Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Well I just had the urge to blog tonight after reading up on a couple of blogs of mates.
I’m absolutely wonderful health wise, still into raw food, I LOVE IT!!
Actually I had quite a bit of grey hair and it has lessened unbelievably, still a bit there, will be interesting if it all goes :) so that sure is a benefit…. Hehe…. So I’ve stopped coloring my hair, also I had eczema on one leg and it is totally gone!!
Jacob had his first day at school on Monday, so he has had three days and so far he just loves it I am … so pleased. I went back to work today so he had to go to before and after school care, I was a bit anxious for him… however when I picked him up he was obviously having a ball, also thrilled about that.
I’ve joined a different gym to see how I go with it, I love it, you get personal training every time you are there, and I’m getting a lot out of this. There are numerous trainers and they train a few people at once, it works well.
Well I know I have said this before but I will try and blog a little more consistently.
Love and light to you all!!


Lia Halsall said...

I have virgin hair too Ali. Although if I see a grey out come the tweezers. LOL!!

I am so glad that you're new health and fitness lifestyle works for you. That's really important and not easily found as you already from personal experience.

Lia xx

Lia Halsall said...

P.S. Can you delete me from your "blogs I read" and add me again using "" as the isp address changed when I moved my blog over the holidays. Thanks Ali. :o)

MISS TANK said...

Hey beautiful Ali

So excited to see you blogged, so i HAD to leave a message to say that you sound so healthy and happy!!! I'll let you know when i venture to the captial so we can catch up- ok? Would love to sit with you and chat for ages xx

Kristy said...

Ali you sound like you are doing fantastic, which is great news!

btw well done on the hair. I didn't realise you could reverse it. That must be a great selling point for a raw diet.

Hilary said...

Wow hasn't Jacob grown!!! Good to hear that he's enjoying school.

You sound like everything is going really well Ali, sounds like raw food is really having some wonderful benefits!

Hilary xx