Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well it has been so long since I blogged I won’t even try to catch my blog up with what I have been up too LOL

Congratulations to all the girls who competed recently!!

I’ve been plodding along; health is great, thyroid still questionable would you believe!! (I have been to many alternative practitioners in regard to my body just not wanting to let go of the weight I put on when my thyroid, liver and kidneys went haywire, I’ve almost given up in finding a solution…. Ummm well giving up is not in my nature. Jacobs naturopath recently suggested that I take my basal temp for three or four days directly after my period, well it was lower than it should be each reading…. So will see what she suggests and maybe see her myself next time I take him up to Sydney to see her.

I thought I might commit to blogging again as I am in the process of increasing my cardiovascular fitness, due to a 5 week break from the gym!!! Normally I would never have such a long break, was just a combination of things that lead to this. I’m hoping it might trigger some fat loss now that I am back training.
Well lets see if I keep to my commitment and regularly blog again. :)

Pic is off jacob on recent holiday and view from Fitroy Falls

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Hilary said...

Hey stranger!! Awesome to have you back in blogland again and to hear that you are feeling great (apart from the thyroid). I cannot believe how big Jacob is now, time flies!

Hilary xx