Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well school holidays are over and I am eagerly waiting to get called for relief work, never very busy at the start of a new school year.

Thank you girls for your lovely comments :)

Tech started up last night, so have an assignment already, got to write up a contract for personal training clients.... Must get my head into it, to tell you the truth, I have an outstanding assignment overdue!!! Not like me, however I was really not sure if I was going to be able to go on with the course this semester as of the time commitment and with Jacob starting school. However most of my work load will be blocked into Thursday nights when he is with his dad, so all good, needless to say I had better get the outstanding assignment out of the way as well as the new one hehehe!

Jacob is loving school but not to keen on before care and after care. He needs to go if I am to teach so hopefully he will like it more as he makes friends there. Makes me wish I could work from home actually, if something paid as well as teaching I would seriously consider it...... time will tell ;)

I used to be into gardening heaps but haven’t for years, anyways I am right back into it and just loving it. Next week Jacob, his dad and myself are starting a short permaculture course with the environment centre here, can’t wait!!

Here is a pic of some herbs I’ve got going ion tubs, and one of a raw chocolate cake I made ages ago ;)

Have an absolutely wonderful week guys!!


Splice said...

I can't believe Jacob has started school! Time in flying by.
Your herbs are awesome, I may have to get some pointers off you very soon.
Deb xx

Kristy said...

Your herb garden looks fantastic Ali

I had parsely and coriander growing, but in the heat we had in SA it died. The basil I have is loving the heat though and looks fantastic! I just need to make some basil pesto and see how it tastes!

Raechelle said...

Gotta' love those fresh herbs!
Glad all is going so well with you!
Care to share any recipes to go with those pics? :-)

cheers dear!

Em said...

Sounds like you are coming along in leaps and bounds sweetie :)

Congratulations on your blood works coming back normal, you are trooper :)

I love the look of that yummy cake where is my piece hehe.

Good luck with your studies and work, I am sure your little man will settle in to the schoolcare program in no time, my daughter loves hers she was nervous at first but now is friendds with everyone hehe.

Have a love rest of the week hun :)