Sunday, March 25, 2007

weekend over already

Well maths test over, tech prac exam over and assignment handed in. One subject at tech is over and done with. Not sure about my maths test, I really have no idea how I went. Time will tell, it was not much fun. This weekend I finished the last piece of assessment due before our internships start tomorrow. YIPPY!!!

Thankyou guys for your support and positive comments they mean a lot to me and truly help you get through and stay focussed.

Training is good, had a bit of a disruption, due to peculiar problems with my tummy. It seems to have settled right down at present so all is good, had a great leg workout today. With my tummy problem cardio was there but not optimal, so hope my energy picks up now that my tummy seems good and will get well and truly stuck into it. The clock ticks on :)

I will keep this short I have promised myself to go to bed earlier as much as possible, so I am off to my bed before I get my second wind. Everyone have an awesome week, take care and thanks again

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

this is me, I lived with my gran for some time when I was little and here I am in her back yard talking to my mate Swift..

...and here is Jacob and kyah having a cuddle ;) goodnight all xx

my goodness ...

who is that good looking guy in the corner ;) my back this time last month

flying by the seat of my pants.....

... is that correct???? LOL

Well life is sure full on at present, I am into the last formal week of uni classes for the semester, they fast tracked our courses this semester due to our internships. S#*T it has been full on. Would not have been so bad except, as I said before Jacob and then I got sick, so I have been chasing my tail trying to catch up because I missed some uni work and classes. Tech is going well, missed one class last week, so more to catch up on there. Have a theory test on Thursday 8.30 am for mathematic education. Then I have a practical assessment for tafe Thursday night and an assignment to hand in for tafe on the same night, and an assignment for language education due at the end of this week. Then YIPPY!! I start my internship on Monday.

Training is going along great at present, when we were sick I missed a couple of cardio sessions and was a bit stressed about that, well it can’t be helped and I just had to build a bridge (with Sam’s help) I am just taking one day at a time and getting on with it, before I know it 6 weeks will be up and my goodness the WNBF comp will be upon me. Posing practice is happening sometimes in weird and wonderful places like the toilet at the gym, or uni LOL I have downloaded the music for my routine onto my phone and my i-pod, so same there when ever I have a spare few minutes I practice. I dedicate chunks of time to practice when ever I can as well.

I have very positive thoughts and sometimes negative ones like ‘ow my god I must be mad!!!!’ ‘Ow s!^t as if I will be ready’, ‘My goodness where are my lats LOL actually....... have I got any at all????...’'Is that fat coming of my bum at all...hehe"........I could go on……but I am sure you get the picture. Really and truly I just do not want to make a fool of myself if you know what I mean. I know Sam would certainly tell me if there is a chance of that :)

Booked our accommodation for July All Females in Melbourne, one less thing to think about. Some added motivation for me, quite a few of my South Aussie relo’s are coming over for that, my goodness certainly will have to be in good nick in front of my family LOL…so that will be awesome!!! PHAT camp finalised ow nearly forgot to mention I went up to Wagga on the weekend and met Danny Chou and Mel Zimmerman, both awesome people, (passionate about what they believe in, friendly and welcoming, full of info they want to share, and very helpful) went through their posing now I am a little more confused than ever!! This will change SOOOONN I hope! ;) As some would be aware WNBF posing differs from INBA posing, some where actually changed at the seminar.

Anyway I have to go study for maths before bed, take care all and train HARD!!! Love Alison

Friday, March 09, 2007

too long between posts


Well like a lot of people I have been very busy with all that goes on within life. My Grannie and aunt and uncle came over from SA late last week and went home yesterday, it was wonderful to see them as usual. My granny will be 96 in MAY.

So food was 100% on track over the weekend the whole time while family where here, although today it was dreadful!!! Not delving to deep as to why at present as I’ve just got to put it behind me and get on with it, may have something to do with self sabotage, Jacob has a peculiar rash caused by a virus, can’t go to care until it is clear, had a tooth that has been giving me grief drilled out and refilled today.

I have been practising my routine and posing as much as I can fit it in and am pleased that I am progressing with it, still needs lots of work. Was a great opportunity to practice in front of my family, my aunt and uncle are very supportive people which is great!! They are going to come to the All Females in July to cheer me on, so that’s some motivation for me.


Well I wrote the above a few days ago and didn’t get around to posting it. I have the virus Jacob has just got over, I have managed to do my weights this week, but cardio has really suffered the last couple of days. Today has been the worst so far, hoping to feel normal again tomorrow. Went to the Dr’s, my blood pressure was quite low, hoping that is also tied in with the virus. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger!!! Other than cardio not being at its best, I have not submitted a posting for maths at uni. Must not stress about it, but not sure what will happen there as it is part of our assessment. Should be okay.

So for my internship which starts in 2 weeks!!! I can’t believe it, it has come around so quick I have Kindergarden!!! I am pleased with that, however will be challenging as well, we have to write and teach a maths unit and a literacy unit, although one could think that would be easy to do for kindy, I sometimes think it is harder because they come to Kindy with such a variety of prior knowledge and experiences.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow so I can get well and truly stuck back into my training, can’t afford this hick up, but such is life….well I’m off to rest up. Have a wonderful weekend everyone