon.

I am afraid of mice, but not at all afraid of spiders, in fact have had a couple of huntsmen in my house for extended amounts of time, even cried one day when I realised my spider mate that I had not seen for some time had been squashed in the window fame. That one would even sit on my palm of my hand, to my daughter’s disgust.

I have never taken any of my children to MacDonald’s to eat! The oldest being 18 1/2. In fact once when we were asked by friends if we wanted to go to MacDonald’s for a meal my 18 year old, who was four then commented to my embarrassment, ‘What MacDonald’s!!! We don’t eat that sh*t, anyway they cut down rainforest's to make that food’ LOL gotta love out of the mouths of babies…………. and talking of such things my four year old said o me today ‘You know mum if you say nice things, you meet nice people and get to go to nice places!!! How cute is that. Enjoy the weekend all, I tag Kimmy, Sue, Nic and Charlotte

We have had some much needed rain over the last few days. I was having trouble sleeping prior tho the rain, so it was a welcomed change for me, not only because we needed it but it helped me get some much needed sleep.

I was stuffed last night, and Jacob got gastro, so he was up and down being sick all night, he still is off colour today. I’m glad it is Saturday and we can take it easy and he can recover. He looses weight very quickly when he is sick. Kids are so resilient though, it amazes me how they bounce back.

My uni results have been finalised and posted, Monday I will submit my transcript to the Education Department, and once processed I will get full rate of pay and can work five days if I choose.

My head has been in a good place training and nutrition wise this week, seems I’m back on track, I’m determined it will stay this way. Christmas always brings challenges for people me included, so I am determined to keep all my nutrition in check and continue with my training. We will be in South Australia this year again; I will hire a car if required so that I can get to a gym.

I was trying to change my profile pic, but I can’t1 will have to wait till my son gets his bum out off bed, he will know. Mind you it is
10:10am, he may not get up for hours yet!! LOL slacker.

changing my profile pic

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Looking through pics and found these two I adore of Jacob, my how they grew up so fast, below is a more recent one of him and Kyah.

Tag questions.

Four dishes I like to cook:
1. Green chicken curry
2. Home made ravioli and cannelloni
3. Thai Beef salad
4. Cheese Cake

Four qualities I love in people:
1. Honesty
2. Compassion
3. Passion
4. Optimism

Four Places I have been:
1. Rainbow beach
2. Blue Mountains
3. Recently Dubbo zoo
4. Soon Vietnam

Four things in my bedroom:
1. To many clothes!!!
2. Mess I constantly seem to be cleaning up
3. A beautiful hand made Indian patchwork wall hanging
4. Jacob my youngest son

Four dirty words I like to use:
1.Well when around my kids I try not to use any, however, I’m guilty of using s**t, and f**k at times, never when in the company of those that take offence though. :)

I tag anyone reading who hasn’t been tagged yet.

So I have had the biggest break from the gym that I have had in god knows how long. Tomorrow, I am back into it. Last night I went out with a friend for a lovely Thai meal and then we had a few drinks out. Must say I enjoyed that, I don’t generally drink at all really, so I did enjoy the indulgence and feel fine for it today. Thank goodness

I passed all my uni assignments and am just waiting for them to post a final grade and transfer my marks onto my transcript and then I’m done!! Funny feeling to think after studying for so long I don’t have to anymore unless I chose to. CIT study is very different to me then my uni studies. I’m already looking into post grad studies, am I mad!!! Actually two sound very relevant and interesting, Autism and Sustainable environments, ummm we will see later down the track.

Well I have to get back completing an assignment for CIT might go for a bike ride later on when it’s cool, Jacob loves going on bike rides, it’s bloody hot here!! I think my beloved Spring is over for another year. All good, have a great day all!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Well we just got back last night from visiting Kimmy and Margie and going to the Dubbo zoo, we had a lovely weekend and my four year old was very taken with Kimmy, so much so he decided to stay on and live with her.

Prior to going to Dubbo I was in South Australia helping care for my granny. I had organised this quite some time ago hoping to give my aunt and uncle a little bit of time to themselves, I was planning to go to the gym and keep on a nutritional plan while there, however it just didn’t happen. I certainly underestimated the time and care involved in helping look after my gran as her health has deteriorated very much since fracturing her pelvis and ribs while in institutional care for a short time while my aunt and uncle attempted to have a short holiday. I had a wonderful time while there and am now trying to get back on track with both training and nutrition. I am annoyed with myself now, as once I decided to just go with the flow over there I certainly enjoyed the food, but now have to get rid of the weight I put on. You think I would have learnt from previous set backs. Don’t think my deprivation diet prior to my comp helped here.

So I am waiting with baited breath to hear that I have passed my last university assignment, and subject. Wish they would hurry and get the results out. Been doing some of my tech assignments, and must say I can’t wait till tech is finished for the year as well now.

Teaching is good, it certainly has its challenges some days though, however I try to look upon it as character building for myself at times when it’s a bit tough, and fast track learning in how to deal with behaviour management issues that suit both students and myself.

Will post some pics from Dubbo visit as soon as I manage to get them of my camera, I think the memory card I used is stuffed, hope everyone here in blog land is doing great, will catch up over the next few days.